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Today in the World Countries

  • Armed Forces Day is being celebrated in Mali
  • Heroes' Day is being celebrated in Cabo Verde, Guinea Bissau
  • People born on this day are Aquarius as their zodiac sign.

Today in History

On this day in 2023

  • Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin marries his longtime love Anca Faur on his 93rd birthday.
  • Gwen Knapp, American sports journalist (Philadelphia Inquirer, SF Examiner, SF Chronicle, New York Times), who died from lymphoma at 61.
  • Stella Chiweshe, World Music Singer.
  • Kids vs. Aliens is released. All Gary wants is to make awesome home movies with his best buds. All his older sister Samantha wants is to hang with the cool kids. When their parents head out of town one Halloween weekend, an all-time rager of a teen house party turns to terror when aliens attack, forcing the siblings to band together to survive the night.
  • After Love is released. Set in the port town of Dover, Mary Hussain suddenly finds herself a widow following the unexpected death of her husband. A day after the burial, she discovers he has a secret just twenty-one miles across the English Channel in Calais.
  • The Wandering Earth II is released. ??In the near future, after learning that the sun is rapidly burning out and will obliterate Earth in the process, humans build enormous engines to propel the planet to a new solar system, far out of reach of the sun’s fiery flares. However, the journey out into the universe is perilous, and humankind’s last shot at survival will depend on a group of young people brave enough to step up and execute a dangerous, life-or-death operation to save the earth.
  • MOVIES: PG13
  • Missing is released. When her mother (Nia Long) disappears while on vacation in Colombia with her new boyfriend, June’s (Storm Reid) search for answers is hindered by international red tape. Stuck thousands of miles away in Los Angeles, June creatively uses all the latest technology at her fingertips to try and find her before it’s too late. But as she digs deeper, her digital sleuthing raises more questions than answers...and when June unravels secrets about her mom, she discovers that she never really knew her at all.
  • When You Finish Saving the World is released. Evelyn (Julianne Moore) has devoted herself to helping people in hard times, but she struggles to connect with her son Ziggy (Finn Wolfhard), an aspiring internet star oblivious to the problems of the world. As Evelyn attempts to become a parent figure to an unassuming teenager she meets at her shelter, and Ziggy fumbles through his pursuit of a brilliant and politically conscious young woman at his high school, this emotional comedy reveals a funny and sharply perceptive portrait of a mother and son who may seem at odds but who are more alike than either would care to admit.
  • You People is released. A new couple (Jonah Hill, Lauren London) fall in love and find themselves confronting societal expectations and generational differences amidst their families (Eddie Murphy, Nia Long, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, David Duchovny) clashing cultures, in this comedy from Kenya Barris. [Netflix]
  • Time's Arrow was released by Ladytron. The seventh full-length studio release for British electronic pop band Ladytron took over two years to complete due to COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns.
  • Radio Songs was released by Dave Rowntree. The debut full-length solo release for Blur's Dave Rowntree was produced by Leo Abrahams.
  • Rush! was released by Måneskin. The third full-length release for the Italian rock band Måneskin features a guest appearance from Tom Morello.
  • La La Land was released by Guided Voices. The latest full-length release from Robert Pollard's prolific band Guided by Voices was produced by Travis Harrison.
  • Mercy was released by John Cale. The latest full-length solo release for John Cale features guest appearances from Actress, Animal Collective, Sylvan Esso, Fat White Family, Laurel Halo, Tei Shi, and Weyes Blood.
  • Five Easy Hot Dogs was released by Mac DeMarco. The second instrumental release for Mac DeMarco was created while he was on a cross-country road trip in 2022.
  • Gigi's Recovery was released by The Murder Capital. The second full-length release for the Irish post-punk band The Murder Capital was produced by John Congleton.
  • Does Spring Hide its Joy was released by Kali Malone. The latest full-length release from composer Kali Malone features Sunn O)))'s Stephen O'Malley and Lucy Railton.
  • Fire Emblem Engage for Switch is released. In a war against the Fell Dragon, four kingdoms worked together with heroes from other worlds to seal away this great evil. One-thousand years later, this seal has weakened and the Fell Dragon is about to reawaken. As a Divine Dragon, use rich strategies and robust customization to meet your destiny—to collect Emblem Rings and bring peace back to the Continent of Elyos.Team up with iconic heroes from past Fire Emblem gamesSummon valiant heroes like Marth and Celica with the power of Emblem Rings and add their power to yours in this brand-new Fire Emblem story. Aside from merging appearances, Engaging lets you inherit weapons, skills, and more from these battle-tested legends. The turn-based, tactical battle system returns with a fresh cast of characters you can customize and Engage to carefully craft your strategy.
  • Monster Hunter Rise for Xbox Series X is released. Rise to the challenge and join the hunt!Set in the ninja-inspired land of Kamura Village, explore lush ecosystems and battle fearsome monsters to become the ultimate hunter. It's been half a century since the last calamity struck, but a terrifying new monster has reared its head and threatens to plunge the land into chaos once again.Hunt solo or in a party with friends to earn rewards that you can use to craft a huge variety of weapons and armor. Brand new gameplay systems such as the high-flying 'Wire Action' and your canine companion 'Palamute' will add exciting new layers to the already robust combat that Monster Hunter is known for.

