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Today in the World Countries

  • Memorial Day is being celebrated in Timor Leste
  • People born on this day are Sagittarius as their zodiac sign.

Today in History

On this day in 2023

    On this day in 2022

    • EVENTS
    • After widespread public protests China announces a major loosening of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions for the whole country, allowing home quarantine and scrapping QR codes, effectively ending China's zero-COVID policy.
    • Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock wins re-election over Republican Herschel Walker in run-off for the Georgia Senate seat, taking the US Senate to a clearer 51-49 Democratic majority.
    • DEATHS
    • Karim Bavi, Iranian soccer striker (23 caps; Shahin FC, Persepolis FC), who died at 57.
    • Onoda: 10,000 Nights in the Jungle is released. Japan,1944. Trained for intelligence work, Hiroo Onoda,22 years old, discovers a philosophy contrary to the official line: no suicide, stay alive whatever happens, the mission is more important than anything else. Sent to Lubang, a small island in the Philippines where the Americans are about to land, his role will be to wage a guerilla war until the return of the Japanese troops. The Empire will surrender soon after, Onoda 10,000 days later in this incredible true story.
    • GAMING: PC
    • Ixion for PC is released. IXION combines city building, survival elements and exploration, into a thrilling space opera as you explore the stars. Propelled onwards through a perilous journey, you are the Administrator of the Tiqqun space station, charged with finding a new home for humanity.Keeping the station sound and flying will require a deft hand and strategic thinking, as you are constantly pulled between maintaining hull integrity, bringing in new resources and managing power consumption.What choices will you make when confronted with impending disaster? What will you discover out there in the dark?
    • The Rumble Fish 2 for PlayStation 5 is released. At the close of the 20th century... A large-scale natural disaster struck the eastern area of a certain country. The disaster wiped out the financial sector and toppled high-rise buildings over a wide area, even as far as the main functions of the capital. This resulted in the loss of a staggering 158,000 lives.At the dawn of the 21st century... Conglomerate PROBE-NEXUS, commonly known as Probe, begins reconstruction efforts in the eastern area of said country. Probe relocates its own base of operations to the ruined sector and builds a massive city run by the corporation. Lavished with colossal capital and cutting-edge technology, the modern-day Babylon is made up of skyscrapers that put the old high-rises to shame, the biggest shopping mall in the world, and recreational facilities one might mistake for a theme park.This was the dazzling birth of a symbol for the new century. It became the most essential place on the planet and was christened Zone Prime.The Rumble Fish is a 2D fighting game. The arcade version was developed in 2004. The arcade version of The Rumble Fish 2 came out in 2005, introducing new game mechanics and characters. It gained popularity with its sleek 2D visuals powered by S.M.A. (Smooth Model Animation), fascinating characters and strategic gameplay using 2 types of gauges.
    • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Booster Course Pass - Wave 3 for Switch is released. Rev up those engines, because more courses are cruising over to the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Booster Course Pass DLC on Nintendo Switch this holiday! Wave 3 features eight tracks, including Merry Mountain from Mario Kart Tour and Peach Gardens from Mario Kart DS!

