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Today in the World Countries

  • Emancipation Day is being celebrated in Puerto Rico
  • Nauryz holiday is being celebrated in Kazakhstan
  • Navruz Holiday is being celebrated in Tajikistan
  • Nevruz Day is being celebrated in Albania
  • Novruz Holiday is being celebrated in Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkmenistan
  • People born on this day are Aries as their zodiac sign.

Today in History

In the future 2233

  • James T Kirk, science fiction captain of USS Enterprise (Star Trek).

On this day in 2023

  • Microsoft founder Bill Gates says development of artificial intelligence (AI) is the most important technological advance since the graphical user interface (GUI) in 1980.
  • New DNA analysis of composer Ludwig van Beethoven's hair reveals he probably died of cirrhosis of the liver and hepatitis B, but doesn't explain his deafness.
  • Abel Prize for Mathematics (equivalent to a Nobel Prize) awarded to Argentinian–American Luis Caffarelli for his work on partial differential equations.
  • Juan Carlos Aviles, Rapper, born in Panama.
  • Tony Knapp, English soccer manager (Iceland, Viking FK) and defender (Leicester City, Southampton), who died at 86.
  • Waco: American Apocalypse: Season 1 is released. The three-part documentary series directed by Tiller Russell includes tapes from the FBI Crisis Negotiation Unit, previously unreleased raw news footage, interviews with journalists, ATF and FBI agents involved in the Waco siege.
  • Have a Nice Death for PC is released. Have a Nice Death is a 2D action roguelike where you play as an overworked Death, whose employees have run rampant, completely throwing off the balance of souls - and his vacation plans. In order to restore order, you'll have to grab your trusty scythe and show your employees who's boss. Since Death can't die, use what you've learned and earned to overcome the numerous minions and bosses in each department of Death Incorporated... over and over. A performance review after every run guarantees that you'll unlock interesting items and upgrades that will help you progress on your journey.
  • Former UK PM Boris Johnson is grilled by Government Privileges Committee over whether he intentionally misled parliament over COVID-19 pandemic rule breaches by his administration.

On this day in 2022

  • Forever was released by Phife Dawg. Phife Dawg's posthumous release features guest appearances from Cheryl Boyce-Taylor, Darien Brockington, Busta Rhymes, Dwele, Illa J, Lyric Jones, Little Brother, Maseo of De La Soul, Renée Neufville, Pos of De La Soul, Q-Tip, Rapsody, Redman, V.Rich, and Angela Winbush.
  • GhostWire: Tokyo for PlayStation 5 is released. After strange disappearances hit Tokyo’s population, it’s up to you to uncover the source and purge the city of a strange, new evil. Armed with your own mysterious abilities, you will face down the occult, unravel conspiracy theories and experience urban legends like never before.Don’t fear the unknown. Attack it.
  • Rune Factory 5 for Switch is released. A new stage, a new adventure... The curtain rises on the next chapter in the Rune Factory series. Set off on a grand adventure in a fantasy world with the latest entry in the Rune Factory simulation RPG series. After losing their memory, the hero lands in a small town blessed by nature. There, they are recruited into a band of peacekeeping rangers, and their new life begins. In addition to their normal duties, the hero can farm the land, cast a line into the nearby river, and so much more! Team up with townsfolk to battle monsters and unleash powerful combination attacksjust one of the features new to the series. The stage is set, and the curtain rises on an exciting new adventure in Rune Factory 5!Features:* Tame monsters or team up with townsfolk to explore a massive world* Defend the frontier and support your community as a member of a peacekeeping ranger* Unleash uniquely powerful combo attacks with your teammates * Cultivate crops in the fields* Find friendship, love, and family with a colorful cast of characters
  • Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party reaches a deal with opposition New Democratic Party to stay in power till 2025.

On this day in 2021

  • Evanston, Illinois, votes to become first US city to pay reparations to Black residents for past discriminations and effects of slavery, giving $400,000 to each household.
  • 10 people shot dead at a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado, by 21 year-old gunman.
  • Sanctions imposed on Chinese officials over rights abuses against Uighurs in China by EU, UK, US and Canada.
  • World's largest painting "The Journey of Humanity" by British artist Sacha Jafri sells in Dubai for $62m to raise funds for children's charities.
  • Johnny Dumfries, Race Car Driver.
  • Frank Worthington, English soccer forward (8 caps; Huddersfield Town, Leicester City, Bolton Wanderers) and manager (Tranmere Rovers), who died at 72.
  • Elgin Baylor, American Basketball Hall of Fame small forward (11 x NBA All Star; NBA All-Star Game MVP 1959; Minneapolis/LA Lakers), who died at 86.

