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Today in the World Countries

  • Australia Day is being celebrated in Australia
  • NRM Liberation Day is being celebrated in Uganda
  • Republic Day is being celebrated in India
  • Thaipoosam Cavadee is being celebrated in Mauritius
  • People born on this day are Aquarius as their zodiac sign.

Today in History

On this day in 2023

  • Five ex-Memphis police officers charged with murdering Tyre Nichols who they beat at a traffic stop on Jan 7.
  • Reuben Solo, Comedian, born in Australia.
  • Teen Wolf: The Movie is released. A terrifying new evil has emerged in Beacon Hills calling for the return of Alpha Werewolf Scott McCall (Tyler Posey), to once again reunite the Banshees, Werecoyotes, Hellhounds, Kitsunes, and other shapeshifters of the night. With new allies and trusted friends like Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin), Lydia Martin (Holland Roden), Jackson Whittemore (Colton Haynes), Malia Tate (Shelley Hennig), and the return of a long lost love, Scott and his pack just might stand a chance.
  • The 1619 Project is released. The six-part documentary series expands on Nikole Hannah-Jones and the New York Times Magazine's "The 1619 Project"and delves into slavery's impact on such topics as capitalism, democracy, music, and race.
  • Poker Face (2023): Season 1 is released. With the gift of knowing when someone is lying, Charlie (Natasha Lyonne) travels across the country and helps solve crimes in this drama series created by Rian Johnson.
  • Wolf Pack: Season 1 is released. Teens Everett Lang (Armani Jackson) and Blake Navarro (Bella Shepard) are attacked by a supernatural creature during a wildfire and discover a connection to twins Luna (Chloe Rose Robertson) and Harlan (Tyler Lawrence Gray) Briggs in this series based on the novels by Edo Van Belkom.
  • Pizza Tower for PC is released. Peppino Spaghetti, a surprisingly agile and powerful fat balding italian, is on a mission to destroy the titular Pizza Tower in order to save his restaurant from annihilation. Follow him through his rampage across the many wacky floors of the tower, collecting toppings and beating up monsters!PLAY as Peppino Spaghetti, the supersonic italian middle-aged man! And sometimes Gustavo.Pizza Tower is a fast paced 2D platformer inspired by the Wario Land series, with an emphasis on movement, exploration and score attack. Featuring highly stylized pixel art inspired by the cartoons from the '90s, and a highly energetic soundtrack.
  • Wonder Boy Anniversary Collection for Switch is released. Featuring 21 versions of six of the most iconic Wonder Boy games ever released, this incredible compilation brings the influential platformer series to today's hardware. Through the 1980s and 1990s the Wonder Boy series gained a vast cult following thanks to its distinct blend of energetic platforming, action-RPG elements, and even shoot 'em up gameplay. And now you can enjoy a diverse spread of the Wonder Boy games that have left a powerful legacy throughout gaming, from the 1986 arcade original to 1994's Monster World IV.Whether you're a retro devotee wanting to catch up on this important piece of gaming history, a Wonder Boy fan looking to play your favourites on cutting edge hardware or are simply looking to experience the very best in nostalgic gameplay, Wonder Boy Anniversary Collection is about as essential as it gets.
  • OddBallers for Switch is released. OddBallers is a new dodgeball multiplayer party game where just about anything you can find can be thrown at your opponents.
