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Today in the World Countries

  • Constitution Day is being celebrated in Marshall Islands
  • International Labor Day is being celebrated in Vietnam
  • International Worker's Day is being celebrated in Indonesia
  • International Workers' Day is being celebrated in Mozambique
  • Kazakhstan's People Solidarity Holiday is being celebrated in Kazakhstan
  • Labor and Agricultural Day is being celebrated in Haiti
  • Labor Day is being celebrated in most countries
  • Labor Day / May Day is being celebrated in Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Kenya
  • Labor Day / Worker's Day is being celebrated in Argentina
  • Labour and Solidarity Day is being celebrated in Turkey
  • Labour Day is being celebrated in most countries
  • May Day is being celebrated in most countries
  • May Day (Vappu) is being celebrated in Finland
  • Saint Joseph the Worker is being celebrated in Vatican City
  • Spring and Labor Day is being celebrated in Russia
  • Spring Day is being celebrated in Estonia
  • Workers Day is being celebrated in South Africa
  • Workers' Day is being celebrated in Eswatini, Lesotho, Malta, Namibia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe
  • People born on this day are Taurus as their zodiac sign.

Today in History

On this day in 2023

  • Geoffrey Hinton 'the Godfather of AI" resigns from Google to speak out about the dangers of AI - eliminating jobs and creating a world where many may “not be able to know what is true anymore”.
  • US White Houses estimates Russia has lost 100,000 troops so far in 2023 invading Ukraine, with 20,000 killed. Half of those losses from Wagner mercenaries..
  • White House Plumbers: Season 1 is released. E. Howard Hunt (Woody Harrelson) and G. Gordon Liddy's (Justin Theroux) plots include the Watergate break-in that led to the end of Richard Nixon's presidency in this satirical drama miniseries from David Mandel, Peter Huyck, and Alex Gregory.
  • A Small Light: Season 1 is released. Miep Gies (Bel Powley) and her husband helped Otto Frank (Liev Schreiber) and his family (plus 4 others) from the Nazis during World War II in this eight-part limited series from Joan Rater and Tony Phelan.
  • Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster: FF35th Anniversary Edition for PlayStation 4 is released. This highly anticipated set includes the physical packaged version of FINAL FANTASY I-VI COLLECTION (PS4 or NSW), the Anniversary Edition GOODS BOX which contains a vinyl record set featuring newly arranged game music, a specially compiled artbook showcasing beautiful character pixel art, and 8 stylised pixel art character figures, and a bonus lenticular sleeve for the game package.

On this day in 2022

  • First of two sets of human remains revealed by receding Lake Mead, US's largest reservoir, near Las Vegas likely linked to mob activity in the 1970s and 80s.
  • Ivica Osim, Soccer Player.
  • Charles Siebert, American television actor (One Day at A Time; Trapper John, M.D. - "Stanley"), and director, who died at 84.
  • I Love That for You: Season 1 is released. Childhood cancer survivor Joanna Gold (Vanessa Bayer) seeks to become a home shopping channel host in this semi-autobiographical comedy series co-created by Bayer and Jeremy Beiler.
  • Ridley Road: Season 1 is released. Vivien Epstein (Agnes O'Casey) moves to London in 1962 to find her ex-boyfriend Jack Morris (Tom Varey) and soon finds herself involved in spying on the National Socialist Movement in this four-part drama series based on the novel by Jo Bloom.[Premiered originally in the UK on BBC One on 3 Oct 2021 and in the US on PBS on 1 May 2022]
  • Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says Adolf Hitler "had Jewish blood" in interview on Italian TV, prompting outrage from Israel.
  • US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi leads surprise congressional delegation to Ukraine to met with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

On this day in 2021

  • 147th Kentucky Derby: Medina Spirit gives jockey John Velazquez his fourth Derby win and trainer Bob Baffert a record seventh victory in the race.
  • India is the first country to record more than 400,000 new COVID-19 pandemic cases in one day (401,993).
  • Olympia Dukakis, Greek-American stage and screen, Obie, Oscar, and Golden Globe award-winning actress (Man Equals Man; Moonstruck; Steel Magnolias), who died at 89.
  • Al Jamison, American football offensive lineman (AFL All Star 1961,62; AFL C'ship 1960,61; Houston Oilers), who died at 83.

