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Today in the World Countries

  • Cambodian New Year (Day 4) is being celebrated in Cambodia
  • Day prior to Sinhala & Tamil New Year Day is being celebrated in Sri Lanka
  • Eid-al-Fitr Holiday is being celebrated in Oman
  • Hari Raya Aidil Fitri is being celebrated in Brunei
  • Lao New Year is being celebrated in Laos
  • Nepali New Year is being celebrated in Nepal
  • Ramadan Bairam Holiday is being celebrated in Sudan
  • Songkran Festival is being celebrated in Thailand
  • Thingyan Water Festival (Day 1) is being celebrated in Myanmar
  • People born on this day are Aries as their zodiac sign.

Today in History

On this day in 2023

  • American F.B.I. arrests 21-year-old member of Massachusetts Air National Guard for leaking classified documents, including national security secrets, on an online gaming chat group.
  • Obsession (2023): Season 1 is released. Anna Barton (Charlie Murphy) begins an affair with William (Richard Armitagee, her fiancé's father in this adaptation of Josephine Hart's 1991 novel, Damage (which was also adapted into the 1992 film of the same name).
  • Total War: WARHAMMER III - Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs for PC is released. The Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs campaign pack introduces a new brutal race, the Chaos Dwarfs, into Total War: WARHAMMER III, usable in both the Realm of Chaos and Immortal Empires campaigns. Expand, exploit, and dominate the Warhammer world as Astragoth Ironhand, Drazhoath the Ashen, and Zhatan the Black, collectively boasting unique campaign mechanics, objectives, and units that only the evil minds of the Chaos Dwarfs could forge. With their own frightful agenda to pursue, they do not engage with the Ursun storyline in the Realm of Chaos campaign.• Burn it all down as 3 new Legendary Lords: Astragoth Ironhand, Drazhoath the Ashen, and Zhatan the Black.• Recruit Gorduz Backstabber to sneak behind your foes as the newest Legendary Hero.• Master chaotic magic with the all-new Lore of Hashut. Strike foes down with Hell Hammer or set them ablaze with Burning Wrath.• Construct the Great Drill of Hashut to break open Hashut’s domain and siphon his blood for cataclysmic powers.• Co-operate with your fellow Chaos Dwarfs to obtain District rewards in the Tower of Zharr or usurp others for their Seats in your quest for supremacy.• Command a comprehensive army roster of over 26 new units, featuring the baleful Chaos Dwarf war machine trains and the new K’daai Destroyers, alongside some of the Old World’s cruellest infernal warriors.
  • Cannon Dancer Osman for Switch is released. Set in the near future of the 21st century, the world is controlled by a single corrupt government and under the threat of a evil sorceress, Abdullah the Slaver. Luckily, a lone assassin and top class agent named Kirin offers his skills as weapons for hire.Kirin must infiltrate the city to defeat several enemies, panic and terror. But once inside the cult's main temple, he gets attacked by the police force and left to die... Only thanks to his inner strength can he break free from his chained imprisonment and start moving with a single goal in mind: getting revenge against Jack Layzon, the Judicial Affairs Director that hired him initially. But this is far from enough: Three other members of the Teki wants him dead for personal reasons...

On this day in 2022

  • At least 448 people killed after heavy rains and flooding in KwaZulu-Natal province, South Africa, "one of the worst weather storms in the history of our country" according to authorities.
  • Alex Gilady, Israeli journalist (VP NBC Sports; Chairman IAAF Television Commission; 7 x Emmy Awards) and sports official (IOC), who died at 79.
  • Father Stu is released. When an injury ends his amateur boxing career, Stuart Long (Mark Wahlberg) moves to L.A. dreaming of stardom. While scraping by as a supermarket clerk, he meets Carmen (Teresa Ruiz), a Catholic Sunday school teacher who seems immune to his bad-boy charm. Determined to win her over, the longtime agnostic starts going to church to impress her. But surviving a terrible motorcycle accident leaves him wondering if he can use his second chance to help others find their way, leading to the surprising realization that he is meant to be a Catholic priest. Despite a devastating health crisis and the skepticism of Church officials and his estranged parents (Mel Gibson and Jacki Weaver), Stu pursues his vocation with courage and compassion, inspiring not only those closest to him but countless others along the way. Based on a true story.

