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Today in the World Countries

  • Candlemas is being celebrated in Liechtenstein
  • People born on this day are Aquarius as their zodiac sign.

Today in History

In the future 2338

  • Data, android character on Star Trek Next Generation.

On this day in 2023

  • Mohammed Hijab, YouTube Star, born in Egypt.
  • Mq, TikTok Star, born in Pakistan.
  • Muhammad Mughrabi, Rapper, born in Jerusalem, Israel.
  • Lanny Poffo, Wrestler.
  • Glória Maria, Journalist.
  • Tails: The Backbone Preludes for PC is released. Tails: The Backbone Preludes is a post-noir narrative adventure with branching choices. It is an intertwined series of vignettes about change, circumstance, and consequence. Guide four characters through formative moments in their lives in a dystopian Vancouver inhabited by anthropomorphic animals.
  • Deliver Us Mars for PlayStation 5 is released. Sequel to the award-winning Deliver Us The Moon, Deliver Us Mars is an atmospheric sci-fi adventure offering an immersive astronaut experience. Explore new frontiers on a suspense-fuelled, high-stakes mission to recover the ARK colony ships stolen by the mysterious Outward.
  • Life is Strange 2 for Switch is released. The long awaited sequel to the award winning Life is Strange returns with a new 5-part narrative adventure from DONTNOD Entertainment.After a tragic incident, brothers Sean and Daniel Diaz run away from home. Fearing the police, and dealing with Daniel's new telekinetic power, the boys flee to Mexico for safety. Suddenly, sixteen year-old Sean is responsible for Daniel's safety, shelter, and teaching him right from wrong. As Sean, your choices shape the fates of the Diaz brothers, and the lives of everyone they meet. The road to Mexico is long and filled with danger. This is the trip that could bond Sean and Daniel forever... or tear their brotherhood apart.
  • The Pathless for Switch is released. From the creators of ABZÛ, The Pathless is the mythic adventure of an archer and an eagle in a vast forest.Explore an open world and travel to a mystical island to dispel a curse of darkness that grips the world. Together with your eagle companion, discover the history of the island, and fight epic battles to restore light to the land.
  • Fashion Police Squad for Xbox Series X is released. Calling all officers! I've got a Fashion Crime in Progress and I'm mobilizing all Fashion Police Squad members. Grab your Belt of Justice and your Tailormade Sewing Machine, we've got some Fashion Justice to dispense!Fashion Police Squad is a humorous Retro FPS where you fight against fashion crime using attire enhancing weaponry. Clean the streets of socks in sandals as Sergeant Des, and experience a single-player story full of fabulous characters, dazzling encounters, and fierce runway shows!

On this day in 2022

  • Aire Webster, Family Member, born in United States.
  • Luca Itvai, TikTok Star.
  • Hamid Zouba, Algerian soccer manager (Algerian national team x 6 separate spells), who died at 86.
  • Mosese Taga, Fijian rugby union front rower (48 Tests; Suva RFU, Nabua RUFC), who died at 57.
  • Roy Purdon, New Zealand harness-racing trainer (21 x NZ trainers premierships; 4 x NZ cup winners; 54 x Group One wins), who died at 94.
  • Poly Styrene: I Am a Cliché is released. The death of punk icon and X-Ray Spex front-woman Poly Styrene sends her daughter on a journey through her mother's archives in this intimate documentary.
  • Pam & Tommy: Season 1 is released. The marriage between Pamela Anderson (Lily James) and Tommy Lee (Sebastian Stan) and how their sex tape became public is at the center of this limited series from Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.
  • The Waylanders for PC is released. The Waylanders is a classic party-based RPG featuring some of the top-talents who brought well-known titles within the genre like the Dragon Age, Mass Effect or Pillars of Eternity sagas.
  • Bill Fitch, American Basketball HOF coach (NBA C'ship 1981, Boston Celtics; NBA Coach of the Year 1976,80; NBA All-Star coach 1982; Cleveland Cavaliers; NJ Nets, Houston Rockets, LA Clippers), who died at 89.