On this day in 2020

  • American-born, British-based folk recording artist Julie Felix died age 81. She had two UK Singles Chart hits in 1970, the first of several on the RAK label, produced by Mickie Most. The first was with the song entitled "If I Could (El Cóndor Pasa)", while the second, "Heaven is Here", was written by Errol Brown and Tony Wilson of Hot Chocolate..
  • India puts 1 billion people under a daytime curfew to curb COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei refuses American COVID-19 pandemic help, refers to conspiracy theory that it was manufactured by the US.
  • Julie Felix, American-born British-based folk-rock singer-songwriter, and BBC presenter (The Frost Report; Once More With Felix), who died at 81.
  • Eric Weissberg, American singer and musician (Duelling Banjos), who died of Alzheimer’s at 80.
  • Serena Liu, TV Actress.
  • Stan Bronstein, American rock saxophonist (Elephant's Memory), who died at 81.
  • 3.15.20 was released by Childish Gambino. The surprise release for Donald Glover features guest appearances from 21 Savage, Ariana Grande, and SZA.

On this day in 2019

  • " Mind-blowing" discovery announced of 518 million year old fossil site in near Danshui river, Hubei province, China, with thousands of unknown fossils well preserved.
  • Carlo Franci, Italian composer and conductor, who died at 91.
  • Scott Walker [Noel Scott Engel], American-born British singer-songwriter and composer (The Walker Brothers), who died of cancer at 76.
  • Victor Hochhauser, British impresario (Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra), who died at 95.
  • MOVIES: MARCH 22 2019
  • Skid Row Marathon is released. When a criminal court judge starts a running club on LA’s notorious skid row and begins training a motley group of addicts and criminals to run marathons, lives begin to change.
  • Ramen Shop is released. Masato, a young ramen chef, leaves his hometown in Japan to embark on a culinary journey to Singapore to find out the truth about his past. He uncovers a lot more than family secrets and delicious recipes.
  • Roll Red Roll is released. At a pre-season football party in small-town Steubenville, Ohio, a heinous crime took place: the assault of a teenage girl by members of the beloved high school football team. What transpired would garner national attention and result in the sentencing of two key offenders. But it was the disturbing social media evidence uncovered online by crime blogger Alex Goddard that provoked the most powerful questions about the case, and about the collusion of teen bystanders, teachers, parents and coaches to protect the assailants and discredit the victim. As it painstakingly reconstructs the night of the crime and its aftermath, Roll Red Roll uncovers the engrained rape culture at the heart of the incident, acting as a cautionary tale about what can happen when teenage social media bullying runs rampant and adults look the other way. The film unflinchingly asks: “why didn’t anyone stop it?”
  • Sunset is released. 1913, Budapest, in the heart of Europe. The young Irisz Leiter arrives in the Hungarian capital with high hopes to work as a milliner at the legendary hat store that belonged to her late parents. She is nonetheless sent away by the new owner, Oszkár Brill. While preparations are under way at the Leiter hat store, to host guests of uttermost importance, a man abruptly comes to Irisz, looking for a certain Kálmán Leiter. Refusing to leave the city, the young woman follows Kálmán's tracks, her only link to a lost past. Her quest brings her through the dark streets of Budapest, where only the Leiter hat store shines, into the turmoil of a civilization on the eve of its downfall.
  • Out of Blue is released. The hunt for a killer draws a detective into an even larger mystery: the nature of the universe itself. Mike Hoolihan (Patricia Clarkson) is an unconventional New Orleans cop investigating the murder of renowned astrophysicist Jennifer Rockwell (Mamie Gummer), a black hole expert found shot to death in her observatory. As Mike tumbles down the rabbit hole of the disturbing, labyrinthine case, she finds herself grappling with increasingly existential questions of quantum mechanics, parallel universes, and exploding stars—cosmic secrets that may hold the key to unraveling the crime, while throwing into doubt her very understanding of reality. [IFC Films]
  • Hotel Mumbai is released. A gripping true story of humanity and heroism, Hotel Mumbai vividly recounts the 2008 siege of the famed Taj Hotel by a group of terrorists in Mumbai, India. Among the dedicated hotel staff is the renowned chef Hemant Oberoi (Anupam Kher) and a waiter (Dev Patel) who choose to risk their lives to protect their guests. As the world watches on, a desperate couple (Armie Hammer and Nazanin Boniadi) is forced to make unthinkable sacrifices to protect their newborn child.
  • Dragged Across Concrete is released. Two police detectives find themselves suspended when a video of their strong-arm tactics is leaked to the media. With little money and no options, the embittered policemen descend into the criminal underworld and find more than they wanted waiting in the shadows.
  • Us is released. A mother (Lupita Nyong’o) and a father (Winston Duke) take their kids (Shahadi Wright Joseph, Evan Alex) for an idyllic summer getaway. Haunted by an unexplainable and unresolved trauma from her past and compounded by a string of eerie coincidences, Adelaide feels her paranoia elevate to high-alert as she grows increasingly certain that something bad is going to befall her family. After spending a tense beach day with their friends, the Tylers (Elisabeth Moss, Tim Heidecker, Cali Sheldon, Noelle Sheldon), Adelaide and her family return to their vacation home. When darkness falls, the Wilsons discover the silhouette of four figures holding hands as they stand in the driveway. Us pits an endearing American family against a terrifying and uncanny opponent: doppelgängers of themselves.