On this day in 2021

  • US, South Africa and the EU authorities temporarily stop administrating Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 pandemic vaccines after six women developed blood clots (out of 6.8 million).
  • Voice actor Hank Azaria who is white apologizes for voicing Indian character Apu on "The Simpsons" for 30 years.
  • Demon Skin for PC is released. Brutal Hack&Slash game with a challenging combat system in the same vein as Dark Souls plunges you into the harsh dark fantasy world to test your will and your skills. Only those who dare to get into the Demon Skin can survive!
  • Poison Control for Switch is released. This shooter-meets-action title combines high-octane gameplay and a grim-yet-charming art style into one unforgettable adventure. Use Poisonette's powers to purify poison mires while blasting away enemies as her gunslinging vessel. You can also customize your gameplay experience by choosing between a male or female vessel, unlocking weapons and enhancements with each world you purify, and increasing certain stats of Poisonette through choice-based dialogue. A poisonous partnership: swap between the poison-absorbing Poisonette and her gun-wielding vessel, and combine firepower and zone control to destroy the creatures of the poison mires. Enigmatic encounters: uncover the mysterious circumstances that set Poisonette and her vessel on the poisonous path towards redemption. Corrupt and colorful: with an art style that's as grim as it is charming, this twisted tale practically jumps off the screen! From vivid stages to vibrant gameplay effects, this adventure is as much a visual experience as it is visceral.
  • Bobby Leonard, American Basketball Hall of Fame coach (ABA C'ship 1970,72,73; Indiana Pacers) & point guard (Minneapolis/LA Lakers, Chicago Packers/Zephyrs), who died at 88.

On this day in 2020

  • Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli sings a special Easter concert in the deserted Milan cathedral accompanied by an organist.
  • Ryo Kawasaki, Japanese jazz fusion guitarist, composer, band leader, and synthesizer software programmer, who died at 73.
  • Tim Brooke-Taylor, English comedian (The Goodies), who died of COVID-19 pandemic complications at 79.
  • Too Hot to Handle: Season 1 is released. 10 single contestants ensconced at a luxury resort must refrain from any intimate contact - each infraction results in a cut into the the $100,000 prize on the reality dating series.
  • Pirates Outlaws for PC is released. Pirates Outlaws is an easy-to-play roguelike card game. Build your deck and combos to become a reputed pirate.
  • NY Governor Andrew Cuomo says “I believe the worst is over if we continue to be smart, ” about the coronoavirus COVID-19 pandemic in New York as death toll passes 10,000.
  • Bernie Sanders endorses former rival Joe Biden for president.

On this day in 2019

  • Body of 38-year-old Filipino woman discovered in abandoned mine starts the hunt for Cyprus's first serial killer, at least 5 other bodies later discovered.
  • BTS is the first K-pop band to perform on US TV show "Saturday Night Live".
  • English keyboardist and guitarist Paul Raymond died age 73. He joined Plastic Penny in the early 60s as their keyboardist, vocalist, and replaced Christine McVie in British blues band Chicken Shack. He first joined UFO in 1976 and played with the band during four different stints, he was a regular in the UFO lineup since 2003. Raymond had also worked with Michael Schenker in MSG..
  • Gregg Popovich surpasses Lenny Wilkens to became the all-time winningest coach in NBA history with his 1,413th win as San Antonio Spurs beat Denver Nuggets,101-96 in Western Conference Playoffs.
  • World's largest plane by wingspan at 117m (385 ft), the Stratolaunch, built as a flying launch pad for satellites, takes its first flight from Mojave, California.
  • Lydia Wideman, Finnish cross country skier (first female cross-country Olympic medalist, gold 10k 1952), who died at 98.
  • Guava Island is released. Directed by Hiro Murai, Donald Glover's "tropical thriller"filmed in Cuba about a musician putting together a festival also features Rhianna and Letitia Wright.