On this day in 2021

  • Pete Buttigieg is the first openly gay person to be confirmed to a US cabinet post as transportation secretary.
  • Jeff Bezos announces he is stepping down as CEO of Amazon after 30 years, becoming executive chairman.
  • Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny jailed for three and a half years in jail over alleged parole violations in Moscow.
  • Russia's Sputnik V COVID-19 pandemic vaccine deemed 91.6% effective according to analysis published in "The Lancet".
  • Tom Moore, English army captain knighted for raising £32 million for the NHS, who died with COVID-19 pandemic at 100.
  • Danny Ray, American MC, stage manager, valet and "cape man" for singer James Brown, who died at 85.
  • Ys IX: Monstrum Nox for PlayStation 4 is released. Renowned adventurer Adol “the Red” Christin and his companion Dogi arrive at Balduq, a city annexed by the Romun Empire, only for Adol to be detained before setting foot inside. While imprisoned, he meets a mysterious woman named Aprilis who turns him into a Monstrum, a being with supernatural Gifts and the power to exorcise monsters. Now, Adol must ally with his fellow Monstrums to fend off the fearsome threats emerging from a shadowy dimension called the Grimwald Nox, as well as unravel the mysteries of the Monstrum curse, and the truth behind the unrest within Balduq.
  • Destruction AllStars for PlayStation 5 is released. Destruction All Stars is an action-packed sports event that pits drivers against one another in an intense competition. The goal? Wreck as many cars as possible.
  • Control: Ultimate Edition for PlayStation 5 is released. After a secretive agency in New York is invaded by an otherworldly threat, you become the new Director struggling to regain Control. This supernatural third-person action-adventure game will challenge you to master a combination of supernatural abilities, modifiable loadouts and reactive environments, while fighting through a deep and unpredictable world.Become the new Director struggling to regain Control.You are Jesse Faden, a young woman with a troubled past. You become the new Director of the Bureau of Control Our frontline in researching and fighting against supernatural enemies like the Hiss threatening our very existence.You'll uncover the secret activities of the Bureau agents and explore the strange and shifting halls of the Bureau's headquarters, The Oldest House. Unlock new abilities with Objects of Power and upgrade your Service Weapon to take on bigger and more powerful enemies. Venture into lost sectors in the challenging Expeditions mode. Solve puzzles and complete quests to discover the secret of Jesse's past and the true purpose of the Bureau of Control. Above all, you must defeat the relentless Hiss.Control is Jesse Fadens's story. The main plot focuses on her personal search for answers as she grows into the role of the Director. The world of Control has its own story, as do the allies Jesse meets along the way. Side-quests and Secrets are everywhere. Jesse works with other Bureau agents, decodes cryptic ciphers and discovers strange Bureau experiments.World Within a LocationExplore diverse environments and shifting architecture in a deep unpredictable world, set within a sprawling New York building. Flexible and Supernatural Combat SystemDefine your playstyle by integrating supernatural abilities, upgrades, and modifiable loadouts. Reactive Environments6Harness dynamic environmental destruction for exciting combat possibilities and master complex rituals to alter your surroundings. Reality Meets the UnexplainableDive into a dark and brutalist-inspired world where daily reality has been corrupted by an otherworldly force.
  • Cultist Simulator: Initiate Edition for Switch is released. Cultist Simulator is a game of apocalypse and yearning from Alexis Kennedy, creator of Fallen London and Sunless Sea. Play as a seeker after unholy mysteries, in a 1920s-themed setting of hidden gods and secret histories. Perhaps you're looking for knowledge, or power, or beauty, or revenge. Perhaps you just want the colours beneath the skin of the world.In this roguelike narrative card game, what you find may transform you forever. Every choice you make, from moment to moment, doesn't just advance the narrative -- it also shapes it.Become a scholar of the unseen arts. Search your dreams for sanity-twisting rituals. Craft tools and summon spirits. Indoctrinate innocents. Seize your place as the herald of a new age.
  • US President Joe Biden signs executive orders to reunite immigrant families, setting up a new taskforce to address around 1000 remaining separated families.
  • Grant Jackson, American baseball pitcher (MLB All Star 1969; World Series 1979; Philadelphia Phillies; Baltimore Orioles; Pittsburgh Pirates), who died from complications of COVID-19 pandemic at 78.