On this day in 2022

  • 19-year-old aviator Zara Rutherford becomes the youngest woman to fly solo around the world landing at Kortrijk-Wevelgem Airport, Belgium.
  • Heidi Biebl, German alpine skier (Olympic gold women's downhill 1960), who died at 80.
  • Meat Loaf [Marvin Lee Aday], American rock musician and singer-songwriter (" Bat Out of Hell" ; Two Out of Three Ain't Bad"), who died at 74.
  • Elza Soares, Brazilian samba and jazz singer, named one of the Singers of the Millennium by BBC Radio, who died at 91.
  • Bob Goalby, American golfer (US Masters 1968), who died at 92.
  • The Last Thing Mary Saw is released. Southold, NY,1843: Young Mary (Stefanie Scott), blood trickling from behind the blindfold tied around her eyes, is interrogated about the events surrounding her grandmother’s death. As the story jumps back in time, we witness Mary, raised in a repressively religious household, finding fleeting happiness in the arms of Eleanor (Isabelle Fuhrman), the home’s maid. Her family, who believe they are seeing, speaking, and acting on God’s behalf, view the girls’ relationship as an abomination, to be dealt with as severely as possible. The couple attempt to carry on in secret, but someone is always watching, or listening, and the wages of perceived sin threaten to become death, with the tension only heightened by the arrival of an enigmatic stranger (Rory Culkin) and the revelation of greater forces at work.
  • Single Drunk Female: Season 1 is released. A very public breakdown forces 20-something Samantha Fink (Sofia Black-D'Elia) to move in with her mother, Carol (Ally Sheedy) and try to sober up in this comedy created and written by Simone Finch.
  • Sucker for Love: First Date for PC is released. Obsessed with occult rituals, you have finally obtained the last thing you need to summon the eldritch horror that has been haunting your dreams; a strange, bright-pink Necronomicon. You perform the only ritual that doesn't appear to be insane ramblings, and inadvertently summon Ln'eta, a cute cthulhu-like girl. She agrees to a kiss, on the condition that you perform a few rituals from the book for her first. Looking back at the Necronomicon... all of the other pages suddenly make sense?Put the 'love' in 'Lovecraftian horror'! Perform terrifying rituals to win the affections of eldritch horrors and smooch 'em... at any cost!
  • Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction for PC is released. Assemble your elite team of Rainbow Six Operators to launch incursions in the unpredictable containment zones and face off against an evolving Alien threat. Band together and put everything on the line as you take on this unknown enemy. Pick from 18 Rainbow Six operators. Assemble a squad in Co-op of up to three Operators, or go solo. Each operator has a specific set of weapons and abilities to learn improve and master, and improve through a new progression-system. Explore 12 uniquely designed maps featuring procedurally generated challenges will test your team every time. Knowledge, cooperation and a tactical approach are your best weapons to survive. Fail against the enemies and your Operators will go Missing in Action (MIA). Be prepared to fight a lethal, unpredictable and constantly evolving Alien Threat. You will have to count on your teammates to face each of the 10 parasitic archetypes. Their abilities, combined with the alien ecosystem, will stand in your way.
  • Expeditions: Rome for PC is released. Determine the destiny of Rome as you conquer foreign lands and navigate political intrigue in this turn-based RPG. Directly fight with your party of Praetorians, guide your legion to victory, and choose your own path in a story where every decision matters. How will you shape the future of Rome?
  • WindJammers 2 for PlayStation 4 is released. The best flying disc game of all time is back! With amazing hand-drawn graphics, crazy new moves, gameplay mechanics and awesome new characters and stages, Windjammers 2 is the sequel you've been dreaming of.
  • RPGolf Legends for Switch is released. Become the legend in this golf-action-adventure and save golf in the world!An evil force has sealed all the golf holes in the world! Join forces with the spirit of a golf club and embark on a fantastic action-golfing adventure to save golf in the world!Travel around in a unique open-world where monsters and golf coexist, get your best scores in 6 unique environments and beat monsters! When you are resting, do not forget to help people with their quests... every encounter counts!Thanks to the class system, you will also get new skills, special items and a brand new look!Whether you spend your time golfing, fishing, crafting or exploring... is entirely up to you.A fantastic journey is about to start!