On this day in 2018

  • Milos Forman, Director.
  • Borg vs. McEnroe is released. At the historic 1980 Wimbledon Championships, rising American star John McEnroe (Shia LaBeouf) sets his sights on dethroning reigning champion Björn Borg (Sverrir Gudnason), sparking an unprecedented media frenzy in the tennis world. At the center of the hype are two legendary tennis icons’ with polar opposite personas and approaches to the game. McEnroe is infamous for his brash, ferocious energy on the court and his equally spectacular, expletive-fueled tantrums, whereas Borg’s coolly composed, elegant style of play complements his unflappable public demeanor. However, both men are hiding deep anxieties, locked in battle with their inner demons.
  • Submergence is released. James (James McAvoy) is a British agent under the cover of a water engineer, while Danny (Alicia Vikander) is a bio-mathematician working on a deep-sea diving project to explore the origin of life on our planet. On a chance encounter in a remote resort in Normandy where they both prepare for their respective missions, they fall rapidly, and unexpectedly, into each other's arms and a deliriously wild love affair develops, even though their jobs are destined to separate them. Danny sets off on a perilous quest to dive to the bottom of the ocean. James’s assignment takes him to Somalia, where he is sucked into a geopolitical vortex that puts him in grave danger. Both characters are subject to different kinds of isolation as they pine for each other; their determination to reconnect becomes as much an existential journey as a love story.
  • The Judge is released. When she was a young lawyer, Kholoud Al-Faqih walked into the office of Palestine’s Chief Justice and announced she wanted to join the bench. He laughed at her. But just a few years later, Kholoud became the first woman judge to be appointed to the Middle East’s Shari’a (Islamic law) courts. The Judge offers a unique portrait of Judge Kholoud—her brave journey as a lawyer, her tireless fight for justice for women, and her drop-in visits with clients, friends, and family. With unparalleled access to the courts, The Judge presents an unfolding vérité legal drama, with rare insight into both Islamic law and gendered justice. In the process, the film illuminates some of the universal conflicts in the domestic life of Palestine—custody of children, divorce, abuse—while offering an unvarnished look at life for women and Shari’a.
  • Jeannette: The Childhood of Joan of Arc is released. France,1425. In the midst of the Hundred Years’ War, the young Jeannette, at the still tender age of 8, looks after her sheep in the small village of Domremy. One day, she tells her friend Hauviette how she cannot bear to see the suffering caused by the English. Madame Gervaise, a nun, tries to reason with the young girl, but Jeannette is ready to take up arms for the salvation of souls and the liberation of the Kingdom of France. Carried by her faith, she will become Joan of Arc.
  • Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami is released. This electrifying journey through the public and private worlds of pop culture mega-icon Grace Jones contrasts musical sequences with intimate personal footage, all the while brimming with Jones’s bold aesthetic. A larger-than-life entertainer, an androgynous glam-pop diva, an unpredictable media presence – Grace Jones is all these things and more. Sophie Fiennes’s documentary goes beyond the traditional music biography, offering a portrait as stylish and unconventional as its subject. Taking us home with her to Jamaica, into the studio with long-time collaborators Sly & Robbie, and backstage at gigs around the world, the film reveals Jones as lover, daughter, mother, and businesswoman. But the stage is the fixed point to which the film returns, with eye-popping performances of "Slave to the Rhythm, "“Pull Up to the Bumper, ” "Love is the Drug, "and more. Jones herself has said watching the film “will be like seeing me almost naked” and, indeed, Fiennes’s treatment is every bit as definition-defying as its subject, untamed by either age or life itself.
  • Bye Bye Germany is released. David Berman and his friends, all Holocaust survivors, have only one purpose: to go to America as soon as possible. For this they need money. Close to his aim, David is not only deprived of his savings but also overtaken by his shady past.
  • Zama is released. Zama, an officer of the Spanish Crown born in South America, waits for a letter from the King granting him a transfer from the town in which he is stagnating, to a better place. His situation is delicate. He must ensure that nothing overshadows his transfer. He is forced to accept submissively every task entrusted to him by successive Governors who come and go as he stays behind. The years go by and the letter from the King never arrives. When Zama notices everything is lost, he joins a party of soldiers that go after a dangerous bandit. [Strand Releasing]