On this day in 2020

  • Palindrome Day: the date 02022020 reads the same forward and backward including in the US and China (last one like this 11 November 1111).
  • Super Bowl LIV, Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, FL: Kansas City Chiefs beat San Francisco 49ers,31-20; MVP: Patrick Mahomes, KC Chiefs, QB; Chiefs'1st victory in 50 years.
  • 73rd British Academy Film Awards (BAFTAs): "1917" Best Film, Sam Mendes Best Director, Renée Zellweger, Joaquin Phoenix best actors.
  • Zoe Sato Nagle, Family Member, born in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • Ivan Král, Czech-American bass player, songwriter, record producer (Patti Smith; Iggy Pop; John Waite), and filmmaker, who died of cancer at 71.

On this day in 2019

  • More than 40 mummies from 323-30 BC found at a burial site at Tuna el-Gebel archaeological site south of Cairo, Egypt.
  • American singer R. Kelly arrested after turning himself in on ten counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, including with three minors.
  • Carol Emshwiller , Novelist.
  • Virginia Governor Ralph Northam admits to wearing blackface in 1984 but says he's not in a photo of men wearing blackface and a Ku Klux Klan robe on a yearbook page.

On this day in 2018

  • All 955 miners rescued from the Beatrix gold mine in Welkom town, South Africa, after 2 days underground.
  • Dave Barrett,26th Premier of British Columbia (1972-75), who died at 87.
  • Joseph Polchinski, American leading theoretical physicist (multiverse), who died of brain cancer at 63.
  • Lies We Tell is released. A trusted driver must deal with his dead boss's Muslim mistress, her dark past pulling him into a life-and-death showdown with her notorious gangster cousin/ex-husband.
  • On Body and Soul is released. A slaughterhouse in Budapest is the setting of a strangely beautiful love story. No sooner does Mária start work as the new quality controller than the whispers begin. At lunch the young woman always chooses a table on her own in the sterile canteen where she sits in silence. She takes her job seriously and adheres strictly to the rules, deducting penalty points for every excessive ounce of fat. Hers is a world that consists of figures and data that have imprinted themselves on her memory since early childhood. Her slightly older boss Endre is also the quiet type. Tentatively, they begin to get to know each other. Recognising their spiritual kinship, they are amazed to discover that they even have the same dreams at night. Carefully, they attempt to make them come true. [Berlin]
  • Before We Vanish is released. Three aliens travel to Earth on a reconnaissance mission in preparation for a mass alien invasion. Having taken possession of human bodies, the visitors rob the hosts of their essence – good, evil, property, family, belonging – leaving only hollow shells, which are all but unrecognizable to their loved ones.
  • 24 Frames is released. For what would prove to be his final film, Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami gave himself a challenge: to create a dialogue between his work as a filmmaker and his work as a photographer, bridging the two art forms to which he had dedicated his life. Setting out to reconstruct the moments immediately before and after a photograph is taken, Kiarostami selected twenty-four still images—most of them stark landscapes inhabited only by foraging birds and other wildlife—and digitally animated them into subtly evolving four-and-a-half-minute vignettes, creating a series of poignant studies in movement, perception, and time. A sustained meditation on the process of image making,24 Frames is a graceful and elegiac farewell from one of the giants of world cinema. [Janus Films]
  • The Cage Fighter is released. When life hits him hard, Joe Carman punches back. Newly 40, Joe juggles long hours working in a boiler room, an ongoing custody battle, his wife’s chronic illness, and the demands of raising four girls. The one place he finds release is in the ring, where he competes in the bruising sport of mixed martial arts. Despite the promise he made to his family to stop fighting, Joe continues to train secretly, determined to prove that he can keep up with the new crop of younger, up-and-coming competitors. But as he contends with a series of increasingly worrying health scares, the question arises: how much is Joe willing to risk—his family, his marriage, maybe even his life—to keep fighting? [Sundance Selects]
  • MOVIES: PG13
  • Winchester is released. On an isolated stretch of land 50 miles outside of San Francisco sits the most haunted house in the world. Built by Sarah Winchester, (Helen Mirren) heiress to the Winchester fortune, it is a house that knows no end. Constructed in an incessant twenty-four hour a day, seven day a week mania for decades, it stands seven stories tall and contains hundreds of rooms. To the outsider it looks like a monstrous monument to a disturbed woman’s madness. But Sarah is not building for herself, for her niece (Sarah Snook) or for the brilliant Doctor Eric Price (Jason Clarke) whom she has summoned to the house. She is building a prison, an asylum for hundreds of vengeful ghosts, and the most terrifying among them have a score to settle with the Winchesters.