On this day in 2021

  • Ted Thompson, American NFL linebacker (Houston Oilers) and executive (GM Green Bay Packers 2005-17), who died from autonomic disorder at 68.
  • Peter Swan, English soccer defender (19 caps; Sheffield Wednesday, Bury), who died at 84.
  • Baby Ceo, Rapper.
  • Mira Furlan, TV Actress.
  • The Salt of Tears is released. Driven by his desire to become a cabinetmaker, Luc arrives in Paris. Lost in the banlieues, he asks Djemila for directions. In the girl's shyness, Luc glimpses the chance of an adventure. The two meet again but then Luc has to return home to his father, who is also a carpenter. There, he meets Geneviève, whom he knows from the past, and begins a romance with her. When Luc is offered a place at the renowned furniture-making school École Boulle, he follows his dream and moves to Paris, leaving Geneviève behind. Soon, a third young woman enters his small apartment, bringing the freedom of the big city with her.
  • Helheim Hassle for PlayStation 4 is released. Helheim Hassle is a narrative adventure game with puzzle platforming elements. Play as Bjørn, a pacifist Viking that can detach and combine limbs at will to solve challenging puzzles and get out of uncomfortable situations involving desperate Norse Gods, Goblins, Dragons, and angry skeletons.
  • Hitman 3 for PlayStation 5 is released. Death Awaits HITMAN 3 is the dramatic conclusion to the World of Assassination trilogy and takes players around the world on a globetrotting adventure to sprawling sandbox locations. Agent 47 returns as a ruthless professional for the most important contracts of his entire career.Supported by his Agency handler, Diana Burnwood,47 joins forces with his long-lost friend Lucas Grey. Their ultimate mission is to eliminate the partners of Providence, but they are forced to adapt as their hunt intensifies. When the dust settles,47 and the world he inhabits will never be the same again. Top of the WorldEvery mission location in HITMAN 3 is meticulously detailed and packed full of creative opportunities. Players will have unrivalled freedom to complete their objectives and the game world will react to everything they do. A Platform of AssassinationThe World of Assassination trilogy is fully realised with HITMAN 3 as the ultimate place to play all three games. Players of previous HITMAN games will be pleased to know that it will be possible to 'import' locations that they own from the previous two HITMAN games into HITMAN 3, essentially putting all 20+ locations from the entire trilogy in one place.Playing the entire trilogy from beginning to end, from within HITMAN 3, also means that the progression systems in HITMAN 3 work across all locations. You can unlock an item in Dubai and take it with you to Paris, for example. HITMAN 2 players will have the option to carry over their hard-earned unlocks and progression into HITMAN 3.

On this day in 2020

  • American former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow at the age of 32 weds South African Miss Universe 2017 Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters at the age of 24 in Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Actor Liam Hemsworth and singer Miley Cyrus divorce after a year of marriage.
  • Australian actor Liam Hemsworth and American singer Miley Cyrus divorce after 1 year of marriage.