  • Wildling is released. Since birth, Anna (Bel Powley) has been raised in isolation by a man she knows only as Daddy (Brad Dourif) who has done everything possible to conceal the truth about the girl’s origins from her. But when the teenage Anna is suddenly thrust into the real world under the protection of no-nonsense police officer Ellen (Liv Tyler), it soon becomes clear that the young woman is far from ordinary. Unable to adjust to a normal life, Anna finds herself drawn instead to the wild freedom of the forest while struggling to resist the growing bloodlust that has awakened inside her. [IFC Midnight]
  • Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero is released. With the war to end all wars looming, a young army "doughboy"Robert Conroy has his life forever changed when a little dog with a stubby tail wanders into camp as the men of the 102nd Infantry Regiment train on the grounds of Yale University. Conroy gives his new friend a name, a family, and a chance to embark on the adventure that would define a century. Despite lacking formal military working dog training, Stubby the dog and his human companions find themselves in the trenches of France and on the path to history. French Infantryman Gaston Baptiste befriends the duo and accompanies them along their epic journey through harsh conditions and incredible acts of courage. For his valorous actions, Stubby is recognized as the first canine ever promoted to the rank of Sergeant in U.S. Army history.
  • MOVIES: PG13
  • Rampage is released. Primatologist Davis Okoye (Dwayne Johnson), a man who keeps people at a distance, shares an unshakable bond with George, the extraordinarily intelligent, silverback gorilla who has been in his care since birth. But a rogue genetic experiment gone awry mutates this gentle ape into a raging creature of enormous size. To make matters worse, it’s soon discovered there are other similarly altered animals. As these newly created alpha predators tear across North America, destroying everything in their path, Okoye teams with a discredited genetic engineer to secure an antidote, fighting his way through an ever-changing battlefield, not only to halt a global catastrophe but to save the fearsome creature that was once his friend.
  • Blumhouse's Truth or Dare is released. A harmless game of "Truth or Dare"among friends turns deadly when someone-or something-begins to punish those who tell a lie-or refuse the dare.
  • Aardvark is released. Emily Milburton’s (Jenny Slate) newest therapy patient is Josh Norman (Zachary Quinto), an emotionally challenged introvert who suffers from increasingly volatile hallucinations. Most pressing though, is his estranged relationship with his brother, Craig (Jon Hamm), a famous TV actor who just so happens to be in town for a visit. So what’s the worst that could happen when Craig shows up on Emily’s doorstep?
  • An Ordinary Man is released. An infamous war criminal and former general (Ben Kingsley) spending his life on the run from international authorities is suddenly moved to a new hideout, where he develops a relationship with the maid that looks after him. But when he discovers that she is actually an agent hired to protect him, he makes a decision that will drastically change both of their lives.
  • Krystal is released. Taylor Ogburn (Nick Robinson) is a young sheltered man from the South with a strange heart condition. Because of his ailment, he can't go to college - let alone drink or do drugs or experience life in any real way. Upon meeting the woman of his dreams - an ex-hooker-stripper-junkie-alcoholic with a sixteen year old son in a wheelchair - Taylor pretends to be in AA to try and woo her. His fabulously talented family (who perhaps actually belong in AA) not surprisingly have a thing or two to say about Taylor falling for this beguiling and unpredictable woman. Past transgressions smash head on with young love, causing complications for everyone involved but In order to have even a hint of a chance to come out the other side, Taylor must face his own demons and learn what it means to live without fear and finally become a man.
  • The Rider is released. Once a rising star of the rodeo circuit, and a gifted horse trainer, young cowboy Brady is warned that his riding days are over, after a horse crushes his skull at a rodeo. Back home on the Pine Ridge Reservation, with little desire or alternatives for a different way of life, Brady’s sense of inadequacy mounts as he is unable to ride or rodeo – the essentials of being a cowboy. In an attempt to regain control of his own fate, Brady undertakes a search for new identity and what it means to be a man in the heartland of America.
