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Today in the World Countries

  • People born on this day are Aquarius as their zodiac sign.

Today in History

In the future 3268

  • Beginning of 2nd Julian Period (1/1 OS).

On this day in 2023

  • Bambi Fury, Family Member, born in Cheshire, England.
  • Darline Desca, Instagram Star, born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
  • Luke Bailey, Twitter Star, born in England.
  • Tyler Green, Family Member, born in Australia.
  • Leopoldo Roberto García Peláez Benítez, Comedian.
  • Fred Lindop, British rugby league referee (22 Tests; World Cup Final 1970; 5 x Challenge Cup Finals), who died at 84.
  • Japan on the brink of not being able to function as a society, because of its falling birth rate and high life expectancy, says Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, in speech to Japanese parliament.

On this day in 2022

  • Keto Losaberidze, Georgian archer (Olympic gold USSR women's individual 1980; World C'ship gold team 1973,81), who died at 72.
  • Beegie Adair [Bobbe Long], American jazz and Nashville-based session pianist, and educator, who died at 84.
  • (Bobbe) "Beegie" Adair (née Long), American jazz and Nashville-based session pianist, and educator, who died at 84.
  • Thierry Mugler, Fashion Designer.
  • Buffalo wide receiver Gabriel Davis scores an NFL playoff record 4 TDs in the Bills'epic 42-36 overtime loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in their divisional-round playoff at Arrowhead Stadium.

On this day in 2021

  • English musician Top Topham died at the age of 75. He was best known as a blues guitarist and also for being the first lead guitarist of The Yardbirds. Topham left the band before they achieved mainstream popularity and was replaced by Eric Clapton..
  • Larry King [Zeiger], American radio/TV host (" Larry King Live", CNN), who died of COVID-19 pandemic at 87 [2].
  • The Unexpected Quest for Switch is released. Adventure game with strategy and management elements in a medieval fantasy setting.Embark on quests, hunt down treasures and manage your resources as you build, battle, cast magic and brew potions to bring order to the world.EXPLOREStrange creatures living in different locations await you. Some of them will help you, others need your help, and others will take a liking to your head...or, rather, your fresh brains. You will visit quiet villages, snow-capped mountaintops, impenetrable forests, and foul-smelling swamps. But one thing will remain the same - adventure awaits you everywhere!GATHER RESOURCESCollect everything that isn't bolted to the floor! Dwarves don't mind work, but they won't lift a finger in an empty stomach. You can't build a working mill out of mud and sticks, so you'll have to search for the appropriate materials. Keep food stocked and resources plentiful and your world will expand!BUILDBuild bridges over turbulent rivers, build docks in the swamps, repair buildings, and build new ones! Mills will provide food, sawmills will provide building materials, forges will improve equipment - and you can always sell the surplus at the market. Many building styles and colors await you in the game.
  • Hal Holbrook, American stage and screen Tony and Emmy award winning actor (All the President's Men; “Mark Twain Tonight!”), who died at 95.