On this day in 2020

  • Canadian PM Justin Trudeau announces ban on 1,500 types of assault-style weapons in response to recent Nova Scotia shooting.
  • Prison riot leaves more than 40 dead and many injured at Los Llanos jail, near Guanare city, Venezuela.
  • Tweets by Elon Musk saying Tesla's share price is too high wipe $14 billion off the carmaker's value.
  • Ella Rose Mann, Family Member, born in United States.
  • Georgios Zaimis, Greek sailor (Olympic gold dragon class 1960), who died at 82.
  • Chung Hae-Won, South Korean soccer striker (58 caps; Daewoo Royals), who died from liver cancer at 60.
  • Capital in the Twenty-First Century is released. Based on the international bestseller by economist Thomas Piketty, this documentary is an eye-opening journey through wealth and power, a film that breaks the popular assumption that the accumulation of capital runs hand in hand with social progress, and shines a new light on today’s growing inequalities. Traveling through time, the film assembles accessible pop-culture references coupled with interviews of some of the world’s most influential experts delivering an insightful and empowering journey through the past and into our future. [Kino Lorber]
  • Bull is released. After trashing her neighbor's house in a fit of youthful defiance,14-year-old Kris (Amber Havard) seems destined to follow in her mother's footsteps to the state penitentiary. To make amends, she is forced to help Abe Turner (Rob Morgan), an ex-bull rider scraping by on the Texas rodeo circuit, with errands at home and at his work. While traveling with Abe, she discovers a passion for bull riding. Yet, as Kris sets out to learn the dangerous sport, bad influences lure her back into delinquent ways. Meanwhile, Abe struggles with the aches and pains of growing older and aging out of the only life he has ever known. Together, Kris and Abe forge an unexpected connection, helping each other see new possibilities and hope for the future before it’s too late.
  • Liberté is released. Just before the French Revolution, in a forest outside Berlin, a band of libertines expelled from the court of Louis XVI rendezvous with the legendary German seducer and freethinker, the Duc de Walchen (Helmut Berger), to convince him to join in their mission: the rejection of authority and all moral boundaries. What begins as an evening of strategizing on the proliferation of libertinage, descends into a Sadean night of pansexual one-upmanship.
  • Our Mothers is released. Guatemala,2018. The whole country is immersed in the trial of the soldiers who sparked the civil war. Victim statements come one after another. Ernesto is a young anthropologist working for the Forensic Foundation; his job is to identify the missing. One day, while hearing the account of an old woman, he thinks he has found a lead that might guide him to his father, a guerrillero who went missing during the war. Against his mother's wishes, he flings himself body and soul into the case, looking for truth and resilience.
  • The Infiltrators is released. The Infiltrators is a docu-thriller that tells the true story of young immigrants who are detained by Border Patrol and thrown into a shadowy for-profit detention center—on purpose. Marco and Viri are members of the National Immigrant Youth Alliance, a group of radical DREAMers who are on a mission to stop unjust deportations. And the best place to stop deportations, they believe, is in detention. However, when Marco and Viri attempt a daring reverse ‘prison break, ’ things don’t go according to plan. By weaving together documentary footage of the real infiltrators with re-enactments of the events inside the detention center, The Infiltrators tells an incredible and thrilling true story in a genre-defying new cinematic language. [Oscilloscope]
  • Tesnota (Closeness) is released. 1998, Nalchik, the North Caucasus, Russia. 24-year-old Ilana works in her father’s garage to help him make ends meet. One evening, her extended family and friends gather to celebrate the engagement of her younger brother David. Later that night, the young couple is kidnapped, and a ransom demand delivered. In this close-knit Jewish enclave, involving the police is out of the question. How will the family raise the money to save David? Ilana and her parents, each in their own way, will go as far as necessary, whatever the risks to themselves.