On this day in 2019

  • AFC Championship, Arrowhead Stadium, KC: New England Patriots beat Kansas City Chiefs,37-31 OT.
  • Senna Paige Mulligan, Family Member, born in San Francisco, CA.
  • Muriel Pavlow, British actress (Murder, She Said, Reach for the Sky), who died at 97.
  • Dumisani Kumalo, South African anti-apartheid activist and UN ambassador, who died at 71.
  • Masazo Nonaka, Supercentenarian.
  • Black Monday: Season 1 is released. The comedy from David Caspe, Jordan Cahan, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg takes a look at Black Monday--October 19,1987, the worst stock market crash in the history of Wall Street, through the lives of Rod “The Jammer” Jaminski (Don Cheadle), who was the self-made head of the financial firm where trading prodigy Blair Shmerman (Andrew Rannells) and the first female head trader Dawn Darcy (Regina Hall) works at.

On this day in 2018

  • Bob Smith, American author and a groundbreaking gay comedian (The Tonight Show, Funny Gay Males), who died from Lou Gehrig’s disease at 59.
  • Jack Whitten, American abstract painter, who died of chronic leukemia at 78.
  • James "Jim" Rodford, English rock bassist (The Kinks; Argent; Zombies), who died after a fall at 76.
  • Jim Rodford, English rock bassist (The Kinks; Argent; Zombies), who died after a fall at 76.
  • John Coleman, American journalist, co-founder of The Weather Channel and broadcaster (1953-2014), who died at 83.
  • Howard Lew Lewis, English comedian and actor (Maid Marian and Her Merry Men and Brush Strokes), who died at 76.
  • Graeme Langlands, Australian rugby league fullback, captain and coach (24 Tests; St. George), who died from dementia and Alzheimer's disease at 76.
  • Naomi Parker Fraley, American who inspired "Rosie the Riveter" poster, who died at 96.
  • Paul Bocuse, Chef.
  • Planet Earth: Blue Planet II is released. Airing simultaneously on AMC, BBC America, IFC, SundanceTV, and WE tv, the seven-part mini-series takes a look at life in the world's oceans with narration by David Attenborough.