    On this day in 2021

    • EVENTS
    • Chile becomes the 31st nation to legalize same-sex marriage.
    • Scottish singer-songwriter Steve Bronski died from smoke inhalation in a fire at his home in Soho, London age 61. He was a co-founder and keyboard player of the group Bronski Beat, known for the singles ‘Smalltown Boy’ and ‘Why?’. He was also well known as an LGBTQ activist and was openly gay himself from an early age..
    • DEATHS
    • Steve Bronski Scottish rock keyboard player (Bronski Beat - "Smalltown Boy"), who died from smoke inhalation in a fire at his Soho flat at 61.
    • Abbott Elementary: Season 1 is released. The Quinta Brunson comedy centers on a group of teachers working at a Philadelphia public elementary school.
    • GAMING: PC
    • Thunder Tier One for PC is released. Thunder Tier One is a realistic top-down shooter where you join an elite special operations team tasked with stopping a dangerous terrorist organization wreaking havoc across the fictional Eastern European country of Salobia.
    • White Shadows for PC is released. White Shadows is a cinematic puzzle-platformer where you play as a little Ravengirl trying to escape a brutal dystopia founded on oppression and violence that puts her at the bottom of its hierarchical social ladder.Composed of a vast network of towers rising from the void of post-catastrophe darkness into the sky above, the city our young adventurer seeks to escape is a dangerous place to be. She will have to find ways to avoid the teeth of machinery primed to grind her into dust, leap across rickety infrastructure that bridges the cavernous darkness all around and avoid the watchful eyes of guards ready to gun her down. She will travel to the city's brightest highs and delve to its darkest depths on her journey, discovering her destiny among the last free people alive.White Shadows' striking architectural forms and stunning monochrome art style combine to create a place steeped in atmosphere. It's a world where the lies of the elite are plastered across its walls, where twisted forms of entertainment are used to keep everyone in their place, and where hope seems in short supply.
    • Wolfstride for PC is released. Wolfstride is a role-playing game about three former partners-in-crime coming to a turning point in their lives. When they inherit a junkyard mecha called Cowboy, they reunite to enter the planet's most elite mecha competition: the Ultimate Golden God Tournament.Each member of the team lends their unique experience as they prepare to outwit the best mecha opponents from around the world. Between dog-mechanic Duque, mecha pilot Knife Leopard, and jack-of-all-trades Dominique Shade, the core crew's got just about everything covered.That is... until their simple mission to make money unfolds into a deep, slow-burning exploration of their complex lives, the dark choices of their past, and their inevitable fate
    • Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker for PlayStation 5 is released. Endwalker is the fourth expansion pack for FINAL FANTASY XIV Online. Experience the climax of the Hydaelyn and Zodiark story, and encounter an even greater calamity than ever before as you travel to the far reaches of Hydaelyn and even to the moon.
    • Heavenly Bodies for PlayStation 5 is released. Discover the ever-changing nuances of weightless motion in this challenging physics game, featuring a collection of stellar scenarios inspired by the feats of space explorers and researchers throughout history. Wrangle control of your cosmonaut’s arms with the left and right thumbsticks to push, pull, and clamber through fully physically simulated scenarios aboard a scientific research station, alone or with a friend via local co-op. With only radio contact with mission control as your aid, you will have to use your sharp mind and dexterous limbs to assemble space telescopes, maintain delicate solar arrays and research cosmic botany. But without gravity, nothing is still, nothing is secure, and nothing is simple. At first you might fumble in the vastness of space, but in time you will grasp weightless motion with grace.
    • Yu-Gi-Oh! RUSH DUEL: Dawn of the Battle Royale!! for Switch is released. Get ready to d-d-d-d-d-d-d-duel!Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel: Saikyou Battle Royale!! is a turn-based card game set in the world of Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime that follows the "Rush Duel"rule invented by the main character Yuga Ohdo.Enjoy an original game story that features characters from the anime. Get ready to meet familiar faces such as Yuga and Luke during your Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel: Saikyou Battle Royale!! adventure.Explore the world of Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS and get into a battle with the characters from the anime with the use of the 350 cards available in the game.
    • Life is Strange: True Colors for Switch is released. A bold new era of the award-winning Life is Strange begins, with an all-new playable lead character and a thrilling mystery to solve!Alex Chen has long suppressed her 'curse': the supernatural ability to experience, absorb and manipulate the strong emotions of others, which she sees as blazing, colored auras.When her brother dies in a so-called accident, Alex must embrace her volatile power to find the truth and uncover the dark secrets buried by a small town.
    • US President Joe Biden warns Russian President Vladimir Putin of economic consequences if Russia continues a military build-up in the Ukraine, during a virtual meeting.
    • SPORTS
    • 3,500 year-old Gilgamesh Dream Tablet goes on display in Iraq for the first time in 30 years after looted during Gulf War. Part of the Epic Gilgamesh, one of oldest known pieces of literature..