On this day in 2020

  • China locks down the city of Wuhan and its 9 million people, in a belated but ultimately successful effort to control the city's COVID-19 pandemic epidemic.
  • Actress Annabella Sciorra testifies in court that Harvey Weinstein raped her 25 years ago at his trial in New York.
  • Voice of a 3,000 year old Egyptian priest recreated by scientists 3D printing his vocal tract published in "Scientific Reports".
  • 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp marked by an international forum in Jerusalem, Israel.
  • Alfred Körner, Austrian soccer striker (47 caps; Rapid Wien), who died at 93.
  • Frank Froehling, American tennis player (US C'ships 1963 runner-up; doubles, mixed doubles 1965 runner-up), who died at 77.
  • Gudrun Pausewang, Young Adult Author.
  • Star Trek: Picard: Season 1 is released. Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) leaves behind the Starfleet to begin a new life.
  • The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners for PC is released. Saints & Sinners is a game unlike any other in The Walking Dead universe. Every challenge you face and decision you make is driven by YOU. Fight the undead, scavenge through the flooded ruins of New Orleans, and face gut-wrenching choices for you and the other survivors. Live The Walking Dead.
  • Rugby 20 for PlayStation 4 is released. Play with the best national teams and biggest leagues in intense single-player and multiplayer matches, local or online: Top 14, Pro D2, Gallagher Premiership and Pro 14. Experience tactical depth that recreates all the intricacies of the modern game. On the pitch, you can tweak your game plan, manage your line-out, initiate set moves, find spaces and give your side the winning edge.
  • Kingdom Hearts III - Re Mind for PlayStation 4 is released. Re Mind—The other tale that unfolded during the climax of KINGDOM HEARTS III. Determined to rescue Kairi, Sora travels to the Keyblade Graveyard a short time before the final battle was to take place. Lacking a corporeal form, he traces the hearts of the seven guardians of light. Through experiencing their personal battles firsthand, Sora is about to discover truths that he has never before imagined.
  • EarthNight for PlayStation 4 is released. EarthNight is a hand-painted roguelike runner about the dragon apocalypse. Dragons have taken over the Earth and exiled the decimated human population to outer space. Our outraged heroes Stanley and Sydney decide to skydive to the planet’s surface, taking out as many dragons as they can on their way. In terms of gameplay, Stanley is a good pick for beginners given his simpler control scheme. Sydney is for experts, with a less intuitive — but ultimately more rewarding — control scheme.
  • Mosaic for Switch is released. You live a monotonous and repetitive lonely life in a cold overpopulated ever-expanding city. The phone is distracting you with meaningless notifications as you move through anonymous crowds on your way to work at a megacorporation where yet another long day with overtime awaits. You have no real sense of meaning - until one crucial day, when strange things start to happen on your commute to work and everything changes. Mosaic is a dark surrealistic and atmospheric adventure game about urban isolation and the dread of being a piece in a giant machinery you can’t understand.
  • Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD for Switch is released. Stranger vs. OutlawsStranger's Wrath follows the story of Stranger, a fearsome bounty hunter that captures outlaws to raise "moolah" for a mysterious surgical procedure. After encountering the backwater town of the Grubbs, Stranger discovers that there are a few too many secrets about the past and his future as a bounty hunter.
  • Sega Ages: Fantasy Zone for Switch is released. Take command of the spaceship Opa-Opa and blast your way through various fantastical levels as you try to take out all the enemy bases in each stage. Once you've destroyed the bases, you'll have to beat the stage boss in order to move on to the next level. By using your guns and bombs wisely, you'll be able to take down your enemies and explore each of the crazy environments in this side-scroller. You can also buy upgraded weapons for your ship by accessing the shop.
  • 198X for Switch is released. Welcome to Suburbia, just outside the City, sometime in 198X. This is the journey of Kid, a teenager stuck between the limitations of innocent youth and the obligations of inevitable adulthood. The story unfolds when Kid discovers the local arcade – finding new worlds, and new meaning, in video games…

On this day in 2019

  • New record for most expensive US property, $238 million for penthouse condominium overlooking Central Park, NY, bought by hedge fund billionaire Ken Griffin.
  • Oliver Mtukudzi, Reggae Singer.
  • Jonas Mekas, American avant garde filmmaker and film critic, who died at 96.
  • Diana Athill, English writer and editor (Stet), who died at 101.
  • Norman Orentreich, American dermatologist known as "the father of modern hair transplantation", who died at 96.
  • Slay the Spire for PC is released. We fused card games and roguelikes together to make the best single player deckbuilder we could. Craft a unique deck, encounter bizarre creatures, discover relics of immense power, and Slay the Spire!
  • Jon Shafer's At the Gates for PC is released. At the Gates is an indie strategy game from Jon Shafer, designer of Civilization 5. You are a dark age lord building a kingdom to replace the crumbling Roman Empire. Manage your clans, explore the landscape around you, harvest its resources, and build a mighty economic and military machine.
  • When Ski Lifts Go Wrong for Switch is released.
  • Unruly Heroes for Switch is released. Unruly Heroes is an action-adventure game inspired by the famous chinese legend ‘A journey to the west’ better known as the Monkey King Legend. Through this epic adventure, the game will make you live a fantastic and unforgettable experience. The game can be played in coop up to 4 players, but you can decide to play online in fierce Player vs Player modes. Who will be your favorite character?
  • US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi disinvites President Donald Trump from making a State of the Union address in Congress citing government shutdown.
  • Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido declares himself acting President amid widespread violent protests against President Nicolas Maduro's regime.