  • MOVIES: TV14
  • Come Sunday is released. Internationally-renowned pastor Carlton Pearson (Chiwetel Ejiofor) — experiencing a crisis of faith — risks his church, family, and future when he questions church doctrine and finds himself branded a modern-day heretic.
  • Lost in Space (2018): Season 1 is released. Danger, Will Robinson (Max Jenkins)! The remake of the 1960s series is set 30 years in the future where the Robinson family led by John (Toby Stephens) and Maureen Robinson (Molly Parker) are stranded on a planet far-away from their destination with Dr. Smith (Parker Posey) and Don West (Ignacio Serricchio).
  • Love in the Modern Age was released by Josh Rouse. The 12th full-length release for the singer-songwriter was influenced by 1980s pop/rock and was self-produced.
  • Novelist Guy was released by Novelist. The debut full-length release for the grime artist was self-produced.
  • Persona was released by Rival Consoles. The latest release for the British electronic artist was inspired by Ingmar Bergman's film of the same name.
  • Pinned was released by A Place to Bury Strangers. The fifth full-length release for the Brooklyn noise rock band led by Oliver Ackerman is its first with drummer Lia Simone Braswell.
  • The Straight Hits! was released by Josh T. Pearson. The first new solo release in seven years for the Austin singer-songwriter was written in three days.
  • The Tree of Forgiveness was released by John Prine. Produced by Dave Cobb, the first release of new songs in 13 years for the singer-songwriter features contributions from such artists as Dan Auerbach, Brandi Carlile, Jason Isbell, and Amanda Shires.
  • The Lookout was released by Laura Veirs. The 10th full-length solo release for the singer-songwriter was produced by Tucker Martin and features contributions from Jim James and Sufjan Stevens.
  • The Other was released by King Tuff. The fourth full-length release for Kyle Thomas as King Tuff was self-produced and features contributions from Mikal Cronin, Jenny Lewis, Charles Moothart Kevin Morby, Greta Morgan, and Ty Segall.
  • Smalls Change (Meditations Upon Ageing) was released by Derek Smalls. The debut solo release for the Spinal Tap bass player features guest appearances from Jeff "Skunk"Baxter, Gregg Bisonnette, Larry Carlton, David Crosby, Donald Fagen, Taylor Hawkins, Jim Keltner, Danny Kortchmar, Russ Kunkel, Michael League, Steve Lukather, Jane Lynch, Judith Owen, Phil X, Joe Satriani, Paul Shaffer, Chad Smith, The Snarky Puppy Horns, Steve Vai, Richard Thompson, Waddy Wachtel, Rick Wakeman, and Dweezil Zappa.
  • Resistance Is Futile was released by Manic Street Preachers. The 13th full-length studio release for the Welsh alternative rock band was produced by Dave Eringa.
  • Confident Music for Confident People was released by Confidence Man. This is the debut full-length release for the Australian dance-pop band that includes Janet Planet, Sugar Bones, Reggie Goodchild, and Clarence McGuffie.
  • Dimensional People was released by Mouse on Mars. The 11th full-length studio release for the German electronic duo features contributions from such artists as Sam Amidon, Amanda Blank, Eric D. Clarke, Zach Condon, Aaron and Bryce Dessner, Ensemble Musikfabrik, Lisa Hannigan, Spank Rock, Swamp Dogg, and Justin Vernon.
  • Challenge Me Foolish was released by µ-Ziq. The 14 track collection of songs from Planet Mu's Mike Paradinas was culled from mostly unreleased material recorded in the late 1990s.
  • Last Night was released by Benin City. The second full-length release for the London-based trio of Joshua Idehen, Shanaz Dorsett and Tom Leaper was inspired by the London nightclub scene.
  • Joyride was released by Tinashe. Originally announced in 2015, the second full-length studio release for the R&B artist features guest appearances from French Montana, Future, Little Dragon, Offset, and Ty Dolla $ign is finally out.
  • Evil Spirits was released by The Damned. The first release in a decade for the British punk rock band was recorded live over nine days by producer Tony Visconti.
  • Football Manager Touch 2018 for Switch is released.
  • Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs - Royal Edition for Xbox One is released. Regalia: Of Men And Monarchs is a tactical RPG set in a cheerful fantasy world full of weirdness and wonder. Assemble your party, go adventuring, manage your kingdom, make new friends, and defeat your opponents in challenging turn-based combat.
  • Miloš Forman, Czech-American award-winning director (One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, Amadeus, The Firemen's Ball), who died at 86.