  • The Dirt is released. The story of how Mötley Crüe came to be one of the most notorious rock 'n roll groups in history.
  • Relaxer is released. Doom and gloom are on the way. The Y2K apocalypse can't be stopped. Abbie's older brother issues him the ultimate challenge before it goes down: stay on the couch until he beats the infamous Billy Mitchell record on Pac-Man by getting past level 256. No getting up, no matter what. No quitting. Abbie must survive inside a rotten living room with no food or water, and numb nut friends and toxic gas getting in his face. Luckily, Abbie's secret 3D glasses begin to give him new abilities, controlling the powers of his tiny universe.
  • The OA: Season 2 is released. In another dimension, OA (Brit Marling) is a Russian heiress and meets PI Karim Washington (Kingsley Ben-Adir), who is looking for a missing teenager.
  • This (Is What I Wanted to Tell You) was released by Lambchop. The latest full-length release for the alt-country band led by Kurt Wagner was produced by Matthew McCaughan (who also co-wrote several tracks with Wagner).
  • The Modern Age was released by Sleeper. The first full-length studio release in nearly 22 years for the Britpop band was recorded by producer Stephen Street.
  • Pony was released by Orville Peck. The debut full-length release for the masked outlaw cowboy singer-songwriter was self-produced.
  • Significant Changes was released by Jayda G. The debut full-length release for the Canadian DJ/producer features a guest appearance from Alexa Dash.
  • Panorama was released by La Dispute. The fourth full-length release for the Michigan post-hardcore band was produced with Will Yip.
  • No Words Left was released by Lucy Rose. The fourth full-length release for the British singer-songwriter was produced by Tim Bidwell.
  • On the Line was released by Jenny Lewis. The fourth full-length release for the singer-songwriter/actress features contributions from Ryan Adams, Beck, Jim Keltner, Ringo Starr, Benmont Tench, and Don Was.
  • My Finest Work Yet was released by Andrew Bird. The 12th full-length solo studio release for the singer-songwriter was produced by Paul Butler.
  • Inside the Rose was released by These New Puritans. The first full-length studio release in six years for the British band is its first as a duo.
  • It's Real was released by Ex Hex. The second full-length release for the Washington, D.C. alternative rock trio was produced by Jonah Takagi and mixed by Collin Dupuis.
  • LP5 was released by Apparat. The fifth full-length solo release for Moderat's Sascha Ring is his first as Apparat since 2013's Krieg und Frieden (Music for Theatre).
  • Miss Universe was released by Nilüfer Yanya. The debut full-length release for the London-based singer-songwriter features co-production from Will Archer, Oli Barton-Wood, Jazzi Bobbi, Luke Bower, John Congleton, M.T. Hadley, and the Invisible's Dave Okumu.
  • Cows on Hourglass Pond was released by Avey Tare. The third full-length solo release for the Animal Collective co-founder was recorded on a 1980s Tascam 48 half-inch reel-to-reel tape machine.
  • American Football (LP3) was released by American Football. The third full-length release for the Illinois emo band features guest appearances from Rachel Goswell, Elizabeth Powell and Hayley Williams.
  • Doko Mien was released by Ibibio Sound Machine. The third full-length release for the Nigerian Afro-electronic band led by London-born Eno Williams was produced by Max Grunhard.
  • Eraserland was released by Strand of Oaks. The sixth full-length release for Timothy Showalter as Strand Of Oaks features contributions from My Morning Jacket’s Tom Blankenship, Carl Broemel, Patrick Hallahan, Bo Koster, as well as Jason Isbell.
  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice for PC is released. Your death won’t come easily. Enter the world of late 1500s Sengoku Japan; a brutal, bloody period of constant life-and-death conflict. As tensions rise, a compelling new story unfolds amongst the chaos. Introducing Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, a dark and twisted new gameplay experience developed by the renowned team at FromSoftware and published by Activision. Directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a third-person, action-adventure game with RPG elements. The single-player game puts players in the protagonist role of a hard-hearted warrior whose mission is to rescue his master, a young lord, and exact revenge on his arch nemesis. As “Sekiro, ” or the “one-armed wolf, ” players discover the many ways to strategically approach combat and engage enemies. [Activision]
  • Unravel Two for Switch is released. In Unravel 2, you play as two Yarnys (tiny magical creatures made of yarn and joined by a thread) in a puzzle-platforming adventure. Run, jump, swing, and solve your way through a world of natural beauty and shadowy dangers, either on your own or with a friend in local co-op.
  • Frans Andriessen, Dutch politician (KVP/CDA; European Commissioner,1981-93), who died at 89.
  • East 17 star Brian Harvey was taken to hospital and arrested after ‘threatening self-harm’ in a livestream video. Police were called to the star's East London home over concerns for his welfare and officers reportedly threatened to taser him in a tense stand-off. In a string of videos the singer spoke about his financial struggles, living on benefits and the government..