  • The Wretched is released. Following his parents’ separation, a rebellious teenage boy, Ben, is sent to live with his father for the summer and work at the local marina in order to gain some form of discipline. The idyllic tourist town offers little solace for him, however, as he is forced to deal with the local, privileged teens and his father’s new girlfriend. Ben’s problems grow increasingly disturbing when he makes a chilling discovery about the family renting the house next door. A malevolent spirit from the woods has taken a hold of the parents and starts playing a sinister game of house, preying upon the children and wiping away any trace of their existence. Ben’s suspicions of the supernatural horrors go unheeded and he launches a perilous crusade in order to put an end to the skin-walking witch’s reign of terror. [IFC Midnight]
  • Deerskin is released. A recent divorcee (Jean Dujardin) becomes obsessed with a vintage fringed deerskin jacket that begins to exert an uncanny hold on him. Set in a sleepy French alpine village, he falls into the guise of an independent filmmaker and befriends a trusting bartender and aspiring editor (Adèle Haenel) who becomes his collaborator on a movie that will document a surprising new goal he sets himself.
  • All Day and a Night is released. A young man who committed a homicide deals with the repercussions of his action,
  • MOVIES: TV14
  • The Half of It is released. A shy, introverted, Chinese-American, straight-A student finds herself helping the school jock woo the girl they both secretly love. In the process, each teaches the other about the nature of love as they find connection in the most unlikely of places.
  • Trying: Season 1 is released. Jason (Rafe Spall) and Nikki (Esther Smith) want to have children but are unable to in this British comedy written by Andy Wolton.
  • Upload: Season 1 is released. After a near fatal accident, app developer Nathan (Robbie Amell) is uploaded into a virtual afterlife called Lakeside by his girlfriend Ingrid in this sci-fi comedy created and written by Greg Daniels.
  • Betty: Season 1 is released. Janay (Dede Lovelace), Honeybear (Moonbear), Kirt (Nina Moran), Indigo (Ajani Russell), and Camille (Rachelle Vinberg) are a group of young women skateboarders living in New York City and dealing with the male-dominated world of skateboarding in this series based on Crystal Moselle's 2018 film, Skate Kitchen.
  • Hollywood: Season 1 is released. Ryan Murphy's limited series for Netflix is set during the "Golden Age"of Hollywood.
  • Hirudin was released by Austra. The fourth full-length release for Katie Stelmanis' music project features contributions from Cecile Believe, c_RL, Rodaidh McDonald, and Joseph Shabason.
  • Making a Door Less Open was released by Car Seat Headrest. The first release in four years for the band led by Will Toledo was recorded over two sessions and is said to "contain elements of EDM, hip hop, futurism, doo-wop, soul, and of course rock and roll."
  • I Grow Tired But Dare Not Fall Asleep was released by Ghostpoet. The fifth full-length release for the British artist features guest appearances from Art School Girlfriend, Katie Dove Dixon, Skinny Girl Diet's Delilah Holiday, and SaraSara.
  • Alphabetland was released by X. The Los Angeles punk band returns with its first album in 35 years featuring the original lineup of D. J. Bonebrake, Exenne Cervenka, John Doe, and Billy Zoom.
  • Do You Wonder About Me? was released by Diet Cig. The second full-length release for the New York indie rock duo was produced by Christopher Daly.
  • What's New, Tomboy? was released by Damien Jurado. The latest full-length release for the singer-songwriter from Seattle was self-produced.
  • The Mother Stone was released by Caleb Landry Jones. The actor known for his work in Twin Peaks: The Return, Get Out and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, releases his debut full-length album produced by Nic Jodoin.
  • Shall We Go on Sinning So That Grace May Increase? was released by The Soft Pink Truth. The latest release for Drew Daniel project features vocals from Angel Deradoorian, Jana Hunter and Colin Self.
  • Arcade Spirits for PlayStation 4 is released. In the year 20XX, arcades still reign supreme. Take part in a romantic comedy visual novel and get to know the eccentric residents of the local Funplex. The future is filled with love and friendship.
  • Armed protesters against stay-at-home-orders gather at the State Capitol in Lansing, Michigan, as Governor Gretchen Whitmer reinstates State of Emergency.
  • Matt Keough, American baseball pitcher (MLB All Star 1978; Oakland A's), who died at 64.

