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Today in the World Countries

  • Arbor Day is being celebrated in China
  • Independence & Republic Day is being celebrated in Mauritius
  • Youth Day is being celebrated in Zambia
  • People born on this day are Pisces as their zodiac sign.

Today in History

Happening Today

  • PGA Players Championship, TPC at Sawgrass: Scottie Scheffler becomes third golfer, after Jack Nicklaus & Tiger Woods, to hold Masters & Players titles at same time; wins by 5 from England's Tyrrell Hatton.
  • 95th Academy Awards: "Everything Everywhere All at Once" best film, best director Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, Michelle Yeoh 2nd woman of color to win best actress, Brendan Fraser best actor.
  • Costa Titch, Rapper.
  • Dick Fosbury, American athlete (Olympic gold high jump 1968, "Fosbury Flop"), who died of lymphoma at 76.
  • A Spy Among Friends: Season 1 is released. MI6 officer Nicholas Elliott (Damian Lewis) learns his friend and colleague Kim Philby (Guy Pearce) is working as a KGB double agent in this limited series based on Ben Macintyre's non-fiction book of the same name.[Premiered originally in the UK on ITVX on 8 Dec 2022 and to air in the US on MGM+ on 12 Mar 2023]
  • The Academy Awards is released. Jimmy Kimmel returns to host the 95th Academy Awards.

On this day in 2022

  • Saudi Arabia executes 81 convicted criminals, the country's largest known mass execution in modern times.
  • Jessica Williams, Pianist.
  • Barry Bailey, American rock guitarist (Atlanta Rhythm Section), who died from complications of multiple sclerosis at 73.
  • Traci Braxton, Reality Star.
  • Stereophonics scored their eighth UK No.1 with their 25th anniversary album Oochya! The achievement made them one of the most successful chart acts of all time, tying with Taylor Swift, Oasis, Kylie Minogue and R.E.M. - who also have had eight chart toppers. The Beatles have the most, with 15, followed by Elvis Presley and Robbie Williams, both of whom have 13..

On this day in 2021

  • Researchers say world has likely reached 'peak twin'with more twin births than ever before - 1.6 million twins born per year (1 in 42).
  • Ivo Trumbic, Croatian water polo player (Olympic gold 1968 Yugoslavia) and coach (Olympic bronze Netherlands 1976), who died at 85.
  • Kid 90 is released. As a teenager in the ‘90s, Soleil Moon Frye carried a video camera everywhere she went, documenting her friends as they grew up in Hollywood and New York City. Kid 90 explores how sometimes we need to look back to find our way forward.
  • Honeydew is released. A young couple (Sawyer Spielberg and Malin Barr) are forced to seek shelter in the home of an aging farmer (Barbara Kingsley) and her peculiar son, when they suddenly begin having strange cravings and hallucinations taking them down a rabbit hole of the bizarre.
  • The Human Voice is released. A woman watches time passing next to the suitcases of her ex-lover (who is supposed to come pick them up, but never arrives) and a restless dog who doesn’t understand that his master has abandoned him.
  • The Inheritance is released. After nearly a decade exploring different facets of the African diaspora — and his own place within it — Ephraim Asili makes his feature-length debut with The Inheritance, an astonishing ensemble work set almost entirely within a West Philadelphia house where a community of young, Black artists and activists form a collective. A scripted drama of characters attempting to work towards political consensus — based partly on Asili’s own experiences in a Black liberationist group — weaves with a documentary recollection of the Philadelphia liberation group MOVE, the victim of a notorious police bombing in 1985. Ceaselessly finding commonalties between politics, humor, and philosophy, with Black authors and radicals at its edges, The Inheritance is a remarkable film about the world as we know it. [Grasshopper Film]