  • Onion Assault for Switch is released. Classic old school platforming action from the creator of Gunman Clive and Mechstermination Force. Defeat the evil army by throwing onions, or lifting and throwing enemies. Old school gameplay inspired by 8-bit classics. Full 3D graphics with a unique artstyle and custom engine. 16 levels with a huge variety of different environments, obstacles, enemies and giant bosses.
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition for Xbox Series X is released. You are Geralt of Rivia, mercenary monster slayer. Before you stands a war-torn, monster-infested continent you can explore at will. Your current contract? Tracking down Ciri — the Child of Prophecy, a living weapon that can alter the shape of the world. The Complete Edition contains the base game, offering a huge, over 100-hour long, open-world adventure, as well as both of its massive story expansions: Hearts of Stone & Blood and Wine worth an extra 50 hours of gameplay! It also comes with all additional content released for the game, alongside new items including swords, armor, and alternate outfits inspired by The Witcher Netflix series — and more!UPDATED FOR XBOX SERIES X|SBehold the dark fantasy world of the Continent like never before! The Xbox Series X|S version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been enhanced with numerous visual and technical improvements, including vastly improved level of detail, faster loading times, a range of community created and newly developed mods for the game, real-time ray tracing, and more — all implemented with the power of the new consoles in mind — as well as a built-in Photo Mode. PLAY AS A HIGHLY TRAINED MONSTER SLAYER FOR HIRETrained from early childhood and mutated to gain superhuman skills, strength, and reflexes, witchers are a counterbalance to the monster-infested world in which they live.Gruesomely destroy foes as a professional monster hunter armed with a range of upgradeable weapons, mutating potions, and combat magic.Hunt down a wide variety of exotic monsters, from savage beasts prowling mountain passes to cunning supernatural predators lurking in the shadowy back alleys of densely populated cities.Invest your rewards to upgrade your weaponry and buy custom armor, or spend them on horse races, card games, fist fighting, and other pleasures life brings.EXPLORE A MORALLY AMBIGUOUS FANTASY OPEN WORLDBuilt for endless adventure, the massive open world of The Witcher sets new standards in terms of size, depth, and complexity.Traverse a fantastical open world: explore forgotten ruins, caves, and shipwrecks, trade with merchants and dwarven smiths in cities, and hunt across the open plains, mountains, and seas.Deal with treasonous generals, devious witches, and corrupt royalty to provide dark and dangerous services.Make choices that go beyond good & evil, and face their far-reaching consequences.TRACK DOWN THE CHILD OF PROPHECYTake on the most important contract of your life: to track down the child of prophecy, the key to saving or destroying this world.In times of war, chase down the child of prophecy, a living weapon foretold by ancient elven legends.Struggle against ferocious rulers, spirits of the wilds, and even a threat from beyond the veil – all hell-bent on controlling this world.Define your destiny in a world that may not be worth saving.
  • Crystal Renay Smith (37) divorces American singer NE-YO (43) after 12 years of marriage.
  • Billy Packer, American college basketball broadcaster (Raycom Sports, NBC, CBS), who died of kidney failure at 82.