On this day in 2019

  • Evidence revealed that early humans from ancient Denisovan species lived at high altitudes in Tibet 160,000 years ago.
  • Thailand's King Maha Vajiralongkorn marries for the fourth time to Suthida Tidjai, deputy head of his bodyguard, days before his coronation.
  • 26th Billboard Music Awards: Drake wins 12; Arian Grande, Ella Mai, and Luke Combs win.
  • Naruhito officially succeeds his father Akihito as the Emperor of Japan after the latter abdicated due to ill health.
  • New York City officially names a street Sesame Street at the intersection of West 63rd Street and Broadway in honor of the show's 50th anniversary.
  • Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange sentenced to 50 weeks in jail for breaching his bail conditions in London.
  • US Attorney General William Barr testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee defending his handling of the Mueller Report.
  • Two-time South African Olympic champion runner Caster Semenya loses appeal against proposed rules to limit her testosterone levels; medically reducing levels the only way to continue competition.
  • UK Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson fired over leaking information about Huawei deal from a UK National Security Council meeting by Theresa May.
  • Actress Sophie Turner at the age of 23 and singer Joe Jonas at the age of 29 are married by an Elvis impersonator in Las Vegas.
  • Arvi Parbo, Entrepreneur.
  • Knock Down the House is released. A look at the people involved with various political campaigns during the 2018 U.S. congressional election.
  • Duck Game for Switch is released. It's DUCK GAME! Enter the futuristic year of 1984 and challenge your friends to a frantic battle for glory. Win overthe crowd and gain a following while you battle using Shotguns, Net Guns, Mind Control Rays, Saxaphones, Magnet Guns, and pretty muchanything else a Duck could use as a weapon. One hit, and your duck is feathers. So Don't blink.- 2 to 4 PLAYERS in Local Multiplayer Couch Combat- New Single Player challenge mode- Easy to pick up, emphasizing strategy over twitch reaction- 50+ Levels,50+ Weapons- Level EditorEnter the universe of DUCK GAME. The year is 1984 - and ducks have covered the known world with brutalist office spaces, factories, and construction projects. Fueled by a colossal military- and defense-weapons industry, the ruling government of Duck World recently installed instant-access weapon portals within every office space and simulated forest environment in the spirit of convenient self defense.Four ducks are sick of working. Now it's time to play!
  • Argentine forward Lionel Messi scores twice for his 600th goal for FC Barcelona in a 3-0 home win over Liverpool in a Champions League semi final.