On this day in 2018

  • Musical "Frozen" opens on Broadway based on the film, starring Patti Murin and Caissie Levy.
  • The "Great Pacific Garbage Patch" between Hawaii and California has 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic and increasing rapidly according to new research.
  • Wayne Huizenga, American businessman, CEO (Waste Management, Blockbuster), and sports team owner (Miami Dolphins, Florida Panthers, Florida Marlins), who died of cancer at 80.
  • Morgana King, American jazz singer and actress (The Godfather, The Godfather Part II), who died of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma at 87.
  • Johan van Hulst, Dutch teacher who helped save 600 children from the Nazis, who died at 107.
  • Fergus Anckorn, War Hero.
  • Station 19: Season 1 is released. The second spinoff of Grey's Anatomy focuses on Seattle Fire Station 19 where Captain Pruitt Herrera (Miguel Sandoval) and his crew of firefighters and EMTs: Andy Herrera (Jaina Lee Ortiz), Dr. Ben Warren (Jason George), Jack Gibson (Grey Damon), Victoria Hughes (Barrett Doss), Ryan Tanner (Alberto Frezza), Travis Montgomery (Jay Hayden), Dean Miller (Okieriete Onaodowan), and Maya Bishop (Danielle Savre), work 24-hour shifts.
  • ARK Park for PlayStation 4 is released. A virtual reality adventure, allowing players to get up close and personal with dinosaurs and their immersive primal environments.
  • Gekido: Kintaro's Revenge for Switch is released. A year has passed since the epic battle that decided the fate of mankind and claimed the life of the beloved Angela. Dark omens once again tell of the return of an evil presence. Ushi is the last remaining master of the ancient art of Shin-Ken, and he calls upon Tetsuo, his disciple and adopted son, to investigate some strange happenings in a faraway farming village outside the city.
  • Slayaway Camp: Butcher's Cut for Switch is released. A killer puzzle game where you control Skullface, a psychotic slasher hell-bent on revenge. Slide this adorably demented murderer around hundreds of isometric puzzle levels to squash, flay, and decapitate hapless victims in this darkly comic homage to 80s horror movies. [Nintendo]
  • US President Donald Trump imposes $60 billion worth of tariffs on Chinese imports.