On this day in 2022

  • US Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer announces his retirement.
  • Spotify removes Neil Young's music from its streaming platform after the singer-songwriter objected to COVID-19 pandemic misinformation in Joe Rogan's podcasts.
  • Janet Mead, Australian Catholic nun and pop-rock singer (The Lord's Prayer), who died of cancer at 84.
  • (Clarence) "Bud" Brown, Jr, American politician (US Representative from Ohio,1965-83), who died at 94.

On this day in 2021

  • Antony Blinken confirmed by US Senate as Secretary of State.
  • Alan Ashcroft, English rugby union number 8 (16 caps England,2 caps British & Irish Lions; Waterloo FC), who died at 90.
  • Jozef Vengloš, Slovak soccer manager (Australia, Czechoslovakia, Malaysia, Fenerbahçe, Aston Villa, Celtic, Slovakia), who died at 84.
  • Peter Thorburn MNZM, New Zealand rugby union coach (North Harbour, NZ sevens, Bristol RFC, United States), who died at 81.
  • Margitta Gummel-Helmbold, German track & field athlete (Olympic gold GDR women's shot put 1968), who died at 79.
  • Sekou Smith, American sportswriter (The Clarion-Ledger, The Indianapolis Star, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution; NBA TV), who died from COVID-19 pandemic at 48.
  • Wrong Turn is released. Jen (Charlotte Vega) and a group of friends set out to hike the Appalachian Trail. Despite warnings to stick to the trail, the hikers stray off course—and cross into land inhabited by The Foundation, a hidden community of mountain dwellers who use deadly means to protect their way of life. Suddenly under siege, Jen and her friends seem headed to the point of no return— unless Jen’s father (Matthew Modine) can reach them in time.
  • The Sims 4: Paranormal Stuff Pack for PC is released. Welcome to your Sim’s new home! Sure, the listing said “haunted, ” but everyone knows that’s just a myth. Why should you believe it? At night, though… well. The lights flicker overhead, casting shadows at your Sim’s feet. In another room, a door slams shut, even though no one else is home. And what was that sound? Where’s it coming from? This is getting weird. Okay, so it turns out there are some rumors that turn out to be true. These spooky specters moved in first, and they don’t let anyone forget it. Mysterious runes and clay hands appear randomly while crawling vines sprout in the yard. The sacred candle your Sim lit for safety blows out with barely a wisp of smoke. And no one knows where that horrifying doll came from. As the house gets weirder and weirder, goosebumps rise and scared Sims scatter in a panic-induced terror. Luckily, your Sim doesn’t have to deal with this alone! There’s one helpful friend who’s happy to help: Claude René Duplantier Guidry (the Ghost). This somewhat flirty apparition offers the secrets to serenity. Under his tutelage, learn how to appease the specters ruining a good night’s sleep. Some specters are playful, other mischievous, and a few are downright ornery. If they leave accursed objects behind, try to tidy up and remove them. Offer gifts or attempt communicating with the specters to try and please them. If they’re satisfied, Sims might get a present in return as the specter fades away. Otherwise, it’s time to turn to the séance table. [Electronic Arts]
  • Encodya for PC is released. Neo Berlin 2062. Tina – a nine-year-old orphan – lives with SAM-53 – her big clumsy robot guardian –in a rooftop makeshift shelter in Neo-Berlin, a dark megalopolis controlled by corporations.
  • Cyber Shadow for PlayStation 5 is released. The world has been taken over by synthetic lifeforms. A desperate plea for help sets Shadow on a journey to uncover what started the path to perpetual ruin. Slash through the techno hordes, leap past traps, and nimbly navigate the ruins of Mekacity.
  • Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy for PlayStation 5 is released. Three years have passed since Ryza’s secret grand adventure on Kurken Island. Ryza, the only member of her group to remain on the island, receives a letter from her friend telling her about ruins that may be related to alchemy, along with a mysterious request involving a glowing stone. This inspires her to leave the island and venture out to the royal capital, Ashra-am Baird. However, Ryza is unaware that this will lead to the beginning of an imaginative new adventure involving a pursuit of the mysteries of the ruins surrounding the royal capital and a meeting with a strange creature that will change her life.
  • John Mortimore, English soccer defender (Chelsea 249 games) and manager (Portsmouth, Benfica, Real Betis), who died at 86.

On this day in 2020

  • 62nd Grammy Awards: Billie Eilish wins 5 Grammys, including album, record and song of the year.
  • American singer and guitarist Bob Shane died age 85. He was a founding member of The Kingston Trio a folk and pop music group that helped launch the folk revival of the late 1950s..
  • Billie Eilish swept the board at the 2020 Grammys, winning five awards, including best new artist and song of the year becoming the first person to achieve the feat since Christopher Cross in 1981. The 18-year-old also won album of the year for her debut, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go. She replaced Taylor Swift as the youngest person ever to win the award. Her elder brother, Finneas O'Connell, also picked up producer of the year for his work on Eilish's album..
  • Bob Shane, American folk vocalist (Kingston Trio - "Tom Dooley"), who died at 85.
  • Johnny Ray, Race Car Driver.
  • Gianna Bryant, Family Member.
  • Kobe Bryant, American basketball guard (NBA champion 2000–02,09-10; NBA MVP 2008; 18 x NBA All Star; LA Lakers; Olympic gold 2008,12), who died in a helicopter crash at 41.
  • LA Lakers basketball legend Kobe Bryant dies in a helicopter crash in foggy conditions in the hills above Calabasas, southern California; considered one of the greatest players in the game's history.

On this day in 2019

  • Five people shot and killed in domestic deputes in Louisiana, a 21- year old gunman arrested a day later.
  • Gekyume Onfroy, Family Member, born in Florida.
  • Michel Legrand, Composer.
  • Roger Camerota, Race Car Driver.
  • Wilma Lipp, Austrian soprano (Vienna Opera,1945-81; Mozart's Die Zauberflöte - "Queen of the Night"), who died at 93.
  • 64th NHL All Star Games, SAP Centre, San Jose, CA: Metropolitan All Stars win four-team,3-on-3 tournament; MVP: Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh Penguins, C.