On this day in 2018

  • Chinese authorities label British cartoon "Peppa Pig" subversive and it is removed from the Douyin video website.
  • Violent May Day protests in Paris by far-left Black Blocs group result in 200 arrests.
  • Scotland is the first country in the world to introduce a minimum price on alcohol.
  • Sun Yueh, Chinese-born Taiwanese actor (Papa, Can You Hear Me Sing), who died of sepsis at 87.
  • Ninalee Craig, American-born Canadian teacher and photograph subject, who died at 90 of complications from lung cancer.
  • Reg Gadney, British author, who died at 77.
  • Phil Gowan, American historian (RMS Titanic), who died of cancer at 65.
  • Wanda Wilkomirska, Polish violinist and teacher, who died at 89.
  • Chuck Missler, American evangelist and author, who died at 83.
  • Bob Woffinden, British journalist and author, who died of mesothelioma at 89.
  • Andrés Reyes [Universo 2000], Mexican pro wrestler (3 x CMLL World Heavyweight Championship), who died from a heart attack at 55.
  • Max Berrú, Ecuadorian-Chilean musician, who died at 74.
  • John "Jabo" Starks, American drummer (James Brown, The J.B.'s), who died at 79.
  • Javier Aller, Spanish actor (The Biggest Robbery Never Told), who died at 46 of complications from diabetes.
  • Killing Floor: Incursion for PlayStation 4 is released. From Tripwire Interactive, makers of Red Orchestra and Killing Floor franchises, comes a multi-chapter, story-driven adventure made specifically for VR. Explore this detailed and immersive world alone or with a partner while fighting for your life with pistols, shotguns, axes, and even the occasional leftover limb. Travel through diverse environments, from creepy farmhouses to mysterious catacombs, in order to uncover who or what is behind the Zed menace. Discover what the Horzine Corporation is really up to and be careful who you trust.When it's all over, invite a friend to go back with you and see if you can pull them through alive. Good luck!Key Features* Co-Op Play: When the going gets tough, bring a friend! Play co-op with a friend in both Story and Holdout modes.* Narrative Campaign: Play through the five-stage, fully voiced story campaign to uncover the secrets behind Horzine and their relationship with the Zeds.* Holdout - Endless Game Mode: See how long you can last against the Zeds in this endless mode! Increasingly tough groups of Zeds are thrown at you until you finally succumb. A new weapon, special power ups, and other mechanics are available in this mode.* Visceral Gore: The Zeds you attack don't just die; they get decapitated and dismembered as heads and limbs go flying, all covered in blood. You can even pick up these Zed bits and use them as weapons!* Immersive Environments: Five different environments to explore, from high tech virtual training facilities to dilapidated trailer parks, each with its own threats and story.* A Variety of Weapons: Chop, slash, shoot, and blast your way through hordes of Zeds with weapons ranging from fire axes to sniper rifles. Each level introduces new options for violence.* Terrifying Zeds: Some Zeds stumble, some crawl, some sprint, and some shoot at you with plasma cannons! Each Zed has its own tactics, strengths, and weaknesses that you must learn if you want to survive.* New control options: Now includes options to use Espire Control Theater as well as a new Free Move system.
  • Guns of Icarus Alliance for PlayStation 4 is released. Guns of Icarus Alliance: PS4 Edition is a player-vs-player, player-vs-environment, steampunk airship combat game, complete with an ongoing war between six elite factions vying for control of a world ravaged by machines.
  • Super Mega Baseball 2 for PlayStation 4 is released. The makers of Super Mega Baseball have returned with a brand new, streamlined baseball simulator that’ll keep you coming back for more. Build your dream team and challenge your opponents to a good old-fashioned game of hardball, online and off.
  • Battlezone: Gold Edition for Xbox One is released. The reboot of the 1980s sci-fi tank shooter for a new generation. Battlezone Gold Edition features all additional content ever released for Battlezone, including all tank skins, bobbleheads and horns, as well as the Classic Mode that recreates the look of the arcade original.
  • Ashok Mitra, Indian economist and politician, who died at 90.
  • Carl W. Duckworth, American politician (Utah House of Representatives,1955–1958), who died of bone cancer at 53.
  • Elmar Altvater, German political scientist, who died at 79.
  • Robert B. Kennedy, American politician (Massachusetts House of Representatives,1975–1979), who died at 78.
  • Peter Temple-Morris, Baron Temple-Morris, British politician and life peer (MP for Leominster,1974–2001), who died at 80.
  • Raymond D. Dzendzel, American politician (Michigan House of Representatives,1955–1958; Senate,1959–1970), who died at 96.
  • Liverpool's Egyptian soccer forward Mohamed Salah becomes the first African to be named England Football Writers'Footballer of the Year..
  • Dennis Claridge, American football quarterback (NFL C'ship 1965, Green Bay Packers; Atlantic Falcons), who died at 76 from bladder cancer.