On this day in 2017

  • Tomb of Jesus reopens after restoration in Jerusalem.
  • Terrorist attack on London's Westminster Bridge and Houses of Parliament kills 4 including a police officer and injures 40.
  • Arctic records its lowest ever winter ice cover according to US National Snow and Ice Data Center,5.5 million square miles.
  • Bear Payne, Family Member, born in England.
  • Francine Hughes Wilson, American domestic abuse victim "The Burning Bed" who changed pubic perceptions, who died at 69.
  • Tomas Milian, Movie Actor.
  • A Woman, a Part is released. Burnt-out on her career, Anna Baskin (Maggie Siff), a successful television actress on a hit network show in Los Angeles, abruptly walks off her set and returns to New York, attempting to reconnect with her two closest friends, theater collaborators she turned her back on years ago. But her journey tears open old wounds and leads to unexpected results for all.
  • Shots Fired: Season 1 is released. An small town in North Carolina is in turmoil after an unarmed white college student is killed by a African-American police officer and another unsolved murder of an African-American teenager leads to an investigation by the Department of Justice led by investigator Ashe Akino (Sanaa Lathan) and Special Prosecutor Preston Terry (Stephan James).
  • This Is the Police for PlayStation 4 is released. This Is the Police is a strategy/adventure game set in a city spiraling the drain. Taking the role of gritty Police Chief Jack Boyd, you'll dive into a deep story of crime and intrigue. Will Jack reach his retirement with a nice stack of bills, or will he end up broken... or worse?
  • Dallas Green, American baseball manager and pitcher (Phillies, Yankees), who died at 82.