    On this day in 2020

    • EVENTS
    • Most of California begins second lockdown as hospitals come under strain and the state records average of 21,000 COVID-19 pandemic cases a day.
    • Bob Dylan sells his entire songwriting catalog of more than 600 songs to the Universal Music Publishing Group for over $300 million.
    • Coca-Cola named the world's No. 1 plastic polluter, in Break Free From Plastic's annual brand audit.
    • DEATHS
    • Chuck Yeager, American test pilot who was the 1st man to break the sound barrier, who died at 97 [2].
    • Doug Scott, English mountaineer (first ascent of south-west face of Mount Everest), who died at 79.
    • Joselyn Cano, Instagram Star.
    • Natalie Desselle-Reid, TV Actress.
    • A Suitable Boy is released. Set in North India in 1951,19-year-old Lata Mehra (Tanya Maniktala) deals with her mother (Mahira Kakkar), who wants to marry her off to a man of her choosing. While Maan (Ishaan Khatter), a relative by marriage, falls for courtesan singer Saeeda Bai (Tabu) in this Andrew Davies adaptation of the Vikram Seth novel.[Premiered originally in the UK on BBC One on 26 Jul 2020 and on Acorn TV in North America on 7 December 2020]
    • Drawn to Life: Two Realms for Switch is released. The quirky Raposa and your drawn hero return in Drawn to Life: Two Realms, the next installment in the beloved franchise! Uncover the mystery of the Shadow and save Mike and his friends.
    • Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo wins a second term in the country's general elections.
    • SPORTS
    • Fred Akers, American football coach (University of Wyoming; University of Texas, Austin; Purdue; career college record 108–75–3), who died at 82.
    • Dick Allen, American baseball infielder (7 × MLB All-Star; NL Rookie of the Year 1964, Philadelphia Phillies; AL MVP 1972, Chicago White Sox), who died at 78.
    • Breaking, the competitive form of breakdancing, confirmed as an Olympic sport for the Paris 2024 games.

    On this day in 2019

    • EVENTS
    • Greta Gerwig's film adaption of Louisa May Alcott's novel "Little Women" premieres at MoMA in New York.
    • Ozzy Osbourne offered $25,000 as a reward for the return of stolen instruments previously owned by his late guitarist Randy Rhoads after the Musonia School of Music in N. Hollywood, was robbed on Thanksgiving night. The stolen instruments included Rhoads’ first electric guitar, a 1963 Harmony Rocket, as well as a rare Marshall prototype made specifically for Rhoads..
    • DEATHS
    • Ron Saunders, English soccer striker (Portsmouth) and manager (Manchester City, Aston Villa, Birmingham City), who died at 87.
    • Denis Lalanne, French sports journalist ('Le grand combat du XV de France'; 'Rugbymania: French flair attitude'), who died at 93.
    • Berkley Bedell, American politician (Rep-D-IA,1975-87), who died at 98.
    • SPORTS
    • Chalmers "Bump" Elliott, American College Football Hall of Fame halfback and coach (U of Michigan) and college athletics administrator (Iowa), who died at 94.