  • Braven is released. When Joe (Jason Momoa) and his father (Stephen Lang) arrive at their remote hunting cabin, they’re hoping for a quiet weekend. What they find is a stash of heroin, hidden in the cabin by drug traffickers. When the criminals suddenly descend upon the cabin, Joe and his father must make a kill-or-be-killed stand for survival.
  • Altered Carbon: Season 1 is released. Set 300 years in the future where consciousness can be stored digitally, a soldier named Takeshi Kovacs (Will Yun Lee/Joel Kinnaman) awakens in a new body when he is freed from prison by Laurens Bancroft (James Purefoy), who wants him to find who killed his previous body in the sci-fi series based on Richard K. Morgan's 2002 novel of the same name.
  • Blood was released by Rhye. This is the second full-length release for the electronic/alt-R&B project of Mike Milosh.
  • Full Circle Nightmare was released by Kyle Craft. The second full-length studio release for Portland, Oregon-based indie rock singer-songwriter was produced by Chris Funk of the Decemberists.
  • Criminal was released by The Soft Moon. The fourth full-length release for the Luis Vasquez solo project was produced by Maurizio Baggio.
  • Open Here was released by Field Music. The sixth full-length release for the British alternative rock band features contributions from Liz Corney, Ed Cross, Simon Dennis, Pete Fraser, Sarah Hayes, Ele Leckie, Jo Montgomery, and Chrissie Slater.
  • Pulse/Quartet was released by Steve Reich. The latest release for the composer features two pieces: Pulse includes winds, strings, piano and electric bass with the International Contemporary Ensemble and Quartet includes two vibraphones and two pianos with the Colin Currie Group.
  • Quit the Curse was released by Anna Burch. The debut full-length solo release for the Frontier Ruckus/Failed Flowers member was mixed by Collin Dupuis.
  • Messes was released by Stef Chura. The debut full-length release for the Michigan indie rock artist was originally released in 2017 by Urinal Cake Records before a wider release by Saddle Creek Records in 2018.
  • Microshift was released by Hookworms. The third full-length release for the British rock band features electronic elements such as samples, loops, and synths.
  • Man of the Woods was released by Justin Timberlake. The fifth full-length solo studio release for the pop artist features guest appearances from Alicia Keys and Chris Stapleton.
  • Pissing Stars was released by Efrim Menuck. The second full-length solo release for the Canadian artist who co-founded Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Thee Silver Mt. Zion is said to be inspired by the short relationship between TV host Mary Hart and Saudi arms dealer Mohammed Khashoggi.
  • Vol. 8 was released by Bardo Pond. The latest volume of improvisational songs from the Philadelphia alternative rock band that are usually released on limited number of CD-Rs gets a wider distribution.
  • Walk Between Worlds was released by Simple Minds. The 18th full-length studio release for the Scottish rock band was co-produced with Gavin Goldberg and Andy Wright.
  • Resolve was released by Poppy Ackroyd. The latest solo release for the British artist who is also a member of Hidden Orchestra was self-produced.
  • Sprint Vector for PC is released. Welcome to Sprint Vector championship intergalactica, where the physical thrill of extreme sports meets the unhinged energy of a crazy game show. Run, jump, climb, fling, and fly at extreme velocity as you race up to eight players and battle obstacles in this frenetic VR adrenaline platformer that puts your speed and finesse to the test.
  • We Were Here Too for PC is released. As your final hour approaches, a large structure looms up in the distance, towering above the relentless storm. Discover the truth behind this dark castle in a communication-based, cooperative puzzle adventure.
  • Past Cure for PC is released. Past Cure is a dark psychological thriller that blurs the lines between dreams and reality. An intense, cinematic, story driven experience, blending stealth and combat gameplay. Players are challenged to use an array of skills varying from powerful time bending mental abilities to brutal melee combat and stealth kills.After his years of torture, ex elite soldier Ian lives in the safehouse of his brother, struggling with the consequences of the military experiments he was put through. They twisted his mind, imbued him with preternatural mental abilities such as time control and telekinesis. Driven by hallucinations and his thirst for revenge, Ian enlists his brother's help as he sets out on a thrilling hunt for the perpetrators of the conspiracy against him, and for the truth underlying his torment. On his missions Ian experiments with his new powers, quickly coming to realize their inherent danger: with each use, his sanity frays a little more, inviting the nightmarish attention of something beyond reality.