On this day in 2016

  • Dave Grohl leapt to the defence of a teenage heavy metal band from Cornwall, England, after their local council said they were too loud. The Black Leaves of Envy were told they would have to stop practising in a family garage after noise complaints from neighbours. Foo Fighters frontman Grohl penned an open letter to the authority after the band contacted him asking Cornwall Council to 'reconsider the restrictions'..
  • American rapper Phife Dawg died in Contra Costa County, California, due to complications relating to diabetes at the age of 45. He was a member of the group A Tribe Called Quest and was also known as the 'Five Foot Assassin' and 'The Five Footer' because he stood at 5 feet 3 inches (1.60 m)..
  • Suicide bombings at Brussel's Zaventem airport and Maelbeek metro station, leave around 28 victims dead and 260 injured, ISIS claim responsibility.
  • Micah Kittiesmama, YouTube Star, born in Florida.
  • Phife Dawg [Malik Taylor] American rapper (A Tribe called Quest), who died from diabetes complications at 45.
  • Rita Gam, American actress (Night People, Hannibal), who died at 88.
  • The A Word: Season 1 is released. The British series based on the Israeli show Yellow Peppers focuses on the dysfunctional Hughes family, whose seemingly perfect lives are shaken up by the autism diagnosis of 5-year-old Joe (Max Vento).
  • Heartbeat (2016): Season 1 is released. Based on the life of Dr. Kathy Magliato, Dr. Alex Panttiere (Melissa George) juggles life as one of the few women heart-transplant surgeons in the world in this medical drama formerly known as Heart Matters and Heartbreaker.
  • Fallout 4: Automatron for PC is released. The mysterious Mechanist has unleashed a horde of evil robots into the Commonwealth, including the devious Robobrain. Hunt them down and harvest their parts to build and mod your own custom robot companions. Choose from hundreds of mods; mixing limbs, armor, abilities, and weapons like the all-new lightning chain gun. Even customize their paint schemes and choose their voices!
  • Polaris Sector for PC is released. The ancients who named this sector ‘Polaris’ sure had a unique sense of humor. Polaris - the bright star, the star of hope and faith. Well the Polaris sector has precious little of either; just a wilderness of gas, stars, and supernovas soaked in treachery, oppression, and the lust for power. Can anyone build an empire in a place like this? Other factions are naturally suspicious of newcomers and may wage war at the first sign of unidentified craft. Here, a natural death is an uncommon luxury. You look weak? Pirates and scavengers will plunder your planets. You show military strength to discourage potential enemies? Your rivals will combine their forces to eliminate the threat.
  • Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet for PC is released. Pirate heroine Nelly Cootalot takes on the villainous Baron Widebeard in this point and click adventure game. Meet a cast of outlandish characters and face perplexing challenges in your quest for the Treasure of the Seventh Sea.
  • Out of the Park Baseball 17 for PC is released. Step into the shoes of a team owner, GM, and/or field manager to own the future or rewrite the past of your favorite real-world club. Start a new career with 2016 Opening Day rosters of the real major or minor leagues, or span through 150 years of history and run any club from the past! Perform drafts, trades, scouting, waivers, team finances and personnel. Negotiate player contracts. Dive into the more hands-on management and set your team's lineups, pitching staffs, and in-game strategy. You can oversee your league at a high level, or play out each game, managing play by play or even pitch by pitch!
  • Republique for PlayStation 4 is released. In République on PS4, players finally take full control of Hope, a young woman held captive inside Metamorphosis, a shadowy totalitarian state ruled by the omnipresent Overseer. By hacking into this secret nation’s elaborate surveillance network, players and Hope begin a treacherous journey to freedom.
  • Day of the Tentacle Remastered for PlayStation 4 is released. Originally released by LucasArts in 1993 as a sequel to Ron Gilbert’s Maniac Mansion, Day of the Tentacle is a mind-bending, time travel, cartoon puzzle adventure game in which three unlikely friends work together to prevent an evil mutated purple tentacle from taking over the world. Over 20 years later, Day of the Tentacle is back in a remastered edition that features all new hand-drawn, high resolution artwork, with remastered audio, music and sound effects. Players can switch back and forth between classic and remastered modes, and mix and match audio, graphics and user interface to their heart’s desire. We’ve also included a concept art browser, and recorded a commentary track with the game’s original creators. []
  • Catlateral Damage for PlayStation 4 is released. Catlateral Damage is a first-person destructive cat simulator where you play as a cat on a rampage, knocking as much stuff onto the ground as possible.
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus for PlayStation Vita is released. Threatened by an unknown enemy, the Earth's governments unite to form a secret paramilitary organization, known as XCOM, to combat this extraterrestrial attack. As the commander of XCOM, you control the global defense team and its resources in a battle against the terrifying alien invasion. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a reimagining of X-COM, the classic strategy game from 1993, and developed by the award-winning creators of Civilization. You will control the fate of the human race by creating and managing a fully operational base, researching alien technologies, planning combat missions, and controlling soldier movement in battle.
  • Trackmania Turbo for Xbox One is released. Trackmania Turbo features an easy to learn, hard to master gameplay style that relies on time attack racing in which racers set their own limits and challenges. The gameplay centers on the perfect combination of matchbox car fantasy on a massive scale, focusing on the pursuit of the perfect run around the track. Players test their skills in the campaign mode which includes more than 200 tracks set in four beautiful environments each with their own gameplay style. [Ubisoft]
  • Stranger of Sword City for Xbox One is released. STRANGER OF SWORD CITY is the next step in the evolution of the traditional dungeon RPG genre. This title contains the three core elements of attraction for dungeon RPGs: character creation, conquering various dungeons, and dungeon crawling gameplay. Furthermore, our experience and know-how with a large number of titles within the Dungeon RPG genre has allowed us to create enhanced support features that allow our users to enjoy the title to their hearts content. Players can switch between the beautiful and fantastical art style of Yoko Tsukamoto, or the art style of Oxijiyen, an artist renowned for their cute character graphics, for the NPC illustrations in game.
  • Rob Ford, Canadian politician (Toronto mayor caught with cocaine), who died at 46.
  • Eli Louw, South African politician (Minister of Transport), who died at 88.

On this day in 2015

  • Norman Scribner, American organist, conductor, choral director (St. Alban's,1960-2007; Choral Arts Society of Washington,1965-2012), and composer (Song for St. Cecilia), who died at 79.

On this day in 2014

  • Guinea confirms Ebola outbreak has already killed 59 people.
  • The US and EU impose sanctions on Russia.
  • Patrice Wymore, American actress (The Big Tree), who died from natural causes at 87.


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