On this day in 2018

  • Singer Neil Diamond retires after being diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.
  • Twelve camels disqualified from the King Abdulaziz Camel beauty contest, Saudi Arabia after their owners used botox on their lips.
  • LeBron James becomes the 7th and youngest (33 years 24 days) to reach the 30,000 NBA point milestone during 114-102 loss to San Antonio Spurs.
  • Chinese researchers report they have cloned two monkeys, using the same technology as Dolly the Sheep.
  • Lari White, American country music singer and actress (You Can Be a Star winner- 1988), who died of peritoneal cancer at 52.
  • Hugh Masekela, Composer.
  • Nicanor Parra, Chilean poet, mathematician, and physicist (Defense of Violeta Parra), who died at 103.
  • Stansfield Turner, American admiral and CIA director (1977-81), who died at 94.
  • Wyatt Tee Walker, African-American pastor, civil rights leader, chief of staff for Martin Luther King, Jr. and cultural historian, who died at 88.
  • Total War: WARHAMMER II - Rise of the Tomb Kings for PC is released. Across the arid deserts of Nehekhara, vast legions of skeletal warriors rise from beneath the baking sands to slaughter those who trespass into their domain. It is a lifeless realm of endless dunes, stained red from the blood of savages and barbarians. This is the Land of the Dead, where mummified kings are cursed to rule in perpetual unlife. But it was not always thus.
  • Subnautica for PC is released. Descend into the depths of an alien underwater world filled with resources, creatures, wonder and threats. Craft equipment and submarines to explore lush coral reefs, volcanoes, cave systems, and more - All while attempting to survive.
  • The Inpatient for PlayStation 4 is released. Discover who you are before it’s too late in The Inpatient; a PS VR Exclusive set in the Blackwood Sanatorium, over 60 years prior to the 2016 BAFTA award-winning Until Dawn. With deep immersion that places YOU in the game, you take on the role of an amnesiac inpatient who must find out who you are and why you are in the Sanatorium. With a branching narrative, and different endings; every choice you make can drastically affect the way the game plays out.
  • Lost Sphear for PlayStation 4 is released. As an ominous power threatens the fabric of reality, a young man chosen by destiny must arise to face a phenomenon never seen before. Enter Kanata, as he awakens from a devastating dream leading him to find his home, erased from existence. Awaken the power of Memory to restore the Lost and rebuild the world!
  • Iconoclasts for PlayStation 4 is released. Join renegade mechanic Robin and uncover the secrets of a dying planet. Explore a big world filled with intricate puzzles, interesting characters and menacing bosses in a beautiful platform adventure that tells a personal story about faith, purpose and the challenge of helping people.
  • Assassin's Creed Origins: The Hidden Ones for PlayStation 4 is released. In The Hidden Ones, Bayek and his newly formed Assassins clash with Roman forces in a brand-new region, the Sinaï.
  • Shu for Switch is released. When the great and terrible Storm destroys Shu's village, he embarks on a desperate journey to survive. On his travels he'll encounter stranded villagers; survivors of the devastation that need his help. In return for his assistance, these peculiar characters will grant Shu unique special abilities that he can use to traverse the treacherous path ahead. Their only hope is to work together, in search of sanctuary - and a way to stop the Storm. Can you outrun the end of world?
  • OK K.O.! Let's Play Heroes for Xbox One is released. Let's Play Heroes is a retro-style beat-'em-up with light RPG elements. Like the television show from which it was spun off, Let's Play Heroes is set in the town of Lakewood Plaza and stars KO, an aspiring superhero who works at a convenience store for other superheroes. As KO, players fight through side-scrolling stages and acquire POW cards, which allow them to call in other characters from the series for a powerful attack.

On this day in 2017

  • Most expensive house in the US worth $250 million goes on the market in Bel Air, Los Angeles.
  • American bassist, guitarist, singer, and songwriter, Tom Stevens died age 64. He worked with roots rock band the Long Ryders and released a string of solo albums..
  • Bernie Ecclestone removed as Formula One boss as Liberty Media completes $8 billion takeover.
  • Formula One Group removes Bernie Ecclestone as CEO, making him chairman emeritus, as Liberty Media completes $8 billion takeover of the organization.
  • Thunderstorms and tornadoes in Georgia and Mississippi leave at least 18 dead in the US.
  • Gorden Kaye, British actor (Allo Allo), who died at 75.
  • Chuck Weyant, Race Car Driver.
  • Bimba Bosé, Model.
  • Bobby Freeman, American singer (Do You Want to Dance), who died at 76.
  • Lee O’Denat, American internet entrepreneur (, who died of heart disease at 43.
  • Beware The Slenderman is released. Irene Taylor Brodsky's documentary examines the case of two 12-year-old girls who stabbed a friend 19 times in the woods because of an internet urban myth called the "slenderman"through interviews with the families, tapes of the police interrogation sessions and videos of the trial.
  • Resident Evil 7: biohazard for PC is released. Fear and isolation seep through the walls of an abandoned southern farmhouse. "7"marks a new beginning for survival horror with the Isolated View of the visceral new first-person perspective. Powered by the RE Engine, horror reaches incredible heights of immersion as players enter a terrifyingly new world of fear as they fight to survive.