    On this day in 2018

    • EVENTS
    • Brazilian spiritual healer João Teixeira de Faria accused of sexual abuse by four women, over 200 more come forward in next week.
    • Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer is elected the new leader of Germany's Christian Democratic Union party, replacing Angela Merkel.
    • Comedian Kevin Hart steps down as 2019 Oscars host after his history of homophobic statements is revealed.
    • Divide and Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes is released. Divide and Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes deftly fuses the personal, the political and the just plain surreal as it charts the rise and fall of Fox News Chairman, Roger Ailes. Variously called a bulldog, a kingmaker, and the Ernest Hemingway of campaign advisors, Ailes was a key media consultant to Presidents Nixon, Reagan and George H.W. Bush, powerfully shaping American political history over the last fifty years. After creating a ratings powerhouse, with more viewers than all its direct competitors combined, in 2016 Ailes was forced out of Fox amid multiple allegations of sexual harassment. He died in May 2017 at the age of 77. Divide and Conquer is the origin story of one of the most powerful and divisive figures in American media, as well as a clear-eyed look at how we got where we are today.
    • Back Roads is released. After his mother (Juliette Lewis) is imprisoned for killing his abusive father, Harley Altmyer (Alex Pettyfer) is left to care for his three younger sisters in rural Pennsylvania. Harley forgoes his college education, working dead-end jobs to pay the bills and raise his siblings, including his rebellious and promiscuous 16-year-old sister, Amber (Nicola Peltz). Scarred by his past, Harley becomes infatuated with Callie Mercer (Jennifer Morrison) the older married woman who lives nearby. Things take a dangerous turn when they embark on an affair and shocking family secrets soon begin to emerge. As Harley’s life spirals out of control, unspoken truths leading to a devastating conclusion come to the surface and threaten to consume him. [Samuel Goldwyn Films]
    • The American Meme is released. The American Meme follows the journeys of Paris Hilton, Josh Ostrovsky, Brittany Furlan and Kirill Bichutsky, as they hustle to create empires out of their online footprints.
    • The Party's Just Beginning is released. Liusaidh (Karen Gillan) is a sharp-witted, foul-mouthed, heavy-drinking twenty-something who is still reeling from a recent loss. Living with her parents in the remote Scottish Highlands, she spends most nights boozing at the local pub and embarks on what she assumes—perhaps rightly—will be yet another short-term fling when she hooks up with an out-of-towner (Lee Pace) who is going through a midlife crisis. At the same time, a wrong number leads Liusaidh to an anonymous connection with an old man who is grappling with his own end-of-life questions and regrets. These three characters, each at their own crossroads, search for answers—together and independently—in the cold northern landscape, under fleeting glimpses of the Northern Lights. [Tribeca Film Festival]
    • Vox Lux is released. Vox Lux, A 20th Century Portrait, begins in 1999 when teenage Celeste (Raffey Cassidy) survives a violent tragedy. After singing at a memorial service, Celeste transforms into a burgeoning pop star with the help of her songwriter sister (Stacy Martin) and talent manager (Jude Law). Celeste’s meteoric rise to fame dovetails with a personal and national loss of innocence, consequently elevating the young powerhouse to a new kind of celebrity: American icon, secular deity, global superstar. By 2017, adult Celeste (Natalie Portman) is mounting a comeback after a scandalous incident almost derailed her career. Touring in support of her sixth album, a compendium of sci-fi anthems entitled, “Vox Lux, ” the indomitable, foul-mouthed pop savior must overcome her personal and familial struggles to navigate motherhood, madness and monolithic fame. [Neon]
    • MOVIES: NR
    • Swimming with Men is released. His job is a drag, his wife may be cheating on him, and he’s not getting any younger. Accountant Eric (Rob Brydon) is simply treading water when he discovers a newfound sense of purpose thanks to an unexpected source: a group of similarly stuck-in-a-rut guys who have found camaraderie and self-worth through synchronized swimming. Sure, they may be a bit paunchy, but they’re determined to prove they have what it takes to be a whirling, twirling, scissor-kicking aquatic dream team. And they’ve set their sights on the ultimate prize: the world championship. [IFC Films]
    • MOVIES: PG13
    • Dumplin' is released. Dumplin’ (Danielle Macdonald) is the plus-size, teenage daughter of a former beauty queen (Jennifer Aniston), who signs up for her mom’s pageant as a protest that escalates when other contestants follow her footsteps, revolutionizing the pageant and their small Texas town.
    • MOVIES: R
    • Ben Is Back is released. 19 year-old Ben Burns (Lucas Hedges) unexpectedly returns home to his family's suburban home on Christmas Eve morning. Ben’s mother, Holly (Julia Roberts), is relieved and welcoming but wary of her son staying clean. Over a turbulent 24 hours, new truths are revealed, and a mother's undying love for her son is tested as she does everything in her power to keep him safe.