On this day in 2017

  • Car ploughs into pedestrains in central Melbourne, killing 6 and injuring 27.
  • Ronald Mundy, American doo-wop tenor vocalist (The Marcels -" Blue Moon"), who died of pneumonia at 73.
  • My Father Die is released. Deaf and mute since having his hearing knocked out at the age of 12, Asher has been training for almost two decades to avenge himself on Ivan, the man that killed his older brother,21 years ago. And now that his nemesis is out of prison, he gets his chance. But Asher's target also happens to be his father.
  • Starless Dreams is released. Starless Dreams plunges us into the lives of young teenage girls sharing temporary quarters at a juvenile detention center on the outskirts of Tehran. Director Mehrdad Oskouei, one of Iran’s most prominent filmmakers, spent seven years securing access to this all-female facility. As the New Year approaches, the girls bond, and reveal—with playfully disarming honesty—the circumstances and acts that resulted in their incarceration. They have killed their father, robbed a bank, or were arrested for carrying 651 grams of cocaine. Outside the prison walls, danger is everywhere, even within their own families. [Cinema Guild]
  • Staying Vertical is released. Filmmaker Leo is searching for the wolf in the south of France. During a scouting excursion he is seduced by Marie, a free-spirited and dynamic shepherdess. Nine months later she gives birth to their child. Suffering from post-natal depression and with no faith in Leo, who comes and goes without warning, Marie abandons both of them. Leo finds himself alone, with a baby to care for. It’s not easy, but deep down, he loves it. Through a series of unexpected and unusual encounters, struggling to find inspiration for his next film, Leo will do whatever it takes to stay standing. [Strand Releasing]
  • They Call Us Monsters is released. They Call Us Monsters takes viewers behind the walls of the Compound, the facility where Los Angeles houses its most violent juvenile criminals. To their advocates, they’re kids. To the system, they’re adults. To their victims, they’re monsters.
  • Antarctica: Ice and Sky is released. French glaciologist Claude Lorius discovered his destiny as a college student when he joined an expedition to Antarctica in 1955; land essentially untouched by scientific experiment. He would go on to participate in twenty-two expeditions during his long career, facing unforgiving conditions and brutal personal challenges that were rewarded with an amazing discovery: using ice cores thousands of meters deep, tiny air bubbles suspended in the ice reveal the composition of the planet’s atmosphere over nearly a million years. Through remarkable archival footage and stunning drone cinematography, Antarctica: Ice and Sky is an epic tale where science and adventure meet, equal parts contemplative memoir and an ardent call to action. [Music Box Films]
  • Detour is released. Harper (Tye Sheridan), a seemingly naive law student, obsesses over the idea that his shifty stepfather was involved in the devastating car crash that left his mother hospitalized and comatose. He drowns his suspicions in whiskey until he finds himself suddenly engrossed in conversation with volatile grifter Johnny (Emory Cohen) and his stripper companion, Cherry (Bel Powley). As daylight breaks and the haziness of promises made becomes clearer, how will Harper handle the repercussions (not to mention the violent duo—on his doorstep)? [Magnet Releasing]
  • The Red Turtle is released. Through the story of a man shipwrecked on a tropical island inhabited by turtles, crabs and birds, The Red Turtle recounts the milestones in the life of a human being.
  • MOVIES: PG13
  • The Founder is released. The true story of how Ray Kroc (Michael Keaton), a salesman from Illinois, met Mac and Dick McDonald, who were running a burger operation in 1950s Southern California. Kroc was impressed by the brothers' speedy system of making the food and saw franchise potential. He maneuvered himself into a position to be able to pull the company from the brothers and create a billion-dollar empire.
  • Split is released. Though Kevin (James McAvoy) has evidenced 23 personalities to his trusted psychiatrist, Dr. Fletcher (Betty Buckley), there remains one still submerged who is set to materialize and dominate all the others. Compelled to abduct three teenage girls led by the willful, observant Casey (Anya Taylor-Joy), Kevin reaches a war for survival among all of those contained within him—as well as everyone around him—as the walls between his compartments shatter apart.
  • xXx: Return of Xander Cage is released. Xander Cage (Vin Diesel) is left for dead after an incident, though he secretly returns to action for a new, tough assignment with his handler Augustus Gibbons.