On this day in 2018

  • Residents left without heat in -27C in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan after boiler breaks in main power station.
  • Igor Zhukov, Russian pianist, conductor (Moscow Chamber Orchestra), and sound engineer, who died at 80.
  • Have a Nice Day is released. A hard rain is about to fall on a small town in Southern China. In a desperate attempt to find money to save his fiancée’s failed plastic surgery, Xiao Zhang, a mere driver, steals a bag containing 1 million from his boss. News of the robbery spreads fast within the town and, over the course of one night, everyone starts looking for Xiao Zhang and his money.
  • Like Me is released. A reckless loner, desperate for human connection, sets out on a crime spree that she broadcasts on social media. Her reality quickly splinters into a surreal nightmare that escalates out of control and all in time for Christmas.
  • West of the Jordan River is released. Amos Gitai returns to the occupied territories for the first time since his 1982 documentary Field Diary with this portrait of the citizens, Israelis and Palestinians, who are trying to overcome the consequences of occupation. West of the Jordan River shows the human ties woven by the military, human rights activists, journalists, mourning mothers, and even Jewish settlers. Faced with the failure of politics to solve the occupation issue, these men and women rise and act in the name of their civic consciousness. This human energy is a proposal for long-overdue change. [Kino Lorber]
  • A Ciambra is released. 14-year-old Pio (Pio Amato) wants nothing more than the respect of his older brother, whom he emulates in every way—including his career as a petty criminal. When both his father and brother are arrested, Pio is determined to prove that he can step up and be the head of his sprawling Romani family. But a fateful night and a wrenching decision soon test just how ready he is. [Sundance Selects]
  • American Folk is released. When their plane from Los Angeles to New York is grounded on the morning of September 11,2001, strangers Elliott (Joe Purdy) and Joni (Amber Rubarth) are unexpectedly thrust together amidst the chaos of that historic day. With little in common but both needing to get to NYC urgently, they accept help from Joni's family friend Scottie (Krisha Fairchild) who lends the duo a rusty old 1972 Chevy Van. The shock and stress of 9/11 quickly threatens to derail their cross country journey until the pair discover what they do have in common: a love for old folk songs. Armed with a pile of guitars left in the van from Scottie’s touring days, Elliott and Joni raise their voices together (and with those they meet on the road), re-discovering the healing nature of music and bearing witness to a nation of people who, even while mourning, manage to lift each other up in the wake of tragedy.
  • MOVIES: PG13
  • Maze Runner: The Death Cure is released. In the epic finale to the Maze Runner saga, Thomas leads his group of escaped Gladers on their final and most dangerous mission yet. To save their friends, they must break into the legendary Last City, a WCKD-controlled labyrinth that may turn out to be the deadliest maze of all. Anyone who makes it out alive will get answers to the questions the Gladers have been asking since they first arrived in the maze.
  • Please Stand By is released. A young autistic woman (Dakota Fanning) runs away from her caregiver in order to boldly go and deliver her 500-page Star Trek script to a writing competition in Hollywood.
  • The Clapper is released. Eddie Krumble (Ed Helms) moves to Los Angeles looking for a fresh start and becomes a professional paid audience member for infomercials and other live studio tapings, with his best friend Chris (Tracy Morgan) at his side. After a lifetime of drawing the short straw, Eddie seems to have finally caught a break as he forms a bond with winsome gas station attendant, Judy (Amanda Seyfried). But when Eddie's many disguises and telegenic enthusiasm catch the eye of a notorious late night talk show host and his producer (Adam Levine), they turn Eddie's life into the newest national obsession, threatening his budding romance.
  • A Futile and Stupid Gesture is released. A Futile and Stupid Gesture is the story of comedy wunderkind Doug Kenney, who co-created the National Lampoon, Caddyshack, and Animal House. Kenney was at the center of the 70’s comedy counter-culture which gave birth to Saturday Night Live and a whole generation’s way of looking at the world.
  • All Melody was released by Nils Frahm. The ninth full-length studio release for the German electronic composer/producer was recorded in his studio in the East Berlin Funkhaus building.
  • Dream Wife was released by Dream Wife. This is the debut full-length release for the London based indie-pop trio of Rakel Mjöll, Alice Go, and Bella Podpadec.
  • Follow Them True was released by Stick in the Wheel. The second full-length release for the British folk quintet led by singer Nicola Kearey was produced by the band's guitarist Ian Carter.
  • Freedom's Goblin was released by Ty Segall. The 10th full-length solo release for the California singer-songwriter features a cover of Hot Chocolate's 1978 song, "Every 1's a Winner"with Fred Armisen on percussions.