  • Come True is released. Looking for an escape from her recurring nightmares,18-year-old Sarah (Julia Sarah Stone) submits to a university sleep study, but soon realizes she’s become the conduit to a frightening new discovery.
  • Yes Day is released. Always feeling like they have to say No to their kids and co-workers, Allison and Carlos decide to give their three kids a Yes Day -- where for 24 hours the kids make the rules. Little did they know that they'd be going on a whirlwind adventure around Los Angeles, that would bring the family closer to each other than ever before.
  • Long Weekend is released. A down-on-his-luck struggling writer, meets an enigmatic woman who enters his life at the right time.
  • The One (2021): Season 1 is released. The drama based on the John Marrs book of the same name where Rebecca (Hannah Ware), MatchDNA's CEO announces a DNA test that can help locate one's perfect love match, but secrets and lies surface as the company's success take off.
  • The Moon and Stars: Prescriptions for Dreamers was released by Valerie June. The latest full-length release for the Memphis singer-songwriter features a guest appearance from Carla Thomas and was produced with Jack Splash.
  • The Art of Losing was released by The Anchoress. The second full-length release for the Welsh singer-songwriter Catherine Anne Davies features a guest appearances from James Dean Bradfield.
  • Smiling With No Teeth was released by Genesis Owusu. The debut full-length release for the Ghanaian-born, Australia-based artist features folk, funk, pop, R&B and rap influences.
  • A-Train: All Aboard! Tourism for Switch is released. All aboard! Tourism is a one-way ticket to urban planning. A-Train, the classic urban development simulation game that allows you to create the city of your dreams, is now available on the Nintendo Switch. Become the president of your very own railroad company, laying tracks and running your trains as you see fit. However, you will be responsible for more than the railroad. You'll also be tasked with managing subsidiaries, playing the stock market, and participating in urban planning, in order to develop and expand your town.This latest installment in the A-Train series introduces the element of tourism to the urban planning formula, and focuses on building up towns into bustling tourism capitals. Providing realistic business management simulations of financing, investing, and more, as well as a wide variety of customizable options for all your vehicles, A-Train: All Aboard! Tourism is packed full of features for you to explore. But don't be overwhelmed—players old and new alike will be able to jump right into the series thanks to the fun and practical tutorials provided in the early stages.So why not hop aboard the A-Train with your trusted team of advisors, and start crafting a bright future for your town?
  • Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time for Switch is released. It's About Time - for a brand-wumping new Crash Bandicoot game! Crash fourward into a time shattered adventure with your favorite marsupials. Neo Cortex and N. Tropy are back at it again and launching an all-out assault on not just this universe, but the entire multiverse! Crash and Coco are here to save the day by reuniting the four Quantum Masks and bending the rules of reality. New abilities? Check. More playable characters? Yep. Alternate dimensions? Obviously. Ridonkulous bosses? For sure. Same awesome sauce? You bet your sweet jorts. Wait, are they actually jorts? Not in this universe!
  • Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi imposes new COVID restrictions warning of a new wave as cases again exceed 25,000 a day.