On this day in 2017

  • Billy Corgan agrees to purchase the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA).
  • World Snooker Championship, Crucible Theatre, Sheffield: Englishman Mark Selby defends title beating John Higgins of Scotland,18-15; his third world crown.
  • Sam Mele, American MLB outfielder/manager (Minnesota Twins record 102 wins 1965), who died at 95.
  • Stan Weston, American toy licensing agent, had concept for G.I. Joe, who died at 84.
  • Janet Pilgrim, American early playmate model for Playboy (July 1955, Dec 1955, Oct 1956), who died at 82.
  • Mike Lowry, American politician (Rep-D-WA,1979-89, Governor of Washington 1993-97), who died at 78.

On this day in 2016

  • Paralympic athlete Aimee Mullins at the age of 39 weds "Homeland" star Rupert Friend at the age of 34 in a magical hobbit-y compost shed.
  • Penny Dreadful: Season 3 is released. Wes Studi and Patti LuPone as Dr. Seward join the cast for the third season of the horror series.

On this day in 2015

  • Expo 2015 opens in Milan (thru till 31st October).
  • Maria Elena Velasco, TV Actress.
  • Geoff Duke, English motorcycle racer (world 500cc champion 1951,1953-55), who died at 92.
  • Pete Brown, American golfer (first African-American to win on PGA Tour, Waco 1964), who died at 80.
  • Maya the Bee Movie is released. Maya is a little bee with a big heart. While most bees believe that other insects should be feared, Maya can’t help but make friends with Flip the violin-playing grasshopper, Kurt the dung beetle and even Sting, a young hornet. This group of “fearsome” friends causes some bees to avoid Maya. But when the Queen’s royal jelly is stolen, it will take Maya and all of her bug buddies to figure out who did it and how to save the day!
  • Marie's Story is released. At the turn of the 19th century, a humble artisan and his wife have a daughter, Marie, who is born deaf and blind and unable to communicate with the world around her. Desperate to find a connection to their daughter and avoid sending her to an asylum, the Heurtins send fourteen-year-old Marie to the Larnay Institute in central France, where an order of Catholic nuns manage a school for deaf girls. There, the idealistic Sister Marguerite sees in Marie a unique potential, and despite her Mother Superior's skepticism, vows to bring the wild young thing out of the darkness into which she was born. Based on true events, Marie's Story recounts the courageous journey of a young nun and the lives she would change forever, confronting failures and discouragement with joyous faith and love. [Film Movement]
  • Gerontophilia is released. 18-year-old Lake (Pier-Gabriel Lajoie) discovers he has an unusual attraction for the elderly. Fate lands him a job at an assisted-living facility where he develops an intimate relationship with Mr. Peabody (Walter Borden). Upon discovering that the clients are being over-medicated to make them more manageable, Lake weans Mr. Peabody off his medication and helps him escape, resulting in a road trip that deepens their bond. [Strand Releasing]
  • Days of Grace is released. Set in Mexico City during three consecutive World Cup tournaments, three lives impacted by abduction intersect. Lupe, an idealistic cop, is tasked to investigate a crime ring and finds that justice has no value when a human life has a price. When Susana’s businessman-husband Arturo is taken, she must go outside the law to fight for his release. And Iguana is conflicted as he dreams of becoming a boxer even as he is drawn into a lifestyle that finds him guarding kidnap Victim X and facing down a criminal mastermind.
  • Hyena is released. Michael (Peter Ferdinando) is a ruthless undercover cop targeting London's most violent drug traffickers. He and his team aren't above taking their cut from the criminals they're charged with investigating — but when he's threatened with exposure, he's forced to rapidly shift his loyalties and sell out his allies in order to stay alive. [Tribeca Film]
  • Far From Men is released. A reclusive ex-soldier (Viggo Mortensen) is thrown into the woes of rebellion when he's ordered to escort a villager accused of murder to prison during the Algerian War. As their journey leads them through a deadly firefight between settlers and rebels, the two men on opposite sides of the conflict must join forces to survive. [Tribeca Film]
  • MOVIES: PG13
  • Far from the Madding Crowd is released. Independent, beautiful and headstrong Bathsheba Everdene (Carey Mulligan) attracts three very different suitors: Gabriel Oak (Matthias Schoenaerts), a sheep farmer, captivated by her fetching willfulness; Frank Troy (Tom Sturridge), a handsome and reckless Sergeant; and William Boldwood (Michael Sheen), a prosperous and mature bachelor. Thomas Hardy's timeless story of Bathsheba's choices and passions explores the nature of relationships and love - as well as the human ability to overcome hardships through resilience and perseverance. [Fox Searchlight]
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron is released. When Tony Stark tries to jumpstart a dormant peacekeeping program, things go awry and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye, are put to the ultimate test as the fate of the planet hangs in the balance. As the villainous Ultron emerges, it is up to The Avengers to stop him from enacting his terrible plans, and soon uneasy alliances and unexpected action pave the way for an epic and unique global adventure. [Marvel Studios]
  • Ride is released. A mother (Helen Hunt) travels cross-country to California to be with her son (Brenton Thwaites) after he decides to drop out of school and become a surfer.
  • Welcome to Me is released. What happens when a young woman with Borderline Personality Disorder wins the lottery? In the case of Alice Klieg (Kristen Wiig), she quits her psychiatric meds and buys her own talk show. Inspired by the immortal Oprah, she broadcasts her dirty laundry as both a form of exhibitionism and a platform to share her peculiar views on everything from nutrition to relationships to neutering pets.
  • Grace Lee Whitney, American singer and actress (Yeoman Rand-Star Trek), who died at 85.
  • Dan Farley, American racing journalist (President National Turf Writer's Association), who died at 72.