  • Trespass Against Us is released. Three generations of the Cutler family live as outlaws in their own anarchic corner of Britain’s richest countryside. Chad Cutler (Michael Fassbender) is heir apparent to his bruising criminal father, Colby (Brendan Gleeson) and has been groomed to spend his life hunting, thieving and tormenting the police. But with his own son, Tyson (Georgie Smith) coming of age, Chad soon finds himself locked in a battle with his father for the future of his young family. When Colby learns of Chad’s dreams for another life he sets out to tie his son and grandson into the archaic order that has bound the Cutler family for generations. He engineers a spectacular piece of criminal business involving a heist, a high-speed car chase and a manhunt, which leaves Chad bruised and bloodied and with his very freedom at stake.
  • 50 was released by Michael Chapman. The British folk singer-songwriter worked with Steve Gunn, who also produced the album features guest vocals from Bridget St John and a band that includes Nathan Bowles, James Elkington, and Jimy SeiTang.
  • Voyager was released by Vitalic. The fourth full-length studio release for the French electronic producer features guest appearances from Mark Kerr, Miss Kittin, and David Shaw And The Beat.
  • Wake in Fright was released by Uniform. This is the second full-length release for the New York City-based industrial metal duo of vocalist Michael Berdan and Ben Greenberg.
  • Yesterday's Gone was released by Loyle Carner. The debut full-length release for the British rapper features guest appearances from Kwes, Tom Misch, Mum and Rebel Kleff.
  • Stellular was released by Rose Elinor Dougall. The ex-Pipettes singer worked with Oli Bayston (aka Boxed In) on her second full-length solo release.
  • Pas Pire Pop, I Love You So Much was released by Avec le Soleil Sortant de Sa Bouche. This is the second full-length release for the Montreal kraut-funk band that includes Jean-Sebastien Truchy, Sebastien Fournier, Eric Gingras and, Samuel Bobony.
  • Embers was released by Throwing Snow. The second full-length release for the British electronic producer Ross Tones includes natural field recordings from around the small English village he held the recording sessions at.
  • Epoch was released by Tycho. This is the fourth full-length studio release for the Scott Hansen-solo-project-turned-ambient-trio.
  • Foxhole was released by The Proper Ornaments. The second full-length release for the band leed by James Hoare and Max Oscarnol was recorded on an eight track.
  • Future Politics was released by Austra. The third full-length release for the Canadian electronic band led by Katie Stelmanis was inspired from her time living in Montreal and Mexico City.
  • Anything Could Happen was released by Bash & Pop. The second full-length release for the band led by ex-Replacements bassist Tommy Stinson was recorded live in studio.
  • Apocalipstick was released by Cherry Glazerr. The second full-length release for the Los Angeles rock band led by Clem Creevy (and a new lineup from its debut) was produced by Joe Chicarelli and Carlos de la Garza.
  • A Shadow in Time was released by William Basinski. The two-track release from experimental artist was a tribute to David Bowie.
  • AFI (The Blood Album) was released by AFI. The 10th full-length studio release for the alternative rock quartet was produced by band guitarist, Jade Puget, with co-production by Matt Hyde.
  • Hang was released by Foxygen. The fifth full-length release for the indie rock duo of Sam France and Jonathan Rado features a full symphony orchestra conducted by Trey Pollard and contributions from Matthew E. White, The Flaming Lips' Steve Drozd and The Lemon Twigs.
  • He's Got the Whole This Land Is Your Land in His Hands was released by Joan of Arc. The latest release for the Chicago indie rock band led by Tim Kinsella was self-produced by the band.
  • Intoxicated Women was released by Mick Harvey. The final Serge Gainsbourg covers release from the Bad Seeds member features guest appearances from Sophia Brous, Channthy Kak, Jess Ribeiro, Andrea Schroeder, Lyndelle-Jayne Spruyt and Xanthe Waite.
  • Modern Ruin was released by Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes. The second full-length release for the British hardcore punk band was mixed by Catherine Marks and recorded by Thomas Mitchener.
  • Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King for 3DS is released. Uncover the story of the Cursed King as you save the world from a twisted magician in this genre-defining role-playing game. Across the vast world you'll wage turn-based battles against more than 250 monsters designed by famed artist Akira Toriyama. As you level up, upgrade your warriors' skills to learn mighty attacks. Untold possibilities await. After setting off into the unknown, you'll find monsters roaming the field—these are no mere random encounters. There's a satisfying rhythm to traveling, fighting monsters, earning items, crafting something useful with them using an alchemy Pot, and returning to battle, stronger than ever. To some, it's pitch-perfect RPG gameplay, complete with additional content outside the main storyline. In the Monster Arena, you'll form and battle teams of monsters to climb the ranks. It's but one of many features that makes this RPG a classic among classics. []
