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Information about Congo

  • With its Country Official Name, the Republic of the Congo.Congo's capital city is Brazzaville which can be found in Middle Africa, Africa.Congo is an independent county.The dailing code for the country is (+242)

Holidays in Congo

Today in History for February 28

On this day in 1999

  • Idumba Fasika, Soccer Player, born in Congo DR.

On this day in 1998

  • Yimmi AndrĂ©s Congo Caicedo, Soccer Player, born in Colombia.

On this day in 1995

  • Bevic Moussiti-Oko, association football player, Brazzaville, born in Republic of the Congo.

On this day in 1989

  • David Louhoungou, Footballer, Paris, born in Republic of the Congo.
  • David Percy Aymeri Louhoungou, Soccer Player, born in Congo.

On this day in 1984

  • Kangana Ndiwa, Congolese footballer, Maquela do Zombo, born in Angola.

On this day in 1982

  • Guy Lusadisu, Congolese association football player, Kinshasa, born in Democratic Republic of the Congo.

On this day in 1948

  • Helene Mambu, Congolese public health expert, Belgian Congo, born in Belgium.


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