On this day in 2020

  • NHL announces the pausing of the 2019-20 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • UK PM Boris Johnson says the UK is facing the “worst public health crisis for a generation”, that up to 10,000 people may already be infected with COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Half Past Fate for Switch is released. Half Past Fate is a romantic narrative-adventure game about three relationships that form either over the span of eight hours or eight years.Follow the adventures of six people who stumble their way through love and companionship in a hybrid 3D pixel-art world. Lead them through their daily struggles, quirky events, and life-changing decisions. Featuring a full cast of diverse characters with contrasting personalities, Half Past Fates takes you through intersecting stories over varying timespans that show how love can grow and develop in unexpected ways.
  • inbento for Switch is released. Complete over 100 levels with unique pattern-matching gameplay; - Experience a soothing, silent tale about cats and parenthood; - Enjoy a charming design inspired by Japanese aesthetics and bento cuisine; - Beat every stage steadily thanks to a gradually increasing difficulty; - Challenge yourself with advanced bonus stages; - Listen to a chill, original soundtrack; - Have more fun thanks to HD Rumble support.
  • 2020 NCAA men's basketball tournament is cancelled over concerns of the spread of COVID-19 pandemic; first time 'March Madness'not held since it began in 1939; women's tournament also cancelled.

On this day in 2019

  • More than 3,000 ISIS fighters have surrendered amid battle for last ISIS stronghold in Baghouz, Syria, according to Syrian Democratic Forces officials.
  • K-pop and Big Bang singer Seungri is arrested for procuring prostitutes, retires to fight the charges in South Korea.
  • Dozens charged in US college admission scandal by US federal prosecutors, including actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman.
  • Alan Moss, English cricket fast bowler (9 Tests,21 wickets; Middlesex CCC), who died at 88.
  • Hypnospace Outlaw for PC is released. Greetings Enforcer, and thank you for enlisting in the Hypnospace Patrol Department. As the world falls into its slumber, Hypnospace becomes a bustling global village. These virtual streets aren't going to police themselves.
  • Truberbrook: A Nerd Saves the World for PC is released. Enjoy an adventurous vacation to a 1960's parallel universe! A Sci-Fi-Mystery Adventure Game with handmade scenery. Imagine yourself on a vacation to Europe in the late sixties. Now, picture yourself as a young American scientist; Hans Tannhauser. Yes, that's your name in this scenario. While you're at it, think of Trüberbrook, a remote village in rural, mountain-sloped and densely forested cold-war Germany. Because, that's where you somehow end up after hitting the continent. But who cares, you won the trip in a lottery! Or at least, that’s how it seems. But don't fear, instead of getting some rest, you could find yourself having to save the world …
  • The Wizards: Enhanced Edition for PlayStation 4 is released. Become a powerful sorcerer with a host of mighty spells at your fingertips and protect the realm of Meliora! The Wizards is an acclaimed action-adventure game with a unique gesture-based spellcasting system, designed for PS Move controllers.
  • RICO for Switch is released. Two cops, one case and only 24 hours to take them down... can you score the bust of a lifetime? Take the role of a loose cannon police detective and face off against criminal gangs in an exciting procedurally-generated action movie FPS. Join forces with a friend, online or locally, and take down those crooks in true buddy-cop style. As a part of the RICO task force, your mission is clear: get in, take down the criminals and get out again. Sounds easy, but it's not - procedurally-generated cases mean you'll never know who or what's waiting for you. Pick your load-out, then use the element of surprise to get a tactical edge over the enemy. Unlock new weapons, mission types and traits, or dive into Daily Play and see how high you can climb the cop rankings.
  • The Caligula Effect: Overdose for Switch is released. Mobius. An idyllic world that exists for the sake of letting people forget about the pain and problems of reality. In this world created by a sentient virtual idol, µ (Mu), reality and fantasy has become blurred, allowing people to relive their high school years in bliss. Yet in this seemingly beautiful and perfect world, something is amiss. Escape from this false paradise with your fellow students and return to reality in The Caligula Effect: Overdose.
  • Claybook for Switch is released. Claybook is a unique world made entirely of clay. Every inch of the environment can be shaped and molded. Everything has matter inside it, not just an outer shell. Clay can be liquid or solid, and it can be deformed and destroyed. In the game, you step into the shoes of brave kids who bring the Claybook to life. Each chapter of the book challenges you with unique obstacles and puzzles. You possess clay blobs and morph them into different shapes to overcome tricky situations. Each shape has its strengths and weaknesses, and some even have special powers.
  • Tom Clancy's The Division 2 for Xbox One is released. Set in Washington D.C., the game takes place 7 months after a deadly virus was released in New York City and the nation has become a shell of its former self. While the virus has been contained, its effects are most evident in the devastated streets of the nation's capital where survivors cling to hope and struggle to rebuild. Enter The Division, a unit of civilian sleeper agents who now must work to stop enemy factions from completely taking over the city – and ultimately, the nation. As a universally-regarded seat of power, if D.C. falls, the nation falls. With civilians helpless and fearing for their lives, players will be the last line of defense in preventing the total collapse of society. [Ubisoft]
  • Theresa May's British government suffers a second defeat on a Brexit deal with the EU,391 votes to 242.

On this day in 2018

  • Tens of thousands of farmers from Indian state Maharashtra end protests over loan waivers, prices and land rights after promises from state officials and walking 167km to Mumbai.
  • Research shows Chinese cites have decreased pollution by 32 percent on average in just four years.
  • Plane crash of Bangladeshi carrier at Kathmandu airport kills at least 49 after plane approaches runway from wrong end.
  • Oleg Tabakov, Soviet-Russian actor and artistic director (Moscow Art Theatre), who died at 82.
  • Olly Wilson, American composer and founder of TIMARA, who died of complications of dementia at 80.
  • Nole "Nokie" Edwards, American surf-rock guitarist (The Ventures) and actor (Deadwood), who died of complications following a surgery at 82.
  • Ken Flach, American professional tennis player (4 Grand Slam titles,2 mixed doubles), who died of pneumonia at 54.
  • Craig Mack, American rapper (Flava In Ya Ear), who died of heart failure at 47.
  • British Prime Minister Theresa May says Russia was "highly likely" to have poisoned a Russian spy and his daughter on March 4 with nerve agent.
  • Civilian death toll in Eastern Ghouta passes 1,000 in three weeks as Syrian government forces capture the town of Mesraba.