    • Mary Queen of Scots is released. Mary Queen of Scots explores the turbulent life of the charismatic Mary Stuart. Queen of France at 16 and widowed at 18, Mary defies pressure to remarry. Instead, she returns to her native Scotland to reclaim her rightful throne. But Scotland and England fall under the rule of the compelling Elizabeth 1. Each young Queen beholds her “sister” in fear and fascination. Rivals in power and in love, and female regents in a masculine world, the two must decide how to play the game of marriage versus independence. Determined to rule as much more than a figurehead, Mary asserts her claim to the English throne, threatening Elizabeth’s sovereignty. Betrayal, rebellion, and conspiracies within each court imperil both thrones – and change the course of history.
    • ALBUMS
    • Ghost Stories for Christmas was released by Aidan Moffat. The second collaboration between Aidan Moffat and RM Hubbert in 2018 features original Christmas songs as well as covers of Yazoo's Only You and Mud's Lonely This Christmas.
    • Fallen Trees was released by Lubomyr Melnyk. The latest full-length release for the Ukrainian pianist/composer features contributions from David Allred, Anne Müller, and Hatis Noit.
    • Skins was released by XXXTentacion. The posthumous release for the controversial Florida rapper features a guest appearance from Kanye West.
    • The Prophet Speaks was released by Van Morrison. The latest 40th full-length release for the singer-songwriter features six new original songs as well as eight covers of classics jazz and R&B songs.
    • We're Your Friends, Man was released by The Bevis Frond. This is the 25th full-length studio release for British psychedelic rock band led by Nick Saloman.
    • GAMING: PC
    • Iris.Fall for PC is released. Iris.Fall is a puzzle adventure game featuring striking visuals and a spellbinding theme of "light and shadow".
    • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds for PlayStation 4 is released. From the makers of the best-selling PC phenomenon, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds drops players into a competitive survival battle where you'll engage in a heart-racing fight to be the last player left alive. Loot supplies, find weapons and gear-up to take on the competition. Emerge the lone survivor in a thrilling game experience full of unexpected, adrenaline-pumping moments.FEATURES:* The Battleground Awaits: Parachute onto a massive remote island with nothing but your wits and the clothes on your back. Explore, loot and locate weapons or use vehicles to find supplies and gear-up for fast-paced combat.* Claim Victory: Defeat every player on the map to earn your bragging rights as the last player left standing. Not just a Game. This is Battle Royale. * Xbox One X Enhanced: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is Xbox One X Enhanced, with High Dynamic Range technology to bring out the true visual depth of the battleground.
    • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Switch is released. Inklings from the Splatoon series, as well as returning Smash characters like Mario and Link will be making appearances in this classic Nintendo franchise's Switch debut. Faster combat, new items, new attacks, new defensive options, and more will keep the battle raging whether you’re at home or on the go.
    • Sega Genesis Classics for Switch is released. SEGA's collection of Mega Drive & Genesis classics comes to a new generation of consoles - and players. Over 50 titles across all genres from all-time classics like Sonic and Streets of Rage 2 to deep RPGs like the Phantasy Star series; arcade action, shooters, beat 'em ups, puzzlers, old favourites and hidden gems. New features bring modern convenience to the classics. Save your game at any time, rewind those slip-ups, or customise your controls. Earn bragging rights with online multiplayer and achievements. The largest collection of retro classics on console in one great package.
    • Katamari Damacy REROLL for Switch is released. The stop-at-nothing pushing prince is back and ready to reroll. When the King of All Cosmos accidentally destroys all the stars in the sky, he orders you, his pint-sized princely son, to put the twinkle back in the heavens above. Join the King and Prince of Cosmos on their wacky adventure to restore the stars at home or on the go – now in full HD.
    • Ashen for Xbox One is released. Ashen is a 3rd person, action RPG about forging relationships. You are a lone wanderer in a sunless land. The only light to be had sputters from an age-old lantern at your side. There is a rumble in the distance, and then a light. Through leaking eyes you make out a peak on the horizon, choking the land in a cloud of ash. Nothing ever shone so bright. The first dawn turns to dusk and finally recedes into familiar blackness. A GAME BY AURORA44. This is the tale of a bygone world. Choose a path and hold on to those you trust. Players can choose to guide those they trust to their camp, encouraging them to rest at the fire and perhaps remain. Together, you might just stand a chance.
    • Belisario Betancur, Colombian politician, President of Colombia (1982-86), who died at 95.
    • Court filings by US federal prosecutors and Special Counsel Robert Mueller against Michael Cohen appear to implicate President Donald Trump on campaign fraud and Russian dealings.
    • SPORTS
    • Former Italy national football coach Cesare Prandelli is appointed manager of Serie A club Genoa CFC replacing Ivan Juric; first time in history all 20 Serie A managers are all Italian.