  • Urban Empire for PC is released. Urban Empire is a ‘City Ruler’, pioneering a new breed of strategy game that combines city builder features with political scheming and adds profound social and historical events into the mix, creating a whole new gameplay experience.
  • Gravity Rush 2 for PlayStation 4 is released. Prepare to fall through the skies as gravity kitten Kat masters a suite of new gravity-defying abilities and chases the mystery of her origin across a huge new open world. [SIEA]
  • Hunter's Legacy for Xbox One is released. Hunter’s Legacy is a 2D single-player platform action game made up of characters and worlds from Universe of Something, a concept of a connected world that would span different games. The game is inspired by classics that we grew up playing and is a simple yet fun title designed to challenge gamers of any kind. In Hunter’s Legacy, you control Ikki, huntress of Un’Amak, a bipedal cat equipped with a variety of weapons and abilities, including swords and a bow and arrows.
  • I Am Bread for Xbox One is released. I am Bread is the epic story of a slice of breads journey to become toast. From the creators of Surgeon Simulator comes an adventure with a hero like no other. I am Bread is the epic story of a slice of breads journey to become toast. Take the intrepid, crumby adventurer on a journey from his natural confines of the kitchen, through the home of an unsuspecting owner and into the outside world. This bread will be boldly going where no other bread has gone before...In addition to the deepest story ever seen in a videogame, about a slice of bread, there are a wealth of baked options to sink your teeth into. Additional game modes and other types of bread will cater for all tastes! Set speed records racing across the levels as a bagel; realise your destiny as crispbread in cheese hunt mode; relieve your stress as the baguette and smash everything in sight in rampage mode. Oh, and did we mention bread goes into space too?Embark on an epic journey to become toast! Take on all hazards to deliciousness as you embark on your adventure throughout the home of Bob. the unsuspecting owner: from the kitchen, through the house, to the lounge, and then venture outside into the garden and beyond. Is Bob going mad, or has a slice of bread really come to life? You may even have met Bob before, he's the passive patient from Surgeon Simulator and this explores the story of his downfall that leads him to the operating table...Cheese Hunt: Realise the destiny of crisp-bread as you hunt down pieces of cheese to smother yourself in. Can you find all the pieces before you crack up? Bagel Race: Satisfy your taste for speed and bagels as you race across the checkpoints in each level and complete the tracks in the fastest possible time. Rampage: Cause as much destruction as possible throughout the house as you smash everything in sight as (possibly) angry baguette. Mon dieu!Zero-G: Literally bread in space! Make studious use of your bread boosters as you manoeuvre across environments with no gravity, avoiding all the floating hazards this entails in Zero-G mode. Free-play: Explore the world and play as any of the bread types you have unlocked, having crumby fun in your own sweet time.
  • Metrico+ for Xbox One is released. Metrico+ is an input-driven game in a world of infographics. All the bar charts, line diagrams and pie charts react to what the player is doing. One bar diagram might grow for every step you walk to the left, while another could decline with every jump you make. You will have to explore Metrico+ and carefully analyze your every move to see how it affects the world, and whether it will get you further. This mechanic is called “Input Morphing” and it makes you think about actions you normally don’t think about. Metrico+ is a combination of exploration, skill, experimentation, but most of all: thinking outside of the box. []
  • Toby: The Secret Mine for Xbox One is released. Get lost in the shadows and pray you find your way out...A peaceful way of life in a small village in the mountains was thrown into disorder. Someone has kidnapped most of its residents. A couple of brave hearts tried to rescue their friends but none of them has returned.Little Toby didn't want to just sit and wait so he decided to find them by himself. He went to the near deep forest but he soon realized this is just a beginning.Go with Toby on an eerie adventure in a dark and creepy world full of dangerous situations, enemies and challenging puzzles.
  • The Assembly for Xbox One is released. The Assembly is a first-person interactive drama for mature audiences, created from the ground up for virtual reality headsets. An experience with two sides to everything, where the truth is never clear, and a question is always left open: When does the end justify the means?
  • Donald Trump is inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States of America and Mike Pence as the 48th Vice President.