  • Culture II was released by Migos. The third full-length studio release for the rap trio features guest appearances from 2 Chainz,21 Savage, Big Sean, Cardi B, Drake, Gucci Mane, Nicki Minaj, Post Malone, Travis Scott, and Ty Dolla Sign.
  • Con Todo El Mundo was released by Khruangbin. The second full-length release for the Texas trio of Laura Lee, Mark Speer, and Donald “DJ” Johnson adds influences by Mediterranean and Middle Eastern music.
  • Could It Be Different? was released by The Spook School. This is the third full-length release for the Scottish indie-pop quartet.
  • Marble Skies was released by Django Django. The third full-length release for the London-based art-rock band features contributions from Metronomy's Anna Prior and Slow Club's Rebecca Taylor.
  • Lionheart was released by H.C. McEntire. The debut full-length solo release for the frontwoman of Mount Moriah features contributions from such artists as Phil Cook, Kathleen Hanna, Mary Lattimore, Tift Merritt, Angel Olsen, Amy Ray, and William Tyler.
  • Knowing What You Know Now was released by Marmozets. The second full-length release for the British post-hardcore band was produced by Gil Norton.
  • The Thread That Keeps Us was released by Calexico. The ninth full-length studio release for the Arizona-based rock band led by Joey Burns and John Convertino was recorded in California and was co-produced with Craig Schumacher.
  • The Time Is Now was released by Craig David. The seventh full-length release for the Britihs R&B singer features guest appearances from Bastille, Chase & Status, JP Cooper, Goldlink, Ella Mai, and AJ Tracey.
  • Vessel of Love was released by Hollie Cook. The third full-length solo release for former singer of The Slits was produced by Martin Glover.
  • Shape the Future was released by Nightmares on Wax. The eighth full-length studio release for George Evelyn features guest appearances from Allan Kingdom, Andrew Ashong, LSK, Mozez, Jordan Rakei, Kuauhtli Vasquez, Sadie Walker, and Wixarika Tribe.
  • Snares Like a Haircut was released by No Age. The fourth full-length release for the duo of Randy Randall and Dean Allen Spunt is its first on the Drag City label.
  • Railway Empire for PC is released. In Railway Empire, you will create an elaborate and wide-ranging rail network, purchase over 40 different trains modelled in extraordinary detail, and buy or build railway stations, maintenance buildings, factories and tourist attractions to keep your travel network ahead of the competition. You'll also need to hire and manage your workforce if you want to ensure an efficient train service, whilst also develop over 300 technologies ranging from mechanical improvements to the trains themselves to workplace infrastructures and advanced amenities as you progress through five eras of technological innovations.
  • Tesla vs Lovecraft for PC is released. Tesla vs Lovecraft is an intense top-down twin stick arena shooter. Play as the enigmatic inventor Nikola Tesla harnessing the static energy to power up Tesla-Mech and give the lovecraftian nightmares a lesson in horror!Tesla vs Lovecraft is a top-down twin stick shooter with goal based levels. The games highlight features are Quantum Teleportation, which allows the player to warp short distances even through solid objects, and the Tesla-Mech, which provides the player an immense boost to firepower for a limited time.Genre hallmarks such as a large arsenal of weapons, a multitude of player empowering perks, monster crushing powerups, and secondary weapon abilities are also included.
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ for PC is released. After the success of the Xenoverse series, its time to introduce a new classic 2D DRAGON BALL fighting game for this generations consoles. DRAGON BALL FighterZ is born from what makes the DRAGON BALL series so loved and famous: endless spectacular fights with its allpowerful fighters. Partnering with Arc System Works, DRAGON BALL FighterZ maximizes high end Anime graphics and brings easy to learn but difficult to master fighting gameplay to audiences worldwide. Key Features:* 3vs3 TAG/SUPPORTAllows players to train and master more than one fighter/style which brings deeper gameplay* HIGH-END ANIME GRAPHICSUsing the power of the Unreal engine and the talented team at Arc System Works, DRAGON BALL FighterZ is a visual tour-de-force * SPECTACULAR FIGHTSExperience aerial combos, destructible stages, famous scenes from the DRAGON BALL anime reproduced in 60FPS and 1080p resolution (Higher resolution will be supported on PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio)
  • Monster Hunter: World for PlayStation 4 is released. In Monster Hunter: World you assume the role of a hunter venturing to a new continent where you track down and slay ferocious beasts in heart-pounding battles. This new land and its diverse inhabitants play a critical role in each quest as you strategically use the surrounding environment including terrain, vegetation and wildlife to your advantage in battle or become hindered by the hazards they present. As a hunter, you must use your cunning and expertise to track and maneuver your targets throughout the intense, evolving battles. [Capcom]
  • Celeste for Xbox One is released. Help Madeline survive her journey to the top of Celeste Mountain in this super-tight, hand-crafted platformer from the creators of TowerFall.