On this day in 2017

  • (Mary) Norma Procter, British contralto singer, who died at 89.
  • Powerless: Season 1 is released. In a world with superheroes, Emily Locke (Vanessa Hudgens) works at "one of the worst insurance companies in America"with her best friend Teddy (Danny Pudi), her new boss Del (Alan Tudyk) and his personal assistant Jackie (Christina Kirk) in this comedy based on the DC comic.
  • Superior Donuts: Season 1 is released. The comedy from Bob Daily, Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan based on the Tracy Letts' play of the same name is about the relationship a Chicago donut shop owner (Judd Hirsch) has with his new younger employee (Jermaine Fowler) and his customers.
  • Training Day (2017): Season 1 is released. Set 15 years after the 2001 film of the same name, Los Angeles Detective Frank Rourke (Bill Paxton) is assigned to a new trainee named Kyle Craig (Justin Cornwell).
  • Diluvion for PC is released. Diluvion is a 3D deep sea, Jules Verne inspired, exploration game with RPG elements and thrilling submarine combat. As the Captain of your own vessel, you must grow and manage your crew as you search for the secrets of the past in a hauntingly beautiful flooded world.
  • Alwa's Awakening for PC is released. Use your magic staff and progress through a large interconnected world where you'll solve puzzles, fight enemies and defeat bosses in order to help free the land of Alwa. Explore and uncover the secrets by using your platforming skills in this challenging and charming 8-bit adventure game.