On this day in 2016

  • David G. Hartwell, American editor and anthologist, who died at 74.
  • George Weidenfeld, British publisher (Weidenfeld & Nicolson), who died at 96.
  • Bleak Street is released. In the early morning hours, two elderly prostitutes go back to their hovels. They are not tired from working; they are tired of not working. One has problems at home with her teenage daughter and cross dressing husband. The other lives with her invalid mother and loneliness. But that night, they have a date to celebrate the victory in the ring of two wrestlers, twin midgets wearing masks. At the hourly hotel, in order to rob the tiny men of their earnings, they drug them with eye drops. But the dose proves fatal. Scared and confused, they decide to hide from the police and run away together to live, as they always have, on Bleak Street. [Leisure Time Features]
  • Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak for PC is released. A ground-based RTS prequel to the classic Homeworld games. Assemble your fleet and lead them to victory on the shifting sands of Kharak in this strategy game for PC from Blackbird Interactive.

On this day in 2015

  • Musical "Hamilton" starring Lin-Manuel Miranda and Anthony Ramos premieres at The Public Theater in Lower Manhattan, New York (Pulitzer Prize for Drama 2016).
  • Canserbero, Rapper.
  • Edgar Froese, German musician (Tangerine Dream), who died at 70.
  • Justified: Season 6 is released. The final season for the drama finds Raylan working on getting Ava and Dewey Crowe to turn on Boyd, who seeks one more big score. However, more trouble comes to Harlan in the form of formerly exiled gangster Avery Markham (Sam Elliott) and (Garret Dillahunt), a former Special Ops soldier working security.
  • Irreal was released by Disappears. The fifth full-length release for the Chicago indie rock band was produced by John Congleton.
  • How to Die in the North was released by BC Camplight. Brian Christinzio's first album in seven years was recorded in Manchester, England.
  • Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance was released by Belle and Sebastian. The ninth studio release for the Scottish indie pop band was produced by Ben H. Allen III.
  • Ghost Culture was released by Ghost Culture. The debut full-length release for London-based electronic producer James Greenwood was co-produced by Erol Alkan
  • B4.DA.$$ was released by Joey Bada$$. The debut full-length studio release for the Brooklyn rapper features guest appearances from Action Bronson, BJ The Chicago Kid, Chronixx, Kiesza, Dyemond Lewis, Raury, Maverick Sabre, and Elle Varner.
  • American Beauty/American Psycho was released by Fall Out Boy. The sixth full-length studio release for the Chicago pop-punk band is its second since returning from its five year hiatus in 2013.
  • Moonlight was released by Hanni el Khatib. The third full-length release for the San Francisco-born artist was produced by Dan Auerbach.
  • Nervous was released by Siskiyou. The third full-length release for the Canadian band led by Colin Huebert features contributions from Colin Stetson and Owen Pallett.
  • No Cities to Love was released by Sleater-Kinney. The first release in ten years for the indie rock trio of Carrie Brownstein, Corin Tucker, and Janet Weiss was produced by John Goodmanson.
  • Tetsuo & Youth was released by Lupe Fiasco. The fifth studio release for the rapper features guest appearances from Ab-Soul and Nikki Jean.
  • The Pale Emperor was released by Marilyn Manson. The ninth full-length studio release for the rock band was co-produced with Tyler Bates.
  • Viet Cong was released by Viet Cong. This is the debut full-length release for the Canadian quartet that includes members of the band Women.
  • Vulnicura was released by Björk. Originally scheduled for a March release, the ninth studio release for the Icelandic singer-songwriter was released early on iTunes after an illegal leak of the songs was available.
  • What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World was released by The Decemberists. The seventh studio release for the Oregon indie band led by Colin Meloy was produced by Tucker Martine.
  • Gunman Clive 2 for 3DS is released. After successfully rescuing Mayor Johnson's daughter, Gunman Clive returns to again find his home town under attack by bandits. To stop them once and for all, he must chase after their leader; an adventure that takes him all the way around the world. This follow up to the 2012 indie release retains the same classic gameplay formula, but dials the action up a notch further and adds many new features and improvements.
  • Blackguards 2 for PC is released. Blackguards 2 ia an SRPG focusing on turn-based, strategic battles with a group of scoundrels as anti-heroes.
  • Citizens of Earth for PC is released. In Citizens of Earth take on the role of the vice president, where you return to the hometown of our "hero", only to uncover strange things are afoot.
  • Resident Evil HD Remaster for PC is released. In 1998 a special forces team was sent to investigate some bizarre murders on the outskirts of Raccoon City. Upon arrival they were attacked by a pack of blood-thirsty dogs and were forced to take cover in a nearby mansion. But the scent of death hung heavy in the air. Supplies were scarce as they struggled to stay alive.
  • Saints Row IV: Re-Elected & Gat Out of Hell for PlayStation 4 is released. Saints Row IV: Re-Elected + Gat out of Hell find you leaping over buildings, singing songs, fight in a 2D side-scroller, cure cancer, save Santa Claus... all this and more awaits you when you play Saints Row IV: Re-Elected, a special bundle that includes Saints Row IV and all of its' DLC. After saving the world from a terrorist attack the leader of the 3rd Street Saints is elected to become President of the United States. Things go reasonably well for The President until an alien warlord named Zinyak attacks the white house and abducts his entire cabinet. Now stuck inside a reality bending simulation, the President and the Saints fight to save themselves, Earth, and the entire galaxy.

On this day in 2014

  • Credit cards of at least 20 million South Koreans are hacked.
  • Claudio Abbado, Italian composer and conductor (London Symph-1982), who died at 80.
  • Klondike (2014): Season 1 is released. The miniseries produced by Ridley Scott and based on the Charlotte Gray's book "Gold Diggers: Striking It Rich in the Klondike, "follows the challenges best friends Bill Haskell (Richard Madden) and Byron Epstein (Augustus Prew) face as they set out in the late 1890s to the Yukon Territory to try to strike it rich.
  • Wanderlust was released by Sophie Ellis-Bextor. The fifth full-length release for the British indie singer was co-written and produced by Ed Harcourt.
  • KickBeat: Steam Edition for PC is released. KickBeat offers players several innovative ways to interact with music. The game combines beat-matching mechanics with an acrobatic style of martial arts, turning every song into a raucous battle. The game also features a music analyzer that allows players to create new tracks from their own music libraries.


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