On this day in 2017

  • Barbara Hale, American actress (Della Street in Perry Mason), who died at 94.
  • Mike Connors [Krekor Ohanian], American actor (Mannix), who died at 91.
  • The Last Family is released. Beksinski is a gentle man with arachnophobia, despite his hardcore sexual fantasies and his fondness for painting disturbing dystopian works. Beksinski is a family man who wants only the best for his loving wife Zofia, neurotic son Tomasz and the couple's aging mothers. His daily painting to classical music eventually pays off and he makes a name for himself in contemporary art. Good Catholic woman Zofia tries to hold the family together, but troubled son Tomasz proves to be a handful with his violent outbursts and suicidal threats. Their relief is brief when he starts dating women and becomes a radio presenter and movie translator, and the concerned parents must be on constant watch to prevent their son from hurting himself. But Beksinski never believed that family life would always be sunshine and rainbows. As he tapes everything with his beloved camcorder, the 28-year Beksinski saga unfolds through paintings, near-death experiences, dance music trends and funerals.
  • Riverdale: Season 1 is released. The new school year is haunted by the mysterious death of Jason Blossom, but Archie Andrews (KJ Apa) has his own problems: a damaged friendship with Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse), the end of his relationship with music teacher Ms. Grundy, and singer Josie McCoy (Ashleigh Murray) doesn't want to help him with his music. Betty Cooper's (Lili Reinhart) crush on Archie could be an issue between her new friend Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes), who just moved to Riverdale. And then there's trouble from Jason's twin sister Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) in Greg Berlanti's live-action, present-day adaptation of the popular comic series.
  • Tales of Berseria for PC is released. Players set out on a journey of self-discovery as they assume the role of Velvet, a young woman whose once kind demeanor has been replaced and overcome with a festering anger and hatred after a traumatic experience three years prior to the events within TALES OF BERSERIA. Velvet will join a crew of pirates as they sail across the sea and visit the many islands that make up the sacred kingdom of Midgand in an all-new adventure developed by the celebrated team behind the TALES OF series.
  • imprint-X for PC is released. A button-based puzzle game containing 100 levels to unlock and 700 buttons to press. You are one of the hacker clones, saving intellects by hacking into infected brains and defeating the mysterious Wardens.
  • A Normal Lost Phone for PC is released. A Normal Lost Phone is a game about exploring the intimacy of an unknown person whose phone was found by the player.