On this day in 2016

  • 8 museum workers from Egyptian Museum, Cairo referred for prosecution for reattaching Tutankhamun's beard with inappropriate glue.
  • Category 5 blizzard delivers record 3ft of snow to the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast US, killing 55 and incurring estimated $500m - $3bn economic losses.
  • Zika virus outbreak in Brazil prompts Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador and Jamaica to recommend women delay pregnancies for up to 2 years.
  • Jack Bannister, English cricket commentator (BBC; Talksport radio) and bowler (Warwickshire 1,198 wickets), who died at 85.
  • Jimmy Bain, Bassist.
  • Chelsea Does: Season 1 is released. Before her talk show for Netflix premieres, Chelsea Handler returns with a four-part documentary series where she covers such topics as drugs, marriage, racism and Silicon Valley.
  • Bobby Wanzer, American basketball guard (NBA All-Star 1952–56; Rochester Royals) and coach (NBA All-Star Game 1957), who died at 94.
  • African-American soul and R&B singer, songwriter and record producer Bobby Freeman died of natural causes aged 76. He scored the 1958 US & UK No.5 single 'Do You Want To Dance'. The song has been covered (as 'Do You Wanna Dance') by Del Shannon, The Beach Boys, Johnny Rivers, Bette Midler, John Lennon, Cliff Richard, Marc Bolan & T.Rex, the Mamas & The Papas and the Ramones..
  • Walt "No-Neck" Williams, American professional baseball player (White Sox), who died at 72.

On this day in 2015

  • Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is crowned King of Saudi Arabia, on the death of this half-brother King Abdullah.
  • Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, King.
  • Guy Gallo, American poet, playwright, and screenwriter (Under the Volcano), who died of cancer at 59.
  • King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia (2005-2015), who died at 90.
  • Mommy is released. A feisty widowed single mom finds herself burdened with the full-time custody of her rambunctious 15-year-old ADHD son. As they try to make ends meet, Kyla, the peculiar girl across the street, offers her help. Together, they find a new sense of balance, and hope is regained.
  • R100 is released. An ordinary man with an ordinary life joins a mysterious club. The membership lasts for one year only and there is one rule: no cancellation under any circumstance. The man enters into a whole new exciting world he never before experienced where crazy love goes wilder and crazier. Is it an illusion or is it real? Welcome to the world no one has dared to explore until now!
  • Son of a Gun is released. During a six-month stint inside a West Australian prison, rookie criminal JR (Brenton Thwaites) meets the smart and enigmatic Brendan Lynch (Ewan McGregor). In exchange for protection on the inside, JR agrees to help Brendan get outside, hooking up with the influential Sam Lennox (Jacek Koman) to orchestrate a daring prison escape that frees Brendan. JR is rewarded for his efforts, and with a taste of the high life and flirtations with Sam’s beautiful girl Tasha (Alicia Vikander), he gets sucked deeper into Brendan’s criminal world. Brendan convinces him to join on another high stakes job – robbing a Kalgoorlie gold mine. But with millions of dollars at stake, it’s hard to tell whom JR can trust, and whose side each player is actually on. And with his feelings for Tasha increasing, and his faith in Brendan decreasing, JR must figure out his next move.
  • The Duke of Burgundy is released. Day after day, Cynthia (Sidse Babett Knudsen) and Evelyn (Chiara D'Anna) act out a simple yet provocative ritual that ends with Evelyn's punishment and pleasure. As Cynthia yearns for a more conventional relationship, Evelyn's obsession with erotica quickly becomes an addiction that may push the relationship to a breaking point.
  • Strange Magic is released. Popular songs from the past six decades help tell the tale of a colorful cast of goblins, elves, fairies and imps, and their hilarious misadventures sparked by the battle over a powerful potion.
  • MOVIES: PG13
  • Song One is released. After her musician brother Henry (Ben Rosenfield) is injured and hospitalized in a coma following a car accident, Franny (Anne Hathaway), an archaeologist, returns home and begins to use his notebook as a guide to how his life has evolved in her absence. Franny seeks out the musicians and artists Henry loved and meets James Forester (Johnny Flynn), his musical idol, whose success and fame belie a shy and private man. As a strong romantic connection develops between Franny and James, the question becomes if love can bloom even under the most adverse circumstances.
  • Manny is released. From abject poverty to becoming a ten time boxing world champion and history’s first boxing congressman, international icon Manny Pacquiao is the definition of a Cinderella story. In the Philippines, he first entered the ring as a sixteen year old weighing 98 pounds with the goal of earning money to feed his family. Now, almost twenty years later, when he fights, the Philipines, a country of 100 million people comes to a complete standstill to watch. Today at the height of his career, he is faced with maneuvering an unscrupulous sport and political duties, while still maintaining a personal life. The question now is what bridge is too far for Manny Pacquiao to cross? [Gravitas Ventures]
  • Mortdecai is released. Juggling some angry Russians, the British Mi5, his impossibly leggy wife and an international terrorist, debonair art dealer and part time rogue Charlie Mortdecai (Johnny Depp) must traverse the globe armed only with his good looks and special charm in a race to recover a stolen painting rumored to contain the code to a lost bank account filled with Nazi gold.
  • Cake is released. Claire Simmons (Jennifer Aniston), a woman in a chronic-pain support group, investigates the suicide of a fellow group member, developing an unexpected relationship with the woman’s husband (Sam Worthington).
  • Black Sea is released. A rogue submarine captain (Jude Law) pulls together a misfit crew to go after a sunken treasure rumored to be lost in the depths of the Black Sea. As greed and desperation take control onboard their claustrophobic vessel, the increasing uncertainty of the mission causes the men to turn on each other to fight for their own survival. [Focus Features]
  • The Boy Next Door is released. A divorced woman's affair with her teenage neighbor takes an obsessive, dangerous turn.
  • The Humbling is released. Based on Philip Roth’s novel, The Humbling tells the story of a legendary stage actor who has an affair with a lesbian woman half his age at a secluded country house in Connecticut. Simon Axler (Al Pacino) has known nothing but the stage since he was thirteen. When he feels his craft slip away from him, he has a mental breakdown and retreats to the woods to live a quiet life until the daughter of his closest friend shows up at his house. The relationship takes unusual turns as people from their past surface and chaos ensues.
  • Super Galaxy Squadron for PC is released. Super Galaxy Squadron is a fast-paced vertical shooter designed for typical human beings as well as shmup veterans. Featuring a challenging but merciful difficulty curve, forgiving health system, and proceeds benefiting Child's Play Charity.
  • Grey Goo for PC is released. Grey Goo is a real-time strategy game (RTS for short) with roots in classic strategy mechanics. Utilizing traditional base building as its core, the game aims to reinvent the modern standard of RTS gaming by placing emphasis on tactics over micro-management. By freeing players from having to issue hundreds of orders in a match, each decision is made more valuable and can mean the difference between victory and defeat.
  • Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds for PC is released. Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds. Enjoy fast and frantic arcade-style beat 'em up gameplay with cute characters. Beat up hordes of weird enemies with awesome special attacks. Local co-op and PVP supported for up to 4 players.
  • Golden State guard Klay Thompson scores the most NBA points in a quarter (37) and most 3-pointers in a quarter (9) in Warrior's 126-101 win over Sacramento Kings.
  • Ernie Banks, American baseball shortstop,1st baseman and hall of famer known as "Mr Cub" as he played all 19 of his seasons with the Chicago Cubs, who died of a heart attack at 83.

