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Information about Slovenia

  • With its Country Official Name, the Republic of Slovenia.Slovenia's capital city is Ljubljana which can be found in Europe.Slovenia is an independent county.The dailing code for the country is (+386)

Holidays in Slovenia

Today in History for May 30

On this day in 1988

  • Aljaž Sedej, Olympic judoka, Ljubljana, born in Slovenia.
  • Boban Tomic, basketball player from Slovenia, Ljubljana, born in Slovenia.

On this day in 1980

  • Jana Krivec, chess player, Šempeter pri Gorici, born in Slovenia.

On this day in 1976

  • Rasho Nesterovic, basketball player, Ljubljana, born in Slovenia.

On this day in 1918

  • Károly Doncsecz, Slovenian artist, Orfalu, born in Hungary.

On this day in 1917

  • Karel Klancnik, ski jumper, Mojstrana, born in Slovenia.

On this day in 1914

  • Sergej Kraigher, Yugoslav politician, Postojna, born in Slovenia.

On this day in 1897

  • Jakob Aleksic, Professor of theology, Obrež, Središce ob Dravi, born in Slovenia.

On this day in 1887

  • Gino Tagliapietra, Italian pianist and composer (Antologia di musica antica e moderna per pianoforte), born in Ljubljana, Slovenia (d. 1954).

On this day in 1862

  • Anton Ažbe, Slovenian artist, Carniola, born in Austria.

On this day in 1799

  • Ferdo Livadic, Croatian composer, Celje, born in Slovenia.


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