    On this day in 2017

    • EVENTS
    • Former US gymnastics physician Larry Nasser is sentenced to 60 years on child pornography charges.
    • Crumbling French château La Mothe-Chandeniers in Les Trois-Moutiers is bought by 9,000 people.
    • Australia's parliament votes to legalize gay marriage.
    • Pantone's 2018 Colour of the Year is Ultra Violet.
    • Naples'pizza spinning given UNESCO intangible heritage status along with Germany's organ music, Kyrgystan's Kok boru and India's Kumbh festival.
    • Virtual currency Bitcoin rises in value, passing $18,440 on some exchanges.
    • Unrest in West Bank and Gaza, schools closed and a general strike in response to America's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.
    • DEATHS
    • Peter Walwyn, British thoroughbred trainer (champion trainer 1974-75), who died at 84.
    • James "Sunny" Murray, American jazz musician and drummer, who died at 81.
    • GAMING: PC
    • SpellForce 3 for PC is released. SpellForce 3 - A blend between RTS and RPG. SpellForce 3 goes back to the roots of the SpellForce saga and combines the RTS and RPG genre in a unique way - all in real time. Explore the world of Eo and become a true legend.
    • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - The Champions' Ballad for Switch is released. New adventures and challenges have come to the world of Hyrule. Players won't have to wait long for it. Players tackle a never-before-seen dungeon, defeat enemies using the One-Hit Obliterator, and explore new shrines. Upon completing these tasks, Link gain access to a powerful new way to travel: the Master Cycle Zero.
    • Teslagrad for Switch is released. Teslagrad is a 2D puzzle-platformer, where you play as a young lad who suddenly finds himself embroiled in an ancient conflict that will shake the foundations of his entire existence, and bring a gruesome truth to light.The game revolves around the use of electricity and magnetism, and your ingenuity will be put to the test as you employ the amazing technology of the Teslamancers to traverse the abandoned Tesla Tower. The game is completely devoid of both text and dialogue, and prefers to tell the story purely through visual means.
    • The Sexy Brutale for Switch is released. The Marquis is renowned for three things: his annual masked balls, his eclectic taste in friends, and his grand casino mansion -- "The Sexy Brutale".But this year's party is very different. Something truly terrible has found its way into the heart of "The Sexy Brutale", turning the ball into a nightmare where the staff stalk and murder the guests with no hope of escape.And at the end of every day when the clocks strike midnight... the same day begins all over again.Discover the secrets of "The Sexy Brutale"casino mansion and its inhabitants as you relive the same mysterious and murderous masked ball over and over. The story is unfolding in real-time all around you -- what is happening to the guests? Who is behind it? Can you piece it all together and end the loop to save them, and save yourself?
    • Vostok Inc. for Switch is released. Vostok Inc. is a casual game for a hardcore audience and a hardcore game for a casual audience. The premise is that you're a corrupt, narcissistic yuppie, out to make as much money as possible. Think the Wolf of Wall Street... in Space.It's a twin stick shooter for the modern age, an age where audiences are limited by time and want to be able to play when they want, how they want, and on whatever devices they want. Want to play on console whilst sitting on the sofa? Sure. Fancy a quick game on handheld whilst on the bus? Go ahead. Want the game to reward you whilst it's playing itself, on your mobile whilst at work? Don't let us stop you!The introduction of an idle clicker metagame into an already brilliant and satisfying second-to-second experience adds a whole extra dimension to the genre. Not to mention it makes the game more addictive than crack once you get going.Of course no Nosebleed Interactive game would be complete without the extra bells and whistles, so as well as an adaptive audio system (which you can remix to your heart's content) we've also got 13 minigames (including an FPS), Tamagotchi style virtual pets (or in our case, a Virtual Executives), and a massive suite of ship and weapon upgrades to unlock and mess about with.
    • Embers of Mirrim for Switch is released. To save their world from an alien threat, two proud races must set aside their differences and come together... literally. Embers of Mirrim is an adventure-platformer featuring a mystical creature with the ability to split into light and dark embers, each independently controlled by the analog sticks.
    • Floor Kids for Switch is released. Floor Kids is a new breakdance battle game featuring unique freestyle gameplay, rhythm challenges, and multiplayer sessions. Discover stylized hand-drawn graphics by award-winning animator JonJon set to an original soundtrack by world-renowned scratch DJ/producer Kid Koala. Innovative controls allow you the freedom to play the way you like with a dynamic scoring system that rewards your moves based on musicality, originality, and style. Build up your crew of bboys and bgirls, unlocking new characters and locations as you cross the city, busting hundreds of different moves and countless combinations on your journey from the corner to the club. Bring Your Skills. Build Your Crew. Find Your Style.
    • Human: Fall Flat for Switch is released. Human:Fall Flat is a quirky, open-ended physics-based puzzle and exploration game set in floating dreamscapes. Your goal is to escape these surreal dreams by solving puzzles with nothing but your wits and physics.
    • ACORN Tactics for Switch is released.
    • Dimension Drive for Switch is released. Dimension Drive is a comic book-styled space adventure set in a multidimensional universe. It features a unique teleportation mechanic that allows you to fight on two battlefields at once, and gameplay combining frantic shooting, defense and fast puzzling action.
    • SPORTS
    • Ballon d'Or: Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo wins his 5th award to equal Lionel Messi's record; 2nd consecutive win for Ronaldo.
    • Mosconi Cup nine-ball pool, Las Vegas, Nevada: Europe scores 8th straight title with an 11-4 rout of US; MVP: Joshua Filler (Germany).