On this day in 2017

  • Irene Sankoff and David Hein's musical drama "Come From Away" opens at Schoenfeld Theatre, NYC.
  • Actress and singer-songwriter Amanda Seyfried at the age of 31 weds actor Thomas Sadoski at the age of 40 in a private ceremony.
  • Luigi Barbarito, Italian prelate of the Roman Catholic Church, who died at 94.
  • Patrick Neve, Race Car Driver.
  • American Crime: Season 3 is released. Luis Salazar (Benito Martinez) enters Mexico illegally to search for his missing son and finds work as a farm laborer where Coy Henson (Connor Jessup) also works with Isaac Castillo (Richard Cabral) on a tomato farm owned by Jeanette Hesby's (Felicity Huffman) family. Social worker Kimara Walters (Regina King) seeks to help Shae (Ana Mulvoy-Ten) get out from her life as a 17-year-old prostitute. While Nicholas Coates (Timothy Hutton) and his wife Clair (Lili Taylor) hire an Haitian named Gabrielle (Mickaëlle X. Bizet) to be their son’s nanny in the third season of the anthology series.
  • Country music singer-songwriter and guitarist Frankie Ballard (34) weds Old Smokey Boots owner Christina Murphy.

On this day in 2016

  • Iron Maiden's personal Boeing 747 was badly damaged after colliding with a tow truck while grounded at Santiago, Chile. The band's crew and their twenty tons of equipment were not onboard at the time of the crash, but two ground crew workers were injured..
  • Lloyd Shapley, American Mathematician (2012 Nobel Prize, Game Theory), who died at 92.

On this day in 2015

  • Michael Graves, American postmodernist architect and designer, who died at 80.
  • Terry Pratchett, English author of fantasy novels (Discworld), who died of Alzheimer's disease at 66.
  • 3D Out Run for 3DS is released. The re-mastered version includes all of Out Run’s original content alongside two new songs, and runs at 60 frames per second which is twice the speed of the original game. 3D Out Run also features a built in Stage Select option that allows players to save and resume progress mid-game, has adjustable difficulty settings, and includes unlockable car customization options that allow you to equip parts to improve your car. Additionally, players are able to choose from a number of real-life arcade cabinets wherein everything from the appearance to the environmental sounds of the specific cabinet.
  • Dreamfall Chapters Book Two: Rebels for PC is released. The world of Arcadia exists in parallel and in balance with own own. It is a world of magic and chaos, a counterweight to Stark, the world of science and order. The Balance between the twin worlds is watched over by the Guardian, who channels the energies of Chaos and Order between Arcadia and Stark.
  • Sid Meier's Starships for PC is released. Assemble and helm a fleet of starships and travel between planets as you explore, build, negotiate, and fight to preserve your vision for humanity.

On this day in 2014

  • 8 people are killed,70 injured, & 2 buildings are leveled by a gas explosion in East Harlem, New York.
  • Vera Chytilova, Director.
  • Working the Engels: Season 1 is released. The death of Ceil Engel's (Andrea Martin) husband left her with a law firm in debt and only her youngest child (Kacey Rohl) qualified to be an attorney in this comedy co-produced by NBC and Canada's Global network.