On this day in 2016

  • American guitarist T. J. Tindall died of cancer age 65. He was a member of MFSB and played on more than 30 hits produced by Gamble and Huff in the 1970s and 1980s. Tindall is considered one of the architects of the Philadelphia Sound. He can be heard on The Trammps' 1976 hit 'Disco Inferno'..
  • Cold snap across East Asia leads to more than 50 deaths and 60,000 travellers stranded in South Korea.
  • English singer-songwriter Colin Vearncombe, who with Black had the 1987 UK No.8 single 'Wonderful Life', died at the age of 53. Vearncombe was involved in a road traffic accident, on Jan 10th 2016 near Cork Airport in Ireland, and placed in a medically-induced coma after sustaining serious head injuries. He died from his injuries at the intensive care unit of Cork University Hospital at the age of 53. Black sold over two million records worldwide with Comedy (1988) and Black (1991)..
  • Leader of Oregon militia occupying Malheur wildlife refuge arrested and another killed in shoot-out with Federal agents.
  • Colin Vearncombe, British singer-songwriter (Black - "Wonderful Life"), who died from injuries in a car accident at 53.
  • Abe Vigoda, American actor (Barney Miller, The Godfather), who died at 94.
  • Bryce Rohde, Pianist.
  • Outsiders: Season 1 is released. The Farrell Clan of Shay Mountain that includes Big Foster (David Morse), his son Lil Foster (Ryan Hurst) face a power struggle with Lady Ray (Phyllis Somerville) and a coal company who wants to mine the mountain.
  • Final Fantasy Explorers for 3DS is released. FINAL FANTASY EXPLORERS focuses on cooperative play with friends, utilizing a refined party system allowing Explorers to master over twenty jobs, each offering unique ways to defeat or even recruit the realm’s mightiest monsters. Players have the ability to call upon the powers of eidolons like Ifrit and Bahamut, as well as to transform into legendary characters from the FINAL FANTASY series via the Trance ability. Multiplayer functionality is enabled through the Nintendo 3DS wireless communication. [Square Enix]
  • Hex: Shards of Fate for PC is released. A trading card MMO game.
  • The Witness for PC is released. You awaken, alone, on a strange island full of puzzles that challenge and surprise you. You can't remember who you are, and you don't remember how you came to be here, but there's one thing you can do: explore the island in hope of discovering clues, regaining your memory, and somehow finding your way home. The Witness is a single-player game in an open world with dozens of locations to explore and over 500 puzzles to solve. This game respects you as an intelligent player and it treats your time as precious. There's no filler; each of those puzzles brings its own new idea into the mix.
  • LEGO Marvel's Avengers for PlayStation 4 is released. Avengers Assemble! Experience the first console videogame featuring characters and storylines from the blockbuster film Marvel’s The Avengers and the much anticipated sequel Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, and more. Play as the most powerful Super Heroes in their quest to save humanity.
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider: Baba Yaga - The Temple of the Witch for Xbox One is released. Deep in the wilds of Siberia, there is a forbidden forest that no man will enter, where a Soviet expedition vanished without a trace. Lara enters the Wicked Vale in search of a missing man, but what she finds is a nightmare that she cannot explain. Is the witch, Baba Yaga, truly haunting the forbidden forest? Or is there more to the legend?Featuring hours of gameplay and a new outfit and bow, Baba Yaga: The Temple of the Witch expands the story of the main campaign with Lara facing deadly new adversaries, exploring a new puzzle-filled tomb, and solving a decades old mystery, all culminating in a showdown with an ancient and mythic evil.

On this day in 2015

  • Libby Lane is ordained as the first female bishop of the Church of England.
  • Rk Laxman, Cartoonist.
  • Man It Feels Like Space Again was released by Pond. The sixth full-length release for the Australian psychedelic rock band was actually written before 2013's Hobo Rocket.
  • Modern Nature was released by The Charlatans UK. The 12th studio release for the British alternative rock band is its first album without founding member Jon Brookes, who passed away in 2013 from brain cancer.
  • Modern Streets was released by Beat Spacek. A majority of the latest release for Steve Spacek as Beat Spacek was created on iPhone and iPad apps.
  • Matador was released by Gaz Coombes. This is the second solo release for the former Supergrass lead singer.
  • Africa Express Presents...Terry Riley's In C Mali was released by Africa Express. Co-produced and mixed by Mouse on Mars' Andi Toma, Africa Express reinterprets Terry Riley's In C Mali.
  • Gravity Ghost for PC is released. Gravity Ghost is a physics-based title with a twist. Run, jump, and soar around planets, using gravity to glide through the air. Explore a shattered galaxy and rescue its survivors, armed with powerups and mysterious terraforming powers.
  • Grim Fandango Remastered for PC is released. Something is rotten in the land of the Dead, and you are being played for a sucker. Please meet Manny Calavera, travel agent at the Department of Death. He sells luxury packages to souls on their 4-year trip to eternal rest. But there is trouble in paradise. Help Manny untangle himself from a conspiracy that threatens his very salvation. [Double Fine]
  • Tom Uren, Australian politician, Australian heritage and conservation campaigner, who died at 93.

On this day in 2014

  • 56th Grammy Awards: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Lorde, and Daft Punk win.
  • 21 people are killed after a tourist boat capsizes off the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
  • NFL Pro Bowl, Aloha Stadium, Honolulu, HI: Team Rice beats Team Sanders,22-21; MVPs: Nick Foles, Philadelphia, QB; Derrick Johnson, KC Chiefs, LB.
  • " The Bachelor" star Sean Lowe at the age of 30 weds graphic designer Catherine Giudici at the age of 27 at the Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore in Santa Barbara, California.
  • Reino Tulonen, Race Car Driver.
  • Tom Gola, American basketball player, who died at 81.


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