On this day in 2017

  • " New Girl" actress Hannah Simone at the age of 36 weds musician Jesse Giddings in a secret ceremony.
  • Zareh Baronian, Armenian theologian, who died at 75.
  • Mr. Shifty for Switch is released. Shift through bullets, and master lightning-fast takedowns in an all new kind of action game from tinyBuild and Team Shifty. Mr. Shifty follows a teleportation-fueled heist to break into the world's most secure facility.

On this day in 2016

  • Jeremy Steig, American jazz flutist (" Howlin'for Judy" ; "Wayfaring Stranger"), who died of cancer at 73.
  • Ray Thornton, American politician (Democratic U.S. Representative for Arkansas), who died at 87.

On this day in 2015

  • The UK's first weekly vinyl chart was launched by the Official Charts Company as sales of vinyl albums and singles continued to soar. The first official vinyl albums chart was topped by All Time Low's Future Hearts..
  • Migrant ship carrying around 550 sinks off the Libyan coast, about 400 drown.
  • " Avengers: Age of Ultron", directed by Joss Whedon, starring Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo and Jeremy Renner, premieres in Los Angeles.
  • Gunter Grass, Novelist.
  • Günter Grass, German writer (The Tin Drum) and playwright and Nobel Prize laureate (1999), who died at 87.
  • Eduardo Galeano, Uruguayan journalist & writer, who died at 74.
  • Bonxie was released by Stornoway. The third full length release for the British folk-pop band was produced by Gil Norton.
  • Zoy Zoy was released by Tal National. The second full-length release for the group based in Niger was recorded by Jamie Carter.
  • Grand Theft Auto V for PC is released. Los Santos: a sprawling sun-soaked metropolis full of self-help gurus, starlets and fading celebrities, once the envy of the Western world, now struggling to stay alive in a time of economic uncertainty and cheap reality TV. Amidst the turmoil, three very unique criminals plot their own chances of survival and success: Franklin, a street hustler looking for tangible opportunities and serious money; Michael, a professional ex-con whose retirement is less rosy than he figured it would be; and Trevor, a violent dude driven by the opportunity for a cheap high and his next big score. With options at a premium, the crew risks it all in a myriad of daring and dangerous heists that could set them up for life.
  • Mortal Kombat X for PC is released. Mortal Kombat X combines cinematic presentation with all new gameplay to deliver the most brutal Kombat experience ever, offering a new fully-connected experience that launches players into a persistent online contest where every fight matters in a global battle for supremacy. For the first time, Mortal Kombat X gives players the ability to choose from multiple variations of each character impacting both strategy and fighting style. Players step into an original story showcasing some of the game’s most prolific characters including Scorpion and Sub-Zero, while introducing new challengers that represent the forces of good and evil and tie the tale together.

On this day in 2014

  • Manny Pacquiao defeats Timothy Bradley to regain his WBO welterweight boxing title.
  • Kenyan Wilson Kipsang wins the London Marathon.
  • Mad Men: Season 7 is released. The final season of the drama begins, with seven episodes airing in 2014 and the remaining seven scheduled for Spring 2015.
  • Years of Living Dangerously: Season 1 is released. Don Cheadle, Matt Damon, Harrison Ford, Michael C. Hall, and Ian Somerhalder are some of the actors, along with journalists such as Mark Bittman, Thomas Friedman, Chris Hayes, and Lesley Stahl who explore environmental issues in this documentary series executive produced by James Cameron, Jerry Weintraub, Arnold Schwarzenegger,60 Minutes producers Joel Bach, David Gelberm, and climate expert Daniel Abbasi.


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