On this day in 2016

  • First case of Zika contracted on US mainland (Texas) and second known sexually transmitted case confirmed in Texas.
  • Bob Elliott, American comedian (Bob & Ray, Get a Life), who died at 92.
  • Cloecouture Mom, Family Member.
  • Henry Wallace, Race Car Driver.
  • Intizar Hussain, Pakistani and Urdu writer and columnist, who died in his early 90s.
  • The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story: Season 1 is released. The limited series from Ryan Murphy based on Jeffrey Toobin's book "The Run of His Life: The People V. O.J. Simpson"focuses on the lawyers on the both sides of the case against O.J. Simpson (Cuba Gooding, Jr.) with John Travolta as Robert Shapiro, Sarah Paulson as Marcia Clark, David Schwimmer as as Robert Kardashian, and Courtney Vance as Johnnie Cochran.
  • Sorcery! Parts 1 and 2 for PC is released. An epic adventure in a land of monsters, traps and magic. Journey across the deadly Shamutanti Hills and through the Cityport of Kharé, home to thieves, corrupt nobles and deadly mutants, as you attempt to recover the Crown of Kings. Armed with your sword, and over fifty spells with weird and wonderful effects, embark on a journey of a thousand choices where every one is remembered and will change your story. This is Parts 1 and 2 of a four-part series.
  • CALENDULA for PC is released. Calendula is an experimental meta game about trying to play a game. Use your logic to thrive against conventions and get surrounded by a dark atmosphere.
  • American Truck Simulator for PC is released. Experience legendary American trucks and deliver various cargoes across sunny California and sandy Nevada. American Truck Simulator takes you on a journey through the breathtaking landscapes and widely recognized landmarks around the States.
  • Amazing Discoveries In Outer Space for PlayStation 4 is released. An odyssey through the galaxy where physics-based space-flight and platforming action blend seamlessly together. Explore a colorful universe filled with amazing discoveries, alien races, and fashionable hats. Unfortunately, your only company is ZING, a navigation computer with no memory of your whereabouts and a slightly faulty social circuit.
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops III - Awakening for PlayStation 4 is released. The first of four planned DLC map packs, Awakening features 4 new multiplayer maps - Skyjacked, Rise, Splash, and Gauntlet - and the next chapter in the Black Ops 3 Zombies saga, Der Eisendrache.
  • Gravity Rush Remastered for PlayStation 4 is released. Gain a new perspective as Kat, a strong-willed girl trying to protect her future in a world that's crumbling to pieces. With incredible gravity-altering abilities, Kat is the only one who can salvage the floating city of Hekseville – if only she could remember who she is…
  • Crypt of the NecroDancer for PlayStation 4 is released. Crypt of the NecroDancer is a hardcore rhythm-based roguelike game. Can you survive this deadly dungeon of dance, slay the NecroDancer, and recapture your still beating heart? Or will you be a slave to the rhythm for all eternity? Players must move on the beat to navigate procedurally generated dungeons while battling dancing skeletons, zombies, dragons, and more! Groove with the game's epic dance soundtrack, or select songs from your own MP3 collection! You can even play with a dance pad to really shake your bones!
  • Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth for PlayStation 4 is released. Set in the not-too-distant future, the line between the real and digital worlds is blurred. Logging into cyberspace is part of everyday life. For one teenager, a harmless on-line chat spawns a chance encounter with a mysterious hacker. Little did this teen know, this brief meeting would lead to a digi-monumental adventure. In Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth, scan, raise, and train your faithful Digimon companions to battle by your side against a group of hackers. Do you have what it takes to crack this digi-case?
  • Megadimension Neptunia VII for PlayStation 4 is released. The first PS4 game in the Hyperdimension Neptunia series, this installment features new characters, three worlds to save, three new stories to play, a new powerful transformation mode, extra features to the battle system, and a new dungeon minigame. Enjoy original Japanese and English voiceovers, plus English subtitles, and experience free-roaming turn-based battles as you obtain all of the items you and your new allies need to save Gamindustri.
  • Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel for PlayStation 4 is released. Fast-Paced Fighting Action with Easy-to-Learn Gameplay - From the makers of Arcana Heart comes a new fighting game that's as simple as it is chaotic; easy-to-execute combo chains and assist mechanics can get up to six characters onscreen.
  • Not a Hero for PlayStation 4 is released. Not A Hero is a 2D, cover-based, side-scrolling shooter about a purple rabbit from the future.
  • Cobalt for Xbox One is released. Colbalt is a wacky action platformer from indie developer Mojang.

On this day in 2015

  • Davi Lucca Sampaio Sales, Instagram Star, born in Brazil.
  • Joseph Alfidi, American classical prodigy pianist, composer and conductor, who died at 65.
  • Stewart Stern, American screenwriter (Rebel Without A Cause), who died at 92.
  • Chants for Socialists was released by Darren Hayman. The British singer-songwriter's concept album was based on the poetry by socialist activist William Morris.

On this day in 2014

  • Protests in Ukraine turn violent after parliament passes legislation that outlaws protest.
  • Alena Rose Jonas, Family Member, born in Morristown, NJ.
  • Philip Seymour Hoffman, American actor (Capote, Moneyball) dies of a suspected drug overdose at 46.


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