On this day in 2014

  • Scottish musician Jimmy Bain died aged 68 while in his cabin on Def Leppard's "Hysteria on the High Seas" cruise. The cause of death was determined to be lung cancer. Bain was best known for playing bass guitar in the bands Rainbow and Dio, he also worked with Thin Lizzy frontman Phil Lynott, co-writing on his solo albums as well as Ian Hunter, Gary Moore and John Cale..
  • Elmira Nazirova, Azerbaijani-Israeli classical pianist, composer, and educator, who died at 85.
  • Rake (2014): Season 1 is released. A remake of the Australian series of the same name, Keegan Deane (Greg Kinnear) is a self-destructive defense attorney who butts heads with his ex-wife (Miranda Otto), his friends Ben (John Ortiz) and Scarlett (Necar Zadegan), as well as his bookie and even the IRS.
  • Might & Magic X: Legacy for PC is released. In the wake of the spectacular events in Might & Magic Heroes VI, you will play in a party of four adventurers entangled in intrigue and political machinations unfolding in and around Karthal. The city, on the verge of secession, is prey to competing factions vying for its control. Your actions will determine the fate of the city. Might & Magic X Legacy is an authentic solo experience in the classic first-person RPG genre. Create and lead your group into an exciting world and battle powerful mythical creatures while collecting ancient magical treasures. Through a turn-based gameplay system, defeat creatures and bosses to accomplish unique quests and make your way through dangerous dungeons, cities and labyrinths full of traps. Dive into vintage Might & Magic and play old school, new rules.
  • Riz Ortolani, Italian Grammy Award-winning composer and arranger, predominantly of film scores (Mondo Cane - "More"), who died at 87.


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