On this day in 2014

  • Hundreds march through Nigerian capital calling for the release of schoolgirls abducted by Islamic militants, Boko Haram, who oppose Western education.
  • Omer Sevgi, Instagram Star, born in Turkey.
  • Juan Formell, Bassist.
  • Assaf Dayan, Israeli actor (He Walked Through the Fields), who died at 68.
  • Farmland is released. Most Americans have never stepped foot on a farm or ranch or even talked to the people who grow and raise the food we eat. "Farmland"takes an intimate look at the lives of farmers and ranchers in their twenties, all of whom are now responsible for running their farming business. Learn about their high- risk/high reward jobs and passion for a way of life that has been passed down from generation to generation, yet continues to evolve.
  • Picross e4 for 3DS is released. The 4th game in the Picross e series! Now with big 20x15 puzzles! With Micross and Mega Picross modes!The 4th game in the Picross e series, with a Navigation Feature! As fans requested, new 20x15 puzzles have been added. Micross and Mega Picross modes are also included, with 150+ new puzzles! Tutorials and rule options let newcomers to the series start playing with ease. With save data from previous games, you can also play additional Special Puzzles. Picross is a "Picture Crossword Puzzle Game" where numbers act as hints to complete images. The rules are simple and easy to grasp. Anyone can do it!
  • Jet Car Stunts for PC is released. ------ Apple: Best Games of 2009 ----- AppModo: "truly one of the best iPhone games" ----- PocketFullOfApps: "An absolute must have game!" ----------- Customer: "and I thought doodle jump was addictive" ----- Many Customers: "Best" and "Ever" Jet Car Stunts is an award winning, over the top, adrenaline rush,3D driving game, with massive jumps, mid-air hoops, floating platforms, spiral roadways and outlandish maneuvers in impossible environments. The original levels, tight controls and fast, smooth, addictive game play has landed Jet Car Stunts on many "Best of 2009" lists.**** Profesional Reviews ****(5/5) AppSmile: "one of the best iDevice games we've ever played" (5/5) TouchGen: "I've played hundreds of games on my iPhone, and I can honestly say that this is the most fun I've had, thus far!" (10/10) PocketFullOfApps: "An absolute must have game!" (5/5) - "The controls are easy to master and the visual effects are simply stunning" (4.6/5) AppVee: "I recommend it" (8/10) "amazingly fun" (9/10) IGN - "excellent controls, a great drift mechanic" - "an amazing iPhone racer that you should absolutely buy" (5/5) TouchArcade: "Jet Car Stunts has really set the bar high in both visual appeal and handling" (4/4) SlideToPlay: "a thrill ride" (5/5) AppAdvice: "this one is a tight gripping, brow sweating, stunt filled marathon that you’ ll enjoy every minute of" - "Jet Car Stuns is one experience everyone idevice owner should have" (5/5) "enough content in Jet Car Stunts to keep you playing the game again and again" (5/5) AppSafari: "truly one of the best racing games I’ ve ever played" (4.6/5) AppSpy: "poetry in motion" (4.5/5) "simply magnificent" (9.99/10) IpwnAge: "the BEST app I've ever reviewed" TheAppera: "It’ s a great game, one of my personal favorites on iPhone" AppModo: "truly