On this day in 2013

  • The 2013 Papal conclave begins with no new Pope elected on the first day.
  • JOGMEC becomes the first to successfully extract methane hydrate from seabed deposits.
  • Clive Burr, drummer with Iron Maiden died in his sleep in London, four days after his 56th birthday, due to complications related to MS. Iron Maiden had the 1982 UK No.1 album The Number Of The Beast, and the 1991 UK No.1 single 'Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter'. Burr was a member of up-and-coming British metal band, Samson, before joining Maiden in 1979..
  • Bob Dylan was voted into the American Academy of Arts and Letters, marking the first time a rock musician had been chosen for the elite honor society. Officials in the Academy – which recognises music, literature and visual art – were unable to decide if Dylan belonged for his words or his music and instead inducted him as an honorary member like previous honorees Meryl Streep, Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese..
  • Ganesh Pyne, Painter.
  • Isles was released by Wild Belle. Reggae and pop come together on the debut release from the Chicago-based brother-and-sister duo of Natalie and Elliot Bergman.
  • Hit the Waves was released by The Mary Onettes. The third full-length release for the Swedish indie-pop quartet is its first in five years and was produced with Daniel Lissvik.
  • Home was released by Off with Their Heads. The third full-length studio release for the Minneapolis punk band was produced by Bill Stevenson of the Descendents.
  • Golden Grrrls was released by Golden Grrrls. This is the full-length debut for the Scottish indie pop trio of Eilidh Rodgers, Ruary MacLean, and Rachel Aggs.
  • Mala was released by Devendra Banhart. The eighth full-length release from the singer-songwriter is his first on Nonesuch and was co-produced with collaborator/guitarist Noah Georgeson.
  • Old Sock was released by Eric Clapton. JJ Cale, Chaka Khan Paul McCartney, and Steve Winwood guest on the British singer/guitarist's covers album that includes two original songs.
  • Opposites was released by Biffy Clyro. The sixth release for the Scottish rock trio was produced by Garth "GGGarth"Richardson.
  • Sound City: Real to Reel was released by Original Soundtrack. The songs on the soundtrack to Dave Grohl's documentary about Sound City Studios (Fleetwood Mac's Rumours, Rage Against The Machine's self-titled debut, Pat Benatar's Crimes of Passion, and Nirvana's Nevermind were recorded there), were composed and recorded with its own 24-hour session using the Neve 8028 recording console from the legendary Los Angeles studio with such artists as Josh Homme, Paul McCartney, Stevie Nicks, Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen, Trent Reznor, Rick Springfield, Slipknot’s Corey Taylor, Fear's Lee Ving, members of the Foo Fighters, and surviving members of Nirvana.
  • The Deserters was released by Rachel Zeffira. The self-produced debut solo release for the Cat's Eyes singer features a guest appearance from TOY.
  • The New Life was released by Girls Names. The second full-length release for the Belfast band sees the addition of Philip Quinn to the group.
  • The Next Day was released by David Bowie. In the works for over two years with producer Tony Visconti, this is the first new studio release from David Bowie in ten years.
  • What About Now was released by Bon Jovi. The 12th studio release for the New Jersey rock band was produced with Jon Shanks.
  • Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm for PC is released. StarCraft II continues the epic saga of the Protoss, Terran, and Zerg. These three distinct and powerful races clash once again in the fast-paced real-time strategy sequel to the legendary original, StarCraft. Legions of veteran, upgraded, and brand-new unit types do battle across the galaxy, as each faction struggles for survival. Featuring a unique single-player campaign that picks up where StarCraft: Brood War left off, StarCraft II presents a cast of new heroes and familiar faces in an edgy sci-fi story filled with adventure and intrigue. In addition, Blizzard again offers unparalleled online play through, the company's world-renowned gaming service, with several enhancements and new features to make StarCraft II the ultimate competitive real-time strategy game. Features fast-paced, hard-hitting, tightly balanced competitive real-time strategy gameplay that recaptures and improves on the magic of the original game. New units and gameplay mechanics further distinguish each race. Vibrant new 3D-graphics engine with support for dazzling visual effects and massive unit and army sizes. Full map-making and scripting tools to give players incredible freedom in customizing and personalizing their gameplay experience. [Blizzard]
  • God of War: Ascension for PlayStation 3 is released. Ascension is a prequel to the initial God of War. 6 months have elapsed since Kratos stood before the bodies of his wife and child, his hands stained with their blood - duped by Ares into killing the only people he ever loved. Vowing to avenge them, Kratos shattered the blood oath that bound him to Ares. Sentenced to an eternity chained within a prison for the living damned, Kratos battles insanity at the hands of the Furies. He will be tested as he seeks freedom, redemption for his sins, and the clarity to avenge his family.
  • Darkstalkers Resurrection for PlayStation 3 is released. The Darkstalkers fighting game franchise returns and ready to take the scrap to current gen consoles. Featuring a unique and colorful array of characters blended with fast-paced fighting action, Darkstalkers Resurrection sports 2 games (Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge and Darkstalkers 3), in the same package. Each game has a bag of features added including: robust GGPO-enabled online game play, HD graphical filtering with multiple viewing options, replay sharing, Spectator Mode, in-game achievements, Challenge/Tutorial Mode and an un-lockable vault filled with concept artwork, videos and more.
  • GAMING: XBOX 360
  • Dead Space 3: Awakened for Xbox 360 is released. Left for dead on Tau Volantis, Isaac Clarke and John Carver face a daunting journey. As madness takes hold, they find they can't trust their eyes or each other. The trek leads to the ship Terra Nova, now home to a sadistic cult of Unitologists. The horror continues as the Dead Space saga enters its darkest chapter.
  • Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 for Xbox 360 is released. Assume the role of the deadliest sniper in an elite Ghost Warrior unit. Dug in deep within enemy territory, throw precision firepower and test your skills in a story of intrigue and betrayal. Feel the kill as you control your breathing and experience a realistic ballistics system. Experience the single player campaign and multiplayer sniper battles. The game is powered by CryENGINE® 3 technology.


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