    On this day in 2016

    • EVENTS
    • Pakistan International Airways plane crashes north of Islamabad, killing all 48 on board, including singer turned preacher Junaid Jamshed.
    • An inquest into the deaths of British band Viola Beach after a crash in Sweden heard that "none of the young men suffered". The four-piece group and their manager, who were aged between 19 and 32, died in the early hours of 13 February 2016, following a gig in Stockholm. Their car crashed into a raised section of a bridge and plummeted into a canal..
    • 6.5 earthquake in Aceh province, Indonesia kills at least 97 people.
    • BIRTHS
    • Ocean Penavega, Instagram Star, born in United States.
    • DEATHS
    • Paul Elvstrøm, Danish sailer (4 Olympic gold, Finn class 1948,52,56,60), who died at 88.
    • Shaheed Junaid Jamshed, World Music Singer.
    • Greg Lake, Bassist.
    • Johannah Deakin, Family Member.
    • Johannah Poulston, Family Member.
    • Junaid Jamshed, Pakistani singer (Vital Signs 1), who died in a plane crash at 52.
    • Hairspray Live! is released. Baltimore teen Tracy Turnblad (Maddie Baillio) dreams of dancing on the Corny Collins Show come true and with her new-found fame seeks to integrate the show so her friends can join her in this adaption of the movie-turned-musical with encouragement from her mother (Harvey Fierstein) and father (Martin Short).
    • Shut Eye: Season 1 is released. Charlie Haverford (Jeffrey Donovan) who oversees Romani clan leader Fonzo Marks' (Angus Sampson) chain of fortune telling parlors in Los Angeles begins to question his life when he begins experiences visions.
    • Her Majesty's SPIFFING for Xbox One is released. Taking command of the near future spaceship HMSS Imperialise and her crew, you delve into the cosmos, solving puzzles, engaging in humourous banter, deal with crippling claustrophobia, gradually succumb to the sustained exposure of cosmic radiation, and so on. All for Queen and Country.
    • Hildegard Hamm-Brücher, German politician, who died at 95.
    • Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi resigns 3 days after losing a referendum to reform the constitution.