one of the best iPhone games" **** Accolades ****Apple: Best Games of 2009TouchGen: Biggest Surprise 2009AppAdvice: #5 in Top 100 iPhone Games through Top 10 best iPhone games of 2009TouchArcade: Best iPhone Games November 2009TouchArcade: Best iPod Touch and iPhone Games: 2009IGN.COM: Game of the Month: November 2009IGN.COM Editors Choice AwardIGN.COM: #8 in The Top 25 iPhone GamesBestAppEver Awards: 3rd Place award for Best Racing Game**** Features ****- The smoothest, fastest game play of any App Store driving game. Perfectly smooth on 1st Gen iPhones and iPods.- The tightest, most responsive, yet most forgiving accelerometer driving controls in existence.- Smash Physics.- 36 insane tracks. Each track offers something new.- NEW: 26 new downloadable tracks available with an 'in app purchase'. Even more insane driving then before.- NEW: 8 free downloadable tracks from Jet Car Stunts Lite.- Multiple play modes.- Jet assisted drift handling.- Half car, half jet with in-air control surfaces.- Online leaderboards, achievements, challenges and downloadable replays.**** 3 PLAY MODES ****- Platforming - The challenge is simple, just get to the end. Each track is more challenging then the last.- Time Trial - Race to reach the next check point before the time runs out. Beat your best time.- Ghost Racing - Race other people through challenges or by downloading replaysWith 25 challenging Platforming levels and 11 Time Trail levels, this is some of the best value you can find on the App Store.**** CONNECTIVITY ****Jet Car Stunts uses OpenFeint for online community, leaderboards with replays, achievements and challenges. So let's see who are the best players in the world, we dare you!
  • Abyss for Wii U is released. Explore the abyss!Earth,3024.Natural resources are scarce and the survival of the human race is in danger. Desperate to find new energy resources, the ASAN creates a biomechanical robot called Nep2no that is capable of withstanding extreme depths in the hope of finding new energy sources. After many years of exploration, a new energy source is found, code named "Gaia".Your mission will be to find the "Gaia"energy stones by exploring the depths. To do so, you must control Nep2no by counteracting gravity and the surrounding darkness with the aid of a Light that will go out little by little.
  • Stick it to the Man! for Wii U is released. Meet Ray, he lives in a world where everything is made out of paper and stickers. One day he has an accident and wakes up with a giant pink spaghetti arm sticking out of his brain. This gives him awesome powers and he can suddenly change the world around him by folding it, tearing it, pulling stickers off and sticking them elsewhere! And if that weren't enough, Ray can also read peoples minds! Digging into the brains of his fellow citizens, Ray can hear their thoughts and use that to his advantage. Unfortunately, Ray doesn't have much time to get to grips with his new abilities. He is framed by 'The Man' with a crime he didn't commit, and is on the run. Can you help to get Ray out of this sticky situation?
  • Juan de Dios Castillo, Mexican footballer and soccer coach (Honduras; Copa Centroamericana 2011), who died of skin cancer at 63.


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