    On this day in 2015

    • EVENTS
    • David Bowie made his last public appearance when he attended the opening night of the Lazarus production at the New York Theatre Workshop in Manhattan. Tickets to the entire run of the musical (which ran until 20th Jan 2016), sold out within hours of being made available..
    • Beijing issues its 1st ever red alert for pollution.
    • Time Magazine readers name Bernie Sanders their 'person of the year'.
    • Telenovela: Season 1 is released. Originally titled Hot & Bothered, the comedy finds telenovela actress Ana Maria (Eva Longoria) dealing with real life drama as she tries to stay at the top of her show.
    • GAMING: PC
    • DiRT Rally for PC is released. DiRT Rally captures the essence of what makes rally unique – that sense of trying to remain in control of your emotions, as you hurtle along at breakneck speed, aiming to squeeze everything out of your car whilst knowing that one crash could irreparably harm your stage time.
    • Helldivers for PC is released. Set in a dystopian future, players fight to protect "Super Earth, "where a managed democracy has blurred the lines between military and government rule. We are losing the war, and the HELLDIVERS are the last line of defense against three invading enemy species.

    On this day in 2014

    • EVENTS
    • Human Rights Watch Asia Division call for investigation into Indonesian security forces shooting of peaceful protesters.
    • Mayor of Paris calls for diesel cars to be banned from the French Capital by 2020, in order to reduce pollution.
    • Pink Floyd's classic album, The Dark Side Of The Moon made a surprise return to the Billboard chart when it landed at No.13, thanks to ultra-cheap pricing in the Google Play store where the album was discounted to 99-cents. Although it held the No.1 spot in the US for only a week when released in 1973, it remained in the Billboard album chart for 741 weeks..
    • The Archbishop of Canterbury claims that he is more shocked by the plight of Britain's hunger-stricken poor than suffering in African refugee camps.
    • The Syrian military accuse Israel of carrying out two air strikes on Syria.
    • Typhoon Hagupit hits central Philippines; millions flee homes for shelter.
    • DEATHS
    • Ken Weatherwax, American actor, who died from a heart attack at 59.
    • John Bartholomew Tucker, American TV host (Candid Camera, Treasure Island), who died at 84.
    • The Librarians (2014): Season 1 is released. The series based on the TNT made-for-TV movies finds Librarian Flynn Carsen (Noah Wyle) teaming up with counter-terrorism agent Eve Baird (Rebecca Romijn) and her team that includes Jake (Christian Kane), Cassandra (Lindy Booth), and Ezekiel (John Kim). John Larroquette also stars as Jenkins, a long time expert of ancient lores.
    • The Red Tent: Season 1 is released. Anita Diamant's novel of the same name is adapted into a two-night miniseries that follows the life of Dinah (Rebecca Ferguson), the daughter of Jacob (Iain Glen) and Leah (Minnie Driver), as well as Jacob's other wives: Rachel (Morena Baccarin), Zilpah, and Bilhah.

    On this day in 2013

    • BIRTHS
    • Kd Da Kid, Rapper, born in Florida.
    • DEATHS
    • Jacob Matlala, South African boxer (WBO, WBU, IBA flyweight champion; shortest world champion ever at 1.47m [4-foot-10]), who died from pneumonia at 51.
    • Édouard Molinaro, French film actor, director and screenwriter (La Cage aux Folles), who died a respiratory insufficiency at 85.
    • Phillipe Favre